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2017-09-12, 10:21 AM

I sketched some ideas for class during a game I was playing a few weeks ago and I have been adding to it ever since. Its pretty much a first draft now. If I DM a game , I may offer it as a optional class if someone wants something different. I put my own criticisms is brackets after a few features.

The crux of the Wayfarer class is a mundane tool and magic wand/staff user. Magical staffs/wands can be generated by travelling. They know a bit of martial and arcane magics. Spells are mostly utility and travel related. I tried to get a good balance of RP and combat.
If you may, please give criticisms and suggestions.

Here is the link


2017-09-15, 10:33 AM
I like the concept. Ever since I found the Occultist in Pathfinder, I've wondered why there weren't more classes with the idea of a fairly normal individual that uses a bunch of wands and magic objects to give them their abilities. The travelling motif certainly helps define why this individual has so many random things.

Maybe a Philosopher's Guild in lieu of an "explorer's guild"? And I think one could easily have a merchant-based patron to turn the Wayfarer into a travelling merchant/Boxwallah type person.

I understand why you chose the word "Patron", but since Warlocks already have a mechanical connection to that word. Maybe Benefactor, Sponsor, or Underwriter?

2017-09-24, 09:41 PM
I like it. Going to try it as an NPC class for a bit and see what it's like.


2017-09-29, 02:55 PM
Thanks very much for the input. I like changing the class feature from patron the suggestions are great , I'm sure I will use one of them. Im real happy that its being tried out.

Philosopher's guild is also much better than explorers guild. I couldn't think of anything that would sponsor exploring. I can definitely see philosopher's having a lot of resources.