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2017-09-24, 07:13 AM
This is a post-apocalyptic slightly supernatural world in a Twin Peaks kind of way. Gas, cars, motorcycles; but unreliable improvised firearms.

My idea is to simplify the game so that there's: - no XP - no levels - no classes or races - no skills

The characters would get tags like Scavenger (easier to loot abandoned buildings and find stuff) or Mechanic or Marksman.

So, maybe a thug comes at the character with a knife. She shoots at him (Savenged good parts for the gun, maintained it as a Mechanic. She's also a Marksman, so good accuracy, low chance of.backfiring).96% chance of success. She hits him.

But is he dead? I'd like to figure out a wound syatem that isn't HP. I want quick dangerous fights.

But how does the character develop? Through items or other tags that support each other?

Also, in a pernctual system like that, the NPC's pros and cons amount to 43%, my character's 55%. How do you roll who wins?

Any existing systems i can draw upon?

2017-09-24, 10:59 AM
I actually have something of a tag-based system developed! Sadly, it's designed for drawing straws/drawing lots instead of dice, so translating it to percentile rolls may be a lost cause, but it works fairly well for opposed rolls.
Take a look at the The Basics, for Gameplay section of this:

2017-09-24, 01:51 PM
I'm not sure I quite understand how you're adding things up, but... why not have each successful hit impose a relevant "injury" tag, with an ultimate limit on how many simultaneous wounds you can take before dying? Or some sort of cumulative wound penalty, with death coming when it hits a certain threshold?