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2017-09-26, 12:52 AM
I'm just starting to get into the Greyhawk world of Oerth and I am not very familiar with the lands. I do have a few reference maps, but they don't help much in identifying the landscapes.

I'm trying to create a tribe of Catfolk that would live in or near a desert. Can anyone suggest a desert that would make sense having a tribe of Catfolk settlers camped out there? Or a jungle that sits next to a desert? I would like to be able to do a little research on this desert just to mine ideas from the area. Thanks!

2017-09-26, 04:42 AM
The Bright Desert (south-east of City of Greyhawk; central in Flanaess overall) is notable for having various humanoid tribes, and some cat-form Lamias.

The hills around the Bright Desert or the mountains (Abbor-Alz) are also dry, and could be appropriate.

Further west, there's a vast swath of steppe populated by tribal peoples. The former Baklunish empire lands, which were emptied out during the Twin Cataclysms, are a fine place for a catfolk tribe who either came down from the Crystalmist Mountains or who came east from far-western Oerik (since the Flaeness is just the eastern most fifth of Oerik).

The place-name is the Dry Steppes, just north of the Sea of Dust, and west of the Crystalmst Mountains.

Further east, there's Bone March, which has been invaded by humanoids who came down from the Rakers (mountains). The Flinty Hills and the Blemu Hills might contain some isolationist catfolk who don't want to join either the gobliniods or the humans.

2017-09-26, 10:47 AM
That is all great information and gives me a perfect start. Thank you!

2017-09-26, 11:36 AM
That is all great information and gives me a perfect start. Thank you!

Glad to help.

One big meta-secret of the Greyhawk setting: mountains are generally unexplored, and therefore full of monsters.

So as an example, you could also put catfolk up north, by the Tiger Nomads, because there are mountains all around Perrenland.

(Or maybe the Tiger Nomads are friends with wandering catfolk, because tigers are cats. But that's probably too far north for desert stuff so maybe not as good a match for your needs.)

Anyway, good gaming. :)