View Full Version : What happens in Vegas doesn't always stay in Vegas

Missing Shoe
2007-08-14, 08:39 AM
Anyone here been to Vegas? I just got back from a weekend there. Sure I'm tired as heck, a few dollars shorter than I was before but it sure was fun. Two of our friends from California came over and spent the weekend with us. We were staying in a pretty cheap casino that made us 21 year olds feel like lil' tikes. The next youngest person in the whole place was probably 55, but in the end, it was one of our favorite places. The food was cheap (cheap, as in normal price instead of 3x of what it's worth), the people were nice, and the gambling was really cheap. We mostly hung around Freemont St and the Strip because that's where 'most the action is'. We only tried going to one show but because of the weather it was canceled (lame). So instead they gave us a bunch of free drink cards which is probably why I'm still tired from the trip.:smallsmile:

Although I could ramble about plenty of stories, by far, my absolute favorite reminded me of a scene from the movie Vegas Vaction. I was down to my last $15. So I decided to have one last hurrah at the blackjack table. The dealers name tag read "Joyce from China". Her english wasnt the best, but it didnt matter, I was only going to play one hand. I bet my final 15 dollars on one hand. She deals the cards: I get 15, she has an 8 showing. Anyone who knows blackjack knows this is a horrible situation to be in. As I sit there and ponder whether to hit or not, Joyce starts to bring on the pressure. "You hit, you stay?" "You hit??" "Come on, which do you want to do?". Finally, I decided to take the hit. A 9, giving me 24. Friggin busted. But the best part of the story, after I get the hit:

Joyce:Aw you bust
*flips her other card, reveling that she had an 8 and 7*
Oh, if you no hit, ME HIT ME LOSE! *evil top of her lungs laughter*

Needless to say, the rest of the night was spent declaring revenge and cursing Joyce's name. Someday I will go back to that casino, find her, and beat her at her own game. Someday ....

Anyway, anyone else has some good Vegas stories, or vacation stories in general?