View Full Version : Homebrew Toltec Warrior Gods opinion 3.5

2017-10-02, 04:06 AM
So my player will deal with a cult to Tezcatlipoca the Toltec/Aztec god, there will be a sacrifice and the "victim" is being groomed and is protected by 12 warriors and 4 sorcerers that represent the 4 goddessess.

I'm making the warriors and the sorcerers and need your opinion on an adequate challenge for a 3 member lvl 18 party 3.5.

my idea is to make the warriors some kind of mage slaying monkish warriors. with high saves and 30+ AC (I don't like unhitable unkillable villians, its boring, but I want them tough enough). I'd like to take some features from the monk class and some from the Occult slayer. Tezcatlipoca in one of its incarnations is a god of war and destruction so perhaps i'll add some cleric related powers as spell like abilities. I'd like your opinion on which abilities bring a good synergy and action effective.

The sorcerers will all be different.
They'll all cast as sorcerer lvl 14 and will have different abilities

based in the following divinities, give me ideas:

Xochiquetzal: fertility, love, lust. This is somehow easy.

Tonantzin: Earth, soil a

Chicomecoatl: death, snakes, "those who touch her die"

Coatlique: Snakes, water, duality.

player will usually face a combination of 4 warriors 1 sorcerer and a few minor minions.