View Full Version : D&D 5e/Next Rewriting Legendary Actions(Please Help?)

2017-10-07, 05:00 PM
Now, for a little context, I understand this isn't a problem for most people. I get that, this is mostly a personal matter.

But why the hell does a unicorn get legendary actions, but a Pit Fiend or Balor doesn't? It's not a Celestial-Fiend thing, either, because Devas don't have legendary actions.

So, for me to not lose my mind, I kinda wanna have a bit of a fix for this. I have a couple ideas already, but I'm not particularly thrilled about them.

The first idea is to just say that every creature, ever, has a "Legend" Score. Most things have a 0, but creatures who stand above the rest(Regardless of what that "rest" is. It could be orcs, or goblins, or it could be dragons) have a number higher than 0. Then, they get special traits based on that rating.

Say, a health bonus, or maybe just a bonus to an attribute or two at Legend 1, which then evolves into legendary actions at Legend 3, then Legendary Resistance at Legend 5, etc.
So something like an Orc Chieftain might have Legend 1, Strahd's Right Hand might have 3, an adult dragon might have 6-ish, and Vecna might get a solid 10.

The other idea I had, is just say that anything with more than X(For the sake of argument, let's say 10) Hit Dice gets a legendary action, then anything with more than (Let's say 15) gets another and legendary resistance, then anything with more than (Let's say 20) hit dice gets... Etc.

The implication is that creatures who just aren't powerful(Denoted by Hit Dice), like a Unicorn, aren't strong enough to have Legendary traits, but it guarantees that your really awesome demons, dragons, etc. get the legendary traits they deserve.

Thoughts? Other ideas? Complaints about my face?

2017-10-07, 09:31 PM
Your face is green! Are you feeling all right? :smallwink:

Anyway, of the two ideas, I like the "legend score" idea better. (Actually, I quite like it.)

The way you've summarised the idea (perks consisting of legendary actions plus other things, based on a quantification of just how legendary you're supposed to be), I think it offers a powerful tool for customising unique and distinctive legendary monsters anytime you want one.

That said, if you just want balors, etc., to have legendary actions, without creating a whole new monster customisation subsystem, you could always just 'brew up some legendary actions for them specifically. (There's nothing stopping you from doing both, of course, other than time and inclination.)