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2017-10-08, 04:00 AM
So, I sent my players 500 years in the past via a giant time gem that shattered into many tiny shards. What I'm planning is for them gather enough time shards (one per player) to get back to their own time. ((This will be explained to the party))

Now, having a powered time shard does some crazy stuff to things. So, what I'm thinking is make each time shard mission have different time effects. Now, I have 7 players so I'll need to give them enough missions to get all the shards they need. They already have one in their possession.

The missions I have so far are:

1. The party learns of a strange town that seemingly was destroyed but sends out the same letter each day to a neighboring town. Little does the party know, a young wild magic sorceress lives in that town and each day her magic bursts from inside her and destroys the time. However, she found a small shard and keeps it on her. And because of that, time rewinds to the beginning of each day after the explosion happens.

2. A shard is embedded in an old abandoned Dwarven fortress. But there are reports of it being active again. When the party investigates, they find that the entire area is now connected to the far distant future with clockwork golems. Remove the shard and the fortress will return to normal.

I need at least 4 more or 3 if there are two shards in one mission, but I can't think of anymore cool effects time would have on a creature or location. Any ideas? What do you guys think? My player's levels currently range from 6 - 8.

2017-10-08, 10:12 PM
First, I would say that the shards are the only pieces large enough to track. Other pieces of the gem are essentialy powder and cannot be found. Uniting the seven shards calls all the dust back and rebuilds the original gem. Perhaps the shards can be used to divine proximity, with each shard being smaller than the last.

Onto the mission ideas. These may be to "social" of problems for your game, so take what much or little as you wish.

- The collapse of a natural dam has unleashed a flood that will wreck complete devestation upon the land is held back by a time shard suspending the wall of water. The party has to find a way to hold back the water or divert the dam if they wish to not cause the death of cities. If they leave the shard, there is no problems, so they need to work to gain any support they need. For reference of scale, imagine the Hoover Dam failing.

- A time shard has granted enternal youth and regenerative powers to an old and beloved king, who is incapable of siring an heir. As things currently stand, the monarch is the only thing holding the state together.

- A shard has fallen into the abandoned kobold warren, where the inhabitants had abandoned due to flesh eating disease. This results in a skeleton infested boobytrapped maze, where death finds you back at the start.