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2007-08-15, 11:28 AM
This is my first item that i have made... ever. so i dont exepect you to think that its the best thing in the world.
however i would like to hear comments on it and suggestions.(plzplzplzplz)
and also tell me how i did on it. i know i forgot some things, but when i remember them i will edit this.
this was designed for my campain and i know its "epicness". i just designed it for a evil aligned campain that im starting with my friends back home.
thank you in advance!

and if you see any typos plz tell so i can take care of it.



Ledgends tell of a man who bathed himself in shadow and evil and became a Demi-God. no one knows why but this man waged war against the world. when man almost lost, 3 Warroirs, after a long fought battle, weakend him and traped him in a blade by forbiden magic. then placed in a place that "was said" never to be found, and placed under a powerfull enchantment so that his evil may threatin the world no longer. untill some curious adventurers break the seal....


A sword of evil and the embodiement of shadow itself. Xeragnarok has powers known only to those from ancient times.
Once waged war and fought men by himself and his shadow monsters. when he won, his powers were sealed inside a katana blade.
the katana blade is 5 ft long and surprisingly light and balenced. and at the same time very powerfull. even without casting "detect evil" on this weapon evil can acually be seen seaping from this sword.

at the hilt of the sword is an black eye with red slits. the same color is seen on the blade (red on the edge and black every where else.)
once a person holds the sword they hear a voice saying "so very long.." and must make a will save (DC 20) or become insane for 2d6 minutes. if they suceed they are still driven insane but only for 1d4 minutes. while this lasts the owner can feel a force going through his/her mind looking rhrough everything in it.

Xeragnarok's alignment is Nuetral Evil. there is no way for the owner to control the sword, but the sword can control the owner. but rarely does so unless the owner doesnt do what the sword wants. and it wants to return back to full power and wage war again. with the arts and with the magic from acient times lost. nothing can stand in his way.

if the owner isn't strong enough the sword kills the owner instantly. and uses his magic to call upon a new owner to carry out his needs.
if the owner decideds to get rid of the sword. Xeragnarok can sense it and instantly kills the owner

while the person that wields this sword is its owner. it can be the other way around.


While his owner is still in posesion of this sword each week the owner must make a will save. (DC15+2 for every other week in posesion of the sword) or go 1 step down to becoming Chaotic Evil. once the owner is choatic evil. he must make the save again. if he fails he then, basically, sells his soul to the sword and rely's on it for everything. asking the sword what to do and serves it for whatever needs it has.
this is because of being connected to a mind of a twisted and evil object/demi-god.

it has abilities and spells. but will NEVER use it for the sake of his owner, if his owner is doing everything he tells him too and they are close to completing Xeragnaroks goals to become more powerfull again, then he will use his spells and abilties to help the owner.

Weapon Damage

this is a 5ft long +5 Katana blade.

NORMAL DAMAGE: +5 to attack bonus 1d10

ENCHANTED DAMAGE:+5 to attack bonus 1d10+2d6 (+2d6 to good aligned) 16-20 crit. (does 1d6 damage to owner whenever this hits)

ENCHANTMENTS: Unholy,Keen,Speed,Vicious, and Vorpal

whenever this sword gets a critical (16-20) it is an instant kill besides X2 damage.

Spells (coming soon!!)

When the deed is done...

if the owner completes the journey and returns Xeragnarok to his full strength. Xeragnarok makes him the Leader of his group to over throw the World. and gives him abilities and bonuses so that the person becomes more powerfull and a 1-man-army.
he then secretly sends him out to get others to join him.
the reason he lets people join him now is that if they help him with his 1 big goal that their "sins" will be forgiven.
and as Their God, he will wage war with the World again.

2007-08-15, 12:16 PM
come on not a single reply yet???
i want to know how i did...

2007-08-15, 12:17 PM
come on not a single reply yet???
i want to know how i did...

You have to let it sit for more than an hour dude.

2007-08-15, 12:24 PM
so im off by 6 mins. im just impatiant.

2007-08-15, 12:31 PM
Might want to run it through a spell checker:smallbiggrin:

It reminds me a lot of good 'ol Soul Calibur. I would cut down the raw damage that the sword deals. 7d6 is an awful lot for one attack, even for a BBEG.

The spells and abilities it has were never specified.

I would strongly suggest using the book to make this item. It dosn't appear to have an enhancement bonus at all.

The wording was also confusing in the bit about alignment. You should probably cover it with something like "Every week you must make a will save or slip one step closer to lawful evil on each alignment axis."

At this point it looks like more of an idea than a real statted out item. I really encourage you to review the section on creating intelligent items and considering what level heroes are expected to fight this villian.

Good luck!

2007-08-15, 12:36 PM
yeah. i know 2d8+5d6 is alot. it does have spells and abilities, but as i said will 98% of the time NOT USE THEM for the owner anyway. i know its a little messed up and i plan on cleanning it up. and this campain is more of a series of campains. and most of the time they are not technically "beating him".

and i KNEW i missed something. the enchantment stuff...

and i will definatly clean up that one part you mentioned. i didnt really know how to write it.

2007-08-15, 01:59 PM
It's a good idea, but it needs more to it. As is, it's basically a really damagin sword that's evil. It needs special abilities, spells, enchantments, etc. and mental stats/an ego score (check the DMG on intelligent items).

I'd have it deal normal bastard sword (katana) damage, which is 1d10, but give it some enchantments like flaming, unholy, keen (giving it 17-20/x2 critical), etc.

2007-08-15, 02:18 PM
i was working on an ego just now. (and thats mostly what this thing is, an idea btw.) its going to be EPIC lvl since Xeragnarok is so powerfull.
i've read the DMG and am going to post a list of his abilities. he does have alot so i didnt have it ready when i posted this. so the list wont be ready till tomorrow night.
as for mental stats... EPICEPICEPICEPICEPIC. he has knowlage long forgoten and has strange ways of getting outside information. (via owners mind)

like i said this is an epic inteligent item designed for my campain so no saying "its too powerfull"

i almost have the Official damage for it almost ready soon. (1d10 damage + something) im looking through my DMG right now and maybe i'll have it done soon....

2007-08-15, 03:05 PM
As a thought, I'd suggest making it Vicious. +2d6 damage, but 1d6 damage to the wielder. Only +1 equivalent, so as an epic item, you could just throw it in there with a bunch of other stuff. Vampiric goes nice with that (1d4 negative energy damage, and you heal that much).

2007-08-15, 07:20 PM
yeah it does go with it. thanks

2007-08-15, 09:44 PM
... I've gotten done with the enchantments. and cleaning up the colum a little bit. so check it out a little bit more and tell me how the enchantments are :).

YES!! I KNOW!! this was designed to be EPIC! and it ws made to have this stuff... its a freakin Demi-god inside that thing....

and fixing typos... i have no spell checker so chill.....

and im still looking for LOTS OF SUGGESTIONS!! so plz post some, and if you have them, comments.

and what does PEACH mean? i've been seeing it alot.

2007-08-15, 10:35 PM
I'm planing on doing the Spells in the morning...
and anything else that this might need. im going to bed in a little bit.
so hopefully i can wake up and see alot of suggestions!!!

srry if im nagging to much i just want to get this done good for my campain im doing next month. so i want this done ASAP.

2007-08-15, 10:45 PM
Looking good, but I'd try to format it like the specific magic weapon in the DMG. AKA "This +5 Unholy Keen Speed Vicious Vorpal Katana contains the essence of-" Progress from there. It's just easier to read.

2007-08-16, 07:52 PM
PEACH is an outdated acronym from back when the D&D board existed instead of separate boards like we have now. If you see something here, you basically are mentally to add the word PEACH to it.

PEACH stands for Please Evaluate And Criticize Honestly.

Showing my age here.

Tar Palantir
2007-08-16, 08:27 PM
It's not age, it's experience. Why do think you get increased mental ability scores for going up an age category, old timer?:smallwink:

2007-08-16, 08:51 PM
If my RL age were translated into D&D, I would not have any aging bonuses or penalties (20 here). But that is neither here nor there.