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Walk Hard
2017-10-10, 05:46 PM
Lets make some Villains, whether it be the BBEG themselves all the way down to that one fodder soldier that survived an encounter with the PCs.

This is not setting/system specific.

1. Croc-man (name to be improved) - A large lizardman that resembles a crocodile, he has been stealing people away from the villages nearby his swamp lair and using ritual magic to transform his captives into crocodile like people, building an army so he can turn the rest of the countryside into a beautiful swampy paradise.

2. The Wanderer - A man with the power to absorb magical items - namely wands. he sends out thieves to collect magic wands and then absorbs the power in them, increasing his own strength, however his only other ability is expel the magical power he absorbs, so with each attack/action he takes slightly weakens himself.

3. Fred - Woe to those who have crossed Fred, a simple man who held simple values in life, tend his crops and feed his young family until the incident happened - some up-start adventurers ran a-mock through his fields slaying some "monsters" his crops trampled, burnt and out-right ruined and no money left he could only watch as he and his family slowly starved.
Fred has vowed vengeance on those so called adventures and will track them down, plow in hand.

Lord Lemming
2017-10-10, 09:39 PM
4: Krun, the One-Orc Space Program.

This particular specimen was intended to serve as a wake-up call to a low-level party that had so far been cruising along without any real incident. Krun was an orc fighter/barbarian with 22 strength before berserker rage, plate armor, a hefty warhammer, and even less intellect than your regular orc. With the potential to one-hit-kill any member of the party he got in melee range of, he and his posse strode confidently forward... only to realize that they'd brought their cursed dice and crit-failed every roll they attempted.

The fight ended with Krun downed without taking a single melee strike, his posse fleeing, and the party's resident sociopath coming to take his head for her collection. Not wanting to die so pitifully, and remembering that he had the Ferocity racial ability, Krun lashed out with his hammer, and all his barbarian rage in one last attempt to be a meaningful threat to the party... and rolled a 1. His hammer flew out of his hands, out through the hole in the roof, and away into the distance. To this day, it still hasn't fallen to the ground. Perhaps, one campaign, it will unceremoniously squash someone; until that day...