View Full Version : Gambling ideas Anyone?

2017-10-13, 10:27 AM
I'm running a game of Pokemon off of Roll20 and besides the obvious "Wheel of Fortune" I'm not sure what type of games in the Game Corner.
Someone suggested Voltorb Flip (which is basically Mine sweeper) but that's a lot of work for something I'm not even sure my players will appreciate or visit.

2017-10-13, 02:30 PM
Games of what sort? Gambling between PCs? Between PCs and NPCs? Between PCs and in-game machines? Card games, dice games, physical skill games? Pinball? Is the outcome determined by the players' actions or by dice at the real-world table?

Many real world games can work fine in a game world: poker, craps, darts, gin, arm wrestling, etc.

The old AD&D DMG had some game suggestions; the one I remember is called horse (https://ourpastimes.com/rules-dice-game-horse-5990178.html). (The linked page dscribes the game somewhat differently, and I don't know the game's real world origin.) It's a two person dice game related to Yatzee; players try to make the best combination out of five dice that they can, combinations valued similarly to poker hands.

A bet is made, with both players placing money in the pot.
First player rolls five dice.
At her option, may she re-roll some or all of the dice and keeps the rest, or she may keep the entire initial roll.
Her "hand" is set.
The second player rolls the dice.
He may re-roll some or all of his dice only if the first player used this option.
The winner rolls first in the next round.

I don't remember what, if anything, the book said about ties. Since going first is a big advantage, I would not give ties to the first player, but either give them to the second or leave money in the pot until the next round.