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2017-10-14, 04:43 PM
So, it seems that these have been started... and then died multiple times, so now we'll see if my OCD can keep one up :smallbiggrin:
Stealing the rules from 2.0

So we have work to do, playgrounders! If you think your homebrew is worth showing to the world at large, and has been vetted and Peachified by your fellow 'Brewers, then post your submissions to this thread, and they will be added to the new "...From the Playground 2.0 (Compendium)".

A few items of business.

1) Please format your submissions following the scheme of the Compendium, and note what header(s) they belong under. For additional ease on my part, please
a) alphabetize your submissions.
b) include in the header if your sorcerer/wizard spell is necromancy, evocation, etc.

2) Format your submission exactly as you want it in the compendium. Do not parse your links, as I will be using the quote function to copy and paste them.

They should look like this:

A Name of the Homebrew: Brief Description That's Short Enough to Stay on One Line [Your Name]
B Name of the Homebrew: Brief Description That's Short Enough to Stay on One Line [Your Name]

Do not use bold, italics, or anything else. If you do, I have to go in and remove the formatting, which makes me angry.

I will update the other thread Mon-Fri as my schedule allows. So... Post whatever you want :smallcool:
The Old thread is here, I can not quote from it, so it will not be added to the new one.
(http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?120075-From-the-Playground-2-0-(Compendium))Everything here will be added to this thread (...From the Playground 3.0 (Compendium)) (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?539189-From-the-Playground-3-0-(Compendium)&p=22477606#post22477606)

2017-10-16, 11:50 AM
It's far beyond my time frame to break down my work to separate posts/threads.
That said, almost everything I've ever worked on that stood the test of time can be reached via my the first item in my sig.
The rest is in the other two items.