View Full Version : EvilJames's First (at the playground at least) Annual Gen Con Report

2007-08-16, 03:29 AM
I used to post these at PlanetAdnd forums when they were around. Some of you may remember may remember them (JadedDM and the Vorpal Tribble, I'm looking at you) back then I was known as TheDoomBunny. Well I'm once again going and this year should be better as once again I can actually report direct from the con (I wasn't able to until I got home last year and it made the report not nearly as much fun, also I may have skipped a year I can't remember)

Anyway, any minute now my girlfriend's roommate should arrive with the van that shall ferry us off to Indianapolis and Gen Con. This being Gen Con's 40th anniversary I'm expecting awesome parties and lots of free swag, but time will tell (the 35th anniversary was a bit of a disappointment and it also the last time it would be in Milwaukee. :smallfrown: )

Well talk to you guys later.

PS as some of you may know I intend to attend the meet up of forum members there I'll let you guys know how it goes:smallbiggrin: .

The Vorpal Tribble
2007-08-16, 08:39 AM
Don't look at me, I never read them... don't even know what GenCon is aside from some convention (the like of which I've never attended).

Hello, I'll be your wet blanket for today...

2007-08-20, 11:14 AM
Well once again Gencon has made a lier out of me as I was not able to update from there. There were several places that said they offered free Wi Fi (including my hotel) but when ever I tried, the SSID disappeared or screwed up in some other way.

Anyway the first day was kinda rough for us we got there a little later than we intended (stupid indiana time change) then the place we always park cause it's best deal on parking they have couldn't let us in until friday due to construction so we had to park in a more expensive place for a bit also this deprived us a comfortable place to sleep, since we had intended to spend the first night in the car, since we our hotel wasn't available until friday (it was a last min hotel) but the place we had to park was undergound and way to stuffy to try and sleep in (the normal one gets some ventilation).

After all that we still had a good time. I might post more if later if there is any interest (this would have been a lot cooler had I been able to post from there, but alas)