View Full Version : Roleplaying flaws (bravado and bestial instinct)

2017-10-24, 04:51 AM
I was wondering how you would roleplay bravado and bestial instinct.

Would bravado just mean that my autoconservation istinct gets overwritten when fighting?

And when it comes to bestial instinct, shoulld I behave as a 'normal' human, then turn into a beast if something particular wrong happens (eg: reasoning as a beast in some of the scenaries I could meet)

2017-10-24, 10:07 AM
Sounds about right.

For bravado, make sure you're seen as the bravest and boldest in the room. This is generally gone about actually doing bold things, but feel free the remark upon your bravery whenever possible. I'll end you like I did to the Wyrms of Grey Lagoon!

For bestial instinct, you definitely could have a fight or flight reaction in intense situations. If my character had that trait, I'd probably make sure look for where necessities and dangers are most places they went (food, water, escape routes, entry points). Then again, that does sound more paranoid than anything else. But oh well.

Why are you asking about these ones specifically? I'd love to hear the context.

2017-10-25, 02:18 PM
Thanks for your help.

Anyway, to sate your curiosity, in my campaign, the dm abhors taking flaws just for a power-playing purpose. The same can be said for feats: in that sense he hates the handbook guides for D&D because according to him, D&D is a roleplay game first, and a mechanical game second.

Every character would be a copy\paste with the best flaws (e.g vulnerable) and the best talent, without any meaning even for remaking the character.

In the end, I took the bestial instinct flaw; it won't manifest always in my behaviour, but for example, when being threatened in certain ways, or when I am near death and the danger is gone, I would act as if my 'reasoning' is overwritten by my instinct and while wild shaped into a bear (I'm going to be a druid), I would actually maul the corpse and start cutting it with my claws in gory details on how I would do it; and if, for example, I would get called by my companions to stop what I'm doing, my 'trance' won't actually stop and would make me 'attack' them or go near them in a really threatening way because I'm not reasoning at all, and I would probably think with my dm to add a check to know if I'm coming back to reason or the bloodlust bested me to the point of attacking my friends.