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2017-10-24, 03:04 PM
Here is idea, let's make Sadida (a class andrace in wakfu) part of D&D. Here gose a pack with what I propuse
Sadida is a any tree transformed into any other creature with permanent body. Creature created this way has skin in color and texture of the tree and hairs are in color of the leafs but in normal texture. Sadidas donít reproduce no normal way but new member can join the society. Most commonly borned from seeds infused with Sadida essens. This seeds grow as normal trees for years equal 5 times age of mature member of base creature species. After that it's considered a Sadida using tree shapes.
GamePlay information:
> +2 con
>Feats: Sadidas spirit
>Saves: +2 fort
>At will - tree shape (self only)(base tree only)(caster lv equal Sadidas HD)
>1/day - tree empowerment (caster lv equal Sadidas HD)(base tree only)
>Seeds bearing
>Sadidas life cycle
>Favotive class: base or druid (which ever has higher level)
>Shape shifter subtype.
>Level Adjustment +0
Combat (and other stuff I would under that label in MM)
Seeds bearingl - Sadidas body contains seeds infused with Sadida essens in number equal to itís HD
Sadidas ife cyclel - Sadidas are long life like tree they are formed from, they age and grow 5 times slower
Flammable - you take additional 25% damage from fire
Tree Shape
Level: Drd 2, Rgr 1,Brd 2, Sor/Wiz 2 (Brd Sor and Wiz canít learn this spell without Tree child subtype, but wizard can have it in spell book, just not use)
Components: V, S, M
Casting Time: 1 standard action
Range: Touch
Target: You or 1 willing target
Duration: 10 min./level
You take a shape of any tree. Your stars donít change but you canít move, it means you canít, you canít benefit from dex & make ref saving throws. You gain +2 to other saving throws and AC. If atmospheric conditions are photosynthesis friendly player assuming this form for 4 hours will sadist all his need for food and drink that day
Material components: 10g of bark of targeted tree (non for Sadida)

Tree empowerment
Level: Drd 4, Rgr 3,Brd 4, Sor/Wiz 4 (Brd Sor and Wiz canít learn this spell without Tree child subtype, but wizard can have it in spell book, just not use)
Components: V, S, M
Casting Time: 1 standard action
Range: Touch
Target: You or 1 willing target
Duration: 10 min./level
As shapes of tree but you recover 1 HP every 10 min. To maximum of target creature HD
Material components: 10g bark and 1 leaf of tree used (non for Sadida)
Sadidas spirit
You may not be Sadida but your spirit is close to them.
- can only be take on lv 1
- Tree child subtype (itís exclusive sup type)
- +3 to in any environment hosting trees

Sadidas creation ritual
- knowledge religion(3) or Tree child
- 10 charter lv
You gain ability to perform ritual that infuses any tree with sadida essens. Base creature for new sadida formed is same as your or other willing creature. New form creature has all memories of the tree is independent from you. Ritual requires: 1000 xp per HD of base creature(ignoring class lvs). Any wooden trinket enchanted with iron wood. Spell charges of total value equal to ⅕ of trees age is years. (druid charges count dubble)(0 spells count as Ĺ).
Class features
Doll Master
As a child of the tree you find yourself more relating to forest fleece the animals.
Class: Druid or ranger.
Level: 1st (druid) or 4th (ranger).
Special Requirement: Tree child subtype
Replaces: If you select this class feature, you give up your animal companion
Benefit: you gain ability to make dolls out of items commonly found in forest. You may animate a doll as if using Animate Objects. Dolls will stay as long as they remain within 10 km range of the Druid. They also grow in size 5 times when animated. There is a limit for number of doll animated at onces. For every effective druid Lv you may have 2 tiny dolls animated. Dolls donít gain any benefits from lv but you may choose to summon more powerful dolls that count towards your limit in following way
> +1 size - double the cost of size below
> Sonic weapon dealing nonlethal to single target damage based on size. (tiny 1d2, 1d4 small, 1d6 medium, 1d10 large and so one) save throws fortitude with DC equal to Sadidas lv + Ĺ weapon cost. After making attack it canít be used for next next 1d6 rounds. Base ratch is 30 ft. Bigger dolls can take smaller sonic weapons. - same as doll of same size + 2 for cooldown decrease (1d6, 1d4, 1d2, 1, 0) + 1 for range increase of 15 ft but to 120 ft maximum (sonic weapon may not cost more than double the size cost of the doll)
> double HP - +size cost
> can deliver healing spells to person touched - +4
> can deliver any spell to person touched - +8
Dolls take 10 mins to make for ever charged used. Unanimated dollars of are a lot smaller and can be carried in the backpack. Doll will not anime unless provided with enough space to do so

and here is goold doc that I willbe updating based on feed back to amke it more blance

here is a blog bost on ankamas with nice sadida grafic. Itąs something about dofus touch and Iłm think more anout Wakfu saidas

PS: it's my first attempt to homebrew so it's likely that blance is trash