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2017-10-24, 05:44 PM
From what I've seen, this isn't really a thing much compared to D20 system games, and Pathfinder is what I'd be porting from. I'm wondering if any of the litany of Savage Worlds based games might have it. Basically, my setting generally uses the fluff that mages don't use much direct damage dealing magic, because soldiers armed with FN FALs and FN MAGs are far easier to come by than a mage and can dish out more death and destruction than lightning bolts and fireballs could. Add in artillery, infantry mortars, grenade launchers, disposable rocket tubes, armored vehicles, and air support, and direct damage dealing magic just isn't very impressive. Like D&D, using magic to directly alter the battlefield or impede or debuff the enemy is far more effective, because the rest of the combat assets available can then bring all that firepower to bear with the advantages the mages have conveyed upon them. D&D models this well (though I've take some spells away, especially teleportation ones, and spells available are occasionally 3rd level and usually 2nd, so no 8th level crazy bull****), Savage Worlds it would seem not so much.

There's also fluff that most mages are trained in utility spells, because most mages sell their skills to civilians for a living. I don't seem to have a way of modelling this, either.

2017-10-24, 05:53 PM
Take a look through here, I think you will find tons of stuff that does what you want.


EDIT: I did mean either Savage Vancian or Savage Abilities.