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2017-10-25, 03:17 AM
Was writing up an adventure path, first module of, and was wondering if or how much concern should be made in using history? Should I get the backstory for it approved first, before writing the rest of module and the other modules? Or would just writing out the module, then submitting up at a place work? I don't want to cause legal trouble or get into real legal trouble that I have could have avoided.

Adventure Path uses Forgotten Realms history from some books, games, edition changes. Does need checking? Yes, No? More than willing to take time to do.

2017-10-25, 03:41 AM
This falls under legal advise, which we are not allowed to give (since people can often exaggerate/make up credentials on the internet). Your best bet would be to ask a lawyer, but if you don't want to do that, maybe email a company that has made adventure modules set in forgotten realm and hope for a reply?

2017-10-25, 01:06 PM
Obviously I can't advise with legal issues, but as a practical matter, if I were to write an adventure path...for whatever game system, first off I would want to make sure said game has an open gaming license, so that I could legally self publish. Second, while there's nothing wrong with my writing something for personal use, if I wanted to sell it, I would either need to have permission given if it uses someone else's IPs...and I would expect selling unsolicited work is unlikely to happen...so I would write something that used no IP that wasn't mine. Then if I couldn't sell it to a publisher, I could attempt to self publish. :) Also, I would, prior to publishing, have a chat with a lawyer about IPs....because if I created something that didn't use anyone else's IP, then effectively what I created would have IP which I would want to protect.

2017-10-25, 01:38 PM
Thanks for the opinions. Helps me with ideas for what to do next.