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2017-10-28, 02:24 PM
Hi! This is my first homebrew so I have no idea on its level of balance.

Fate and the God of Fate play a heavy role in my campaign and I wanted a Fate Cleric to go along with it.

Right now I just have the features since I wanted to get those solid before choosing the domain spells.

1st level: Novice Seer.
If you spend 1 minute meditating, you can gain cryptic clues about what will happen in the hour if you and your party do nothing.
Example, if the prince is going to be assassinated, a message might be: When next the bell tolls, the golden throne will run red with blood.

2nd level Chanel Divinity:
Dull Fate- Starting at 2nd level, if a creature within 30 feet rolls a natural 1 or a natural 20, you can use your chanel divinity to turn the roll into a 10.

6th level Chanel Divinity:
Fortunes favor- You can use your bonus action to give a creature a +10 to the next skill check a creature rolls. If they do not use it within an hour or before you use this ability again, the bonus fades.

8th level:
-Potent spell casting

17th level:
Master of Fate- At the end of every long rest, you can give up to 4 creatures within 100 feet 1 luck point (Same as feat). This luck point vanishes after the next long rest.

Would love feedback!