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2017-11-09, 07:42 AM
What I mean by this is whats the funniest or coolest moment you've ever had playing D&D?

I was playing a bard in a party of like, 10 players. I wanted to do something cool, because most other players were doing really cool things and I was just there. It was the second campaign I had played in, so my role play game was very weak. I was shy, one of the only two middle schoolers playing with 8 high schoolers. Enter the giant frog encounter. Everyone was doing their thing. One guy suplexed a frog, another guy punched its eye out. I looked at my character sheet, saw thunder wave, and had one thought. How big of an explosion will a giant frog produce? On my next turn, I jumped inside the giant frog and everyone at the table thought I was killing my character to make a new one. Then I cast thunderwave and it rained little bits of flesh and chuncks of guts and muscle. Honestly, one of the coolest things I've ever done. Then again, I'm relatively new to d&d, so this might seem tame to some people. Whats your favorite D&D moment?

2017-11-10, 04:26 AM
The nearly coolest moment of my D&D gaming life was when, at level 12, I almost got a Balor getting scared to death... literally scared to death.

The Balor was a really dangerous encounter, a no-go situation, we were supposed to pass by by running into a magical maze he wouldn't dare to enter.
But we were detected and the situation was perillous.
I had a strong build and attempted a bold equivalent of Phantasmal Killer. Due to my big DC, I had a (short) shot. The balor missed the Will save (needed a 3 or less). The illusion of what must scare the most the most powerful demon in the universe took place for him. He needed then to pass a Fortitude check, easy for him... just need to avoid the fumble.... The DM roll 2.

The balor was so pissed to see the worst fear and having nearly been killed by a stupid and miserable elf that he made all he could to kill me. Not the group, just me...

Fortunately, we escaped in the maze :smallamused:

But the coolest was a bit later, when the DM put in front of us a terrible choice. The group tore appart about this decision. A really cinematic scene came, with people blocking others,short teleport to pass the human barricade, quick spellcasting to shield one PC from another PC attack, and then, my character who take the magical spear out of the jaw of the antic evil Dragon-God, which released him on the plane and started a new era of a thousand years of Darkness, in order to restore the old cycle balance and in hope to stop the shifting and self-destruction of the whole multiverse.
The campaign ended on how we managed to get out to the surface and saw the Dragon-God rising. :smalleek:
Big stakes, conflict and great cinematic scene. :smallamused:

2017-11-10, 11:04 AM
The party was trudging through the dungeon towards the end of my three year long campaign. They were moving through some narrow hallway and, on a whim, I decided to throw an encounter at them. It ended up being a combination of like twenty+ ghouls and ghasts. Wave after wave charged at the group as the rogue stood back to back with the Dragonborn Fighter. The awakened cat bard (don't ask) shot off spells from his perch on the Dragonborn's shoulder all while this (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xllG3fSUAOw) blasted through the speakers.

It was pretty dope.

It's strange; I've had countless of cool/crazy/funny stuff happen in games throughout the years, but that one sticks out as the coolest. I'm not sure why.


2017-11-10, 12:01 PM
kazu: hey gui, any ideas on what to do to get through that automatic turret?
me: well, remember that corpse i left behind? how about i chop its foot off and make the auto-turret empty its ammo count?
team: *shocked*
dm: that's... pragmatic.

it worked. said character was named edward and she was blessed by friggin' lady luck and admiral awesome. did i mention that this was within the first 15 minutes of play of a 19 session, year long campaign? it set the tone for the "no figs given" of the character. most awesome moment from her, though is by far the prison assault.

after careful planning by the resistance, a weak point was found in the air vents under the prison. edward, after much lunacy, managed to find a way to overload at will a desk-sized cold-fusion generator, essentially turning it into a portable nuke. armed with a light machine gun, riding a trike, she roared and ripped around the prison fence as a diversion while some trusted acolytes planted the bomb. as soon as she heard

"the bomb has been planted".

she grinned from ear to ear and gleefully yelled out:" hold on to your hats, folks, i have only a vague idea of what i'm doing!"

the explosion knocked her clean off the trike. during a lull that felt like hours, slightly concussed, she ran through the breach created in the bastion's wall. mowing down guards, she covered kazu helping the emprisoned resistance members flee.

now, obviously, she had a little surprise to cover their escape, and being slightly off her rocker during the best of times she hadn't talked about it to the team. as soon as kazu yelled, " ok, break off and out!" she threw her backpack in the gaping maw of the tunnel that had gotten them in. she had no time to yell out a warning to kazu running a few yards in front of her before with a mad grin she pushed the remote ignition switch on the demolition charges she had kept in her pack for a rainy day. the explosion blew both edward and kazu off their feet. groggy, edward picked up the limp body of an unconscious kazu, exiting the tunnel in a wall of flames, walking calmly to the cheers of the resistance at such an amount of mayhem and success.

yeah, i pulled off kiting a fortress, surviving a mini-nuke, pulling off enough dakka to make john rambo proud, surviving a contained blast of demolition charges, and a hero escape while carrying a teammate. i've done crazy things in rp (hell, that's why people want to play with lil' ol' lunatic me), but i've never done something so charged in 80's action movie tropes so well and so accidentally (except the nuke, that one i planned).