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2017-11-09, 12:11 PM
My PCs just got sucked into the Feywild, where they're being hunted by a fey hunter, eager to prove his worth and join the Wild Hunt as a pack leader. He's dropped them into a nasty maze, where the only way out is to find the center and kill the fey hunter. While the PCs are going through the maze, the fey's minions will be pursuing them and trying to kill them. The hunter himself isn't chasing them because only "worthy" prey will make it alive to the center in the first place.

What I need are some Feywild obstacles in the maze to bog the players down while the hunter's minions close in on them. Ideally, the obstacles will be a mix of natural hazards, magical hazards and hostile fey. Also, the maze is less of an artificial hedge maze and much more very rough natural terrain, with lots of gullies, ridges, fog banks, dark copses of trees, and gloomy marshes.

Ideas so far:

-Nest of meenlocks
-Deep, fast flowing river blocking their path
-An ambush by the hunter's minions lying in wait
-A fountain (of course there's a fountain)
-Hallucinatory Terrain over a bog where a couple displacer beasts live

As always, thanks for any and all help!

2017-11-09, 12:32 PM
I'm not to familiar with the fey wild, but perhaps you could have a hungry owlbear attack the party will they rest or eat, so they could toss a bunch of food at it and run, or they could just outright fight it. It might sound dumb, but hey, owlbears are freaking awesome. The party could also stumble upon an owlbear cub, and its mother may come out moments later. Nothing like a classic mother bear defending her child.

2017-11-10, 10:14 AM
I like it! I brainstormed with a friend last night and here's what we came up with:

-An enchanted section of steep ravines and narrow gullies that tricks the PCs to wander in circles while their pursuers are closing in. A displacer beast lairs here

-a Leprechaun guarding a bridge. The bridge is impassable unless the party stops and plays a childish game with him. If they humor his requests, he'll give them a couple hints about what comes next

-a slumbering owlbear lies in the middle of the path. The whole area is covered in noise-making traps. Can the PCs turn this to their advantage?

-a low dell covered in black moss. This area is home to a nest of meenlocks, who will psychically harass the PCs and teleport in to isolate and pick off the weak.

-a tiny hamlet full of angry pixies. Expect sleep inducing arrows unless you can mollify them somehow

-a giant chess/scrabble board in the middle of a glade. This is an illusion, and it's actually a narrow pathway over a series of deep pits. Only by solving the riddle or with careful, time consuming testing is it safe to cross

-a tree that stalks the PCs as they progress. It's actually a fellow victim who's been in the Feywild so long he can shift into a tree at will. He's hoping the PCs know how to escape, and will gladly barter information or treasure for that knowledge

-a fairy circle of red mushrooms. Any blood spilled here creates Redcaps.

-a meadow full of passionbells, flowers that capture and radiate the emotion of any mortal that brushes them. Very easy for the PCs' hunters to track them, unless they can come up with a scheme to trick it

All the while, they're being pursued by packs of fey wolves and equally feral hunters.

2017-11-10, 10:36 AM
This is the feywild, a place where time and space not necessarily follow the usual conventions from the prime.

I would suggest:
- Some MC Escher like staircases or canyons, allowing and requiring walking around along walls and ceilings to reach the other side.
- Subjective gravity (basically, whenever a player mentions trying to get somewhere, this direction becomes down)
- A puzzle where they have to make their reflections interact with things (and creatures) only present on the other side of a big mirror.
- A tiny village, not larger than an anthill, with corresponding inhabitants. Except that everyone getting closer shrinks until the village seems normally sized and the following characters are large as giants (if the magic depends only on the point a creature touches the ground, leaning in could allow you crush houses with your finger)
- An animal or any other creature burning in reverse - starting as a pile of ashes, bursting into flames as the PCs approach, and the flames dying to reveal the healthy creature once they get close.
- An obstacle course, where the direct path is not necessarily the shortest, and backtracking might be the only way forward.