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2007-08-18, 02:10 AM
I think this class is horribly broken, either too weak or too strong, or maybe both. I think it's an interesting idea though and I'd appreciate any feedback how to make it work.


The fighter swung his sword at the wicked wizard, who vanished and appeared across the room laughing. "You'll never catch me! Have a consolation prize though," laughed the caster and lobbed a fireball at his foe.

Requirements: 5 levels in an Arcane class

Ability to cast blink, dimension door, and teleport.

{table]level|BaB|Fort|Ref|Will Save|Special
1|+0|+0|+0|+2|Spell Travel
2|+1|+0|+0|+3|Think and Blink
3|+2|+1|+1|+3|Improved Spell Travel
4|+3|+1|+1|+4|Here, There, and Everywhere
5|+4|+1|+1|+4|Here, There, Here, There, Here, and There[/table]

Spells Per Day: Untouchable Mages gain no additional spells per day, nor do they gain access to higher level spells by progressing as an Untouchable Mage.

Spell Travel
An untouchable mage may convert any prepared spell into a teleportation spell similar to dimension door. For each level of the spell above 0 the mage can teleport up to 20 feet (20 feet for level 1, 40 feet for level 2, etc.) Only a single spell may be used up at a time. Spell Travel may be used as a move action or a standard action, making it possible to use it twice in one round.

Think and Blink

Blink may be substituted for any prepared spell 3rd level or higher. If you actually prepare blink and cast it the spell lasts for one minute per level instead of one round.

Improved Spell Travel
An untouchable mage may combine as many spells slots as they like to teleport further (for instance using a level 1 spell, 2 level 2s, and a level 3 to travel 120 feet). If used as a move action at the start of a round, and Spell Travel is not used as the standard action, the caster may use Spell Travel again as a free action at the end of their turn.

Here, There, and Everywhere

An untouchable mage can teleport between locations so rapidly that it appears as if they are in two locations at once. The caster can see, hear, and interact with things from two effectively different bodies, and has two turns, one to select the actions of each mage. Only one location can use any magical abilities in a round. An untouchable mage can use this ability once per day, and maintain it for up to a minute. When the ability ends the mage can choose which one of their locations vanishes. When starting the ability the mage can select for their other location to initially appear anywhere within 500 feet, though by ordinary travel or magic the other location can move beyond this boundary, or even onto another plane.

Here, There, Here, There, Here, and There

An untouchable mage can exist simultaneously in three locations at once instead of two. During the minute each location can perform its own magical abilities, allowing the caster to expend three spells in one round. Alternatively, the caster may choose to only exist in two locations rather than three, and then may appear in two places a second time that day, but only for thirty seconds.

2007-08-18, 04:08 AM
Ner ner ner ner, ner ner, ner ner, can't touch this! [/Hammertime]

Okay, let's see...

The Basics:

Firstly, you need to add skill points per level, and a list of class skills. For an arcane casting class, I'd recommend just nicking the Wizard's list and amount (2+int) and be done with it.
Secondly, all of the abilities need a type, (Sp)ell-like, (Su)pernatural or (Ex)traordinary. I'd say for most of them you're looking at Spell-like.

Spell Travel

It should be a Standard Action, and I'd say it shouldn't provoke attacks of opportunity.
As an ability, it is extremely weak. For a 4th level slot, a Sorcerer could just cast another dimension door. I'd improve it to 10ft per two caster levels per spell level, i.e. a 10th level caster would move 50ft per spell level sacrificed.

Think and Blink

Okay if you're a Wizard but pretty useless if you're a Sorcerer. I'd change it so that all casters (including Sorcerers) reduce the casting time for all Blink spells to a move action without an increase in caster level.

Improved Spell travel

Keep it as it is, i.e. summing together spell levels for the Spell Travel ability, and I'd add that once per day the Mage could use his Spell Travel ability as a move action.

Here, There and Everywhere, & Here, There, Here, There, Here, and There

Wow. Overpowered. In effect, for a minute of game time your character gets twice or three times the amount of playtime on the board. Not only is this overpowered but I'd find this really annoying as a player.
I suggest that "Here, There and Everywhere" becomes: If a Mage uses his Spell Travel ability as a move action to move away from a foe that he threatens, for the rest of the Mage's turn that character is flat-footed against any attacks the Mage makes against him, and cannot use Evasion if he possesses that ability.
In a similar vein, "Here, There, Here, There, Here and There" becomes: A Mage can use Spell Travel as a move action, as per Improved Spell Travel, a number of times per day equal to 1+His Spellcasting Ability Modifier.

I'd also give this class spell progression like other arcane prestige classes of at least +1,-,+1,-,+1, if not full progression.