View Full Version : DM Help Dragon with 2 Intelligence

2017-11-19, 01:15 AM
I'm working on a unique encounter. My BBEG is using Fiendish Blackscale Lizardfolk Barbarian has troops to attack various places, and I'm working on a means to move them around.
What would happen to a true dragon that had it's intelligent drained down to 2. Would it still be able to use Spell-Like Abilities? Would it still be able to use it's Breath Weapon?

2017-11-19, 01:26 AM
What edition/system are you using, and why isn't this thread in the subforum for that edition?

2017-11-19, 01:59 AM
Oops. I'm new here. I didn't even realize there are sub-forums for specific games. I'll repost this in the 3e/3.5e/d20 sub.

I guess any passing Admin can kill this thread. I'll be more careful in the future.