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Lady Tialait
2017-11-19, 05:26 AM
I've been running a game of Pendragon for a couple of months now, and it's been fantastic. I have loved every session thus far and it's inspired me to share. The issue being, we started in 485, and this friday we will be doing 491. My storytelling notes arn't the best so catching this up to our game with half-remembered facts.

The knights:

Sir Aesfild is a fairly large handsome knight, with lust in his heart for every maiden. A clever and quick witted pagan who is just as much a lover as a fighter. His personal banner is that a thorny heart. He is renowned for his ability with a steed. His family and that of the Modest Mouse are close.

Sir Brian is a bow legged, pox marked large man, he has the soul of a poet and a knack for command. His personal banner is the quill and sword crossed. He is a British Christian, but is known for his practical take on things, and has a reputation for being worldly.

Sir Dinaunt is an extremely handsome man with flowing hair and sharp senses. He prides himself on his skills with lance and knowledge of knightly manners. He is a Roman Christian, and a pious one at that. He is also above all else honest. He is prone to calling things of the supernatural demons. His personal banner is a Black Unicorn.

Sir Joef is a massive strong knight, who sees his family and faith as the most important things. His family are an old welsh clan named Griffin. His banner reflects his family name being one as well. He is a superstitious man who is quick to learn much about the supernatural aspects of his world.

Sir (Don't remember) is a small man to be knighted. He carries a bow and quiver not caring for the glory of battle, being modest as he is. He is a Pagan, and fears and respects the supernatural far too much to meddle in such things. His personal banner is that of a mouse gaining the nickname the Modest Mouse. His family and that of the Thorny Heart are close.


This is the year a group of four knights gained their knighthoods and found themselves under Lord Roderick of Salisbury. The four knights being Sir Brian, Sir Dinaunt, Sir Joef, and the Modest Mouse.

After some basic training exercises with Sir Elad, Marshal of Sarum the group are asked to take up their lances and joust for leadership of this little group. Sir Dinaunt and Sir Brian are favored as both have practiced long and hard to master the skill, and Sir Brian had Sir Joef had had a joust for mostly entertainment that morning, with Sir Joef being unhorsed. Mind you, none of them were knighted at this time, so technically they were all squires under Sir Elad after their fathers had died.

The joust began, and to everyone's shock the Modest Mouse unhorsed both Dinaunt and Brian. The dice were feeling cruel. Sir Elad had only been half paying attention so when they told him the small guy with the bow won the joust he was shocked, but shrugged it off quickly. He told them they would have to go to the village of Imber and meet with a priest there. There were rumors of a man eating bear abounding and Lord Rodrick couldn't have panicked peasants. So the four set off. They met with the Priest and he provided them with some tracking dogs and showed them a man who was killed by the bear, confirming it was indeed a bear attack. However, with all the travel the four decided not to set off right away, instead taking some hospitality from the Priest in their little village till morning.

Come morning the four set out for the hunt, and Brian and Dinaunt were separated from the others. The Modest Mouse and Joef found a strange barking lizard creature. Before they could attempt to grab it or anything, it ran away. A knight in full regalia rode out of the forest asking them if they had seen it and they pointed the direction it had ran.

Brian and Dinaunt continued their hunt, and Brian ran ahead on the trail of the Bear of Imber finding it after surging forward. He was severely wounded by the bear and unhorsed. Dinaunt arrived to distract the beast just in time for Brian to slay the creature but putting him poorly for the return to Imber with his quarry. He arrived back riding atop the bear in a wagon he had a bear helm crafted from the head and a rug was made for another of the group.

A week later the foursome were brought before Lord Roderick and were knighted into his service, with a feast in their honor, but the tone was fairly somber as the group were to march to war against the South Saxony and the Monstrous King Alle. The group called forth their families and levy and marched under Prince Madoc, who upon it being requested from the injured Sir Brian gave him a command, and allowed the Modest Mouse to stay near the back with a regiment of bowmen peppering the Saxons with arrows. The battle went mostly well, however Sir Dinaunt lost his blade while fighting a Saxon general, who then tripped upon it impaling himself. Sir Joef spotted King Alle himself and charged after him, the pair traded blows and both went down King Alle's bodyguards retried him the battlefield and Sir Joef was left alone. They broke the army of King Alle with some loses and were told to go home and celebrate as the Knights of Silchester would finish this battle and end South Saxony for good.

They went home and a week later they found out that the Silchester knights had failed to purge Britian of the threat. It created a bit of bitterness between them and the Silchester knights.

While all of this happened the Fifth knight was busy with urgent business for his mother. The thorny heart was having a delicate issue. A Roman Praetor had come to stay after he had visited the King of Logres Uther about some assistance in Frankland the Prince had been very rude to the Praetor and he was waiting for an audience. The man was making moves on all the attached and unattached women of the manor. Hiensburow's mother could not tolerate that and asked him to remove the man. The issue was this was a guest from the King, and he had been offered hospitality, the rules would not allow him to simply kick him out. Being a pagan he came up with a plan. He would offend the Christian Praetor's sense of decency, and flirt with him. This critically succeeded. The two became lovers, and the Praetor promised to leave the women of the manor alone if he could have alone time with the squire at least once a month. Aesfild agreed and the two spent hours of the evening together. Then his mother told him he had to go to London to see the King about finally being knighted. Not thinking this strange he rode off right away to Uther's court. Upon getting there he was knighted by Uther to serve him directly.


The whole group of five knights were put on garrison duty with patrols around Sarum. There was banter between the five as they rode patrol, but they were mostly bored, when they were stopped by an old man. He begged them help him, as his goat has run off and he did not know where it was. They agreed to take a look around for it, and not long after starting their search they found the goat. It had not just run off but was stolen by a Three-Eyed giant! They fought the giant, and as it fell, the old man appeared nearby applauding their valor, he then transformed into the Magician Merlin. He told them to follow him into the forest, and leave their steeds behind. The pagans did not argue, and neither did Sir Brian, Sir Dinaunt protested but did follow. After some trudging through the forest, Merlin told the knights to wait for him in a clearing while he ducked off into the brush. As they were standing their a Green Creature with the body of a horse and the torso of a man, and swords for arms attacked them. The battle was difficult but the final blow as finally given by Sir Brian. They took his arms as a pair of blades, one to Sir Brian, and the other to Sir Joef. Merlin returned shortly there after and Sir Dinaunt and the Modest Mouse noticed he had a blade with him he didn't have before.

The only other things that happened that year were marriages. Everyone married fairly wealthy women, widows of knights who had died along side their own fathers mostly. The Modest Mouse married the woman with the most glory, an older woman. With her glory added to his after the marriage he became the most glorious knight of the five of them.


Uther held court in Sarum this year, and the only knight to not make it was Sir Joef, as he was not available (i'll get to him.). Sir Brian wrote a song in honor of the events of the last year, the slaying of the green creature and the three eyed giant. He had Sir Dinaunt sing it, and the skill of the composition combined with a fair singing voice ran through like angels. This is when Merlin presented the blade to Uther, telling he would have it till he was no longer Just. The Sword of Victory, Excalibur.

Sir Joef on the other had could not come, for he was not over here, but other there. He had been hunting for some game on his own lands, when he found a fey ring. He stepped through it and found a Castle, he though he was on his own lands, but he was not he tried to come up with a plan to get the Fair folk to give him the castle, and tried to find his way back home. He found his way back home after what he though were a few hours, it turned out to be months with the Knights already done with a choice.

Lord Rodrick rewarded them for their good work with a rare and priceless gift, choice. They could either join the King's Fleet and march under the Prince against the Saxons, or join the King's Progress to gain support in the north in the Embassy in Linsey. They chose to march north with the king after much debate. Sir Joef arrived upon this choice. The group of five knights packed up their households and marched with the King up north to meet with northern lords. They arrived in Linsey and Uther had Sir Joef sing the song again, and when he did a tear was in the eye of the Duke and he bent knee to Uther and Excalibur. Sir Brian made an off-hand comment that his pen was mightier then Uther's blade. Uther was fuming but Sir Hienburow thought quickly and punched Sir Brian in the face. Uther was flabbergasted but not wroth. Sir Aesfild said he wished to take Sir Brian's new bride from him, for he had fallen in love. Sir Brian challenged him to a duel, and the Throny Heart agreed, he would duel him in the way of romance. Sir Brian's own wife would decide the contest, the winner would get the wife.

Uther agreed to this contest. Sir Brian's wife was taken by all this, and gave them a contest to retrieve her a flower she had heard about that grew on the banks of a nearby lake. The pair mounted up, Brian on his own steed and Sir Hienburow on his, but he brought the Modest Mouse with him, and Sir Brian could not keep up with Aesfild's masterful horsemenship, falling behind in the race, but he figured he would win if he could get the flower first, and dived into the lake to swim towards the flower he spotted. The Thorny Heart sitting upon his horse. The Modest Mouse was already in the water however, and ended up retrieving the flower before Sir Brian. Again, his horsemenship won out and he arrived before Sir Brian who was planning on taking the flower from the Thorny Heart, by force. They arrived back in Linsey and Hienburow had already won, Uther had agreed that the Thorny Heart could take Sir Brian's wife as his second wife. Hienburow refused, as no dowry was offered for her hand, and told Sir Brian if he would marry her without gain, he could have her. Sir Brian remarried his wife that winter.

Uther then told them to ride to the nearby Eburcum and get the so-called Centurion King to come see him and his blade so he could also bend the knee. They rode and when they got there the Centurion King's stewart told them he was not available, as he was off destroying Saxons at the coast. They decided to ride out to request he come see Uther upon the morning. The next day they rode off to find the Centurion King in his command tent and his army locked in battle with Saxons. They made their request and he agreed to come, once he had free time, perhaps in a few years. He suggested that if Uther saw this as urgent he could come see him.

They brought information back to Uther, and he was not happy about it. The Modest Mouse and Sir Dinaunt came up with a plan, they would spend the winter in Eburcum and convince the Centurion King to come to Linsey come spring thaw. Sir Dinaunt even offered his knighthood to Uther should they fail, and Uther agreed. The Modest Mouse acquired a large supply as to not harm Eburcum with their full levy stationed their all winter and come spring the Centurion King had agreed, but Uther had left before Spring thaw...


The Centurion King swore never to listen to Logres Knights again and rode back home, Lord Rodrick told the knights that the King was preparing his armies to head to Frankland for the Praetor that half of the knights would be going and half staying to protect their lands from Saxon raids. After much discussion, Sir Dinaunt, Sir Aesfild, and the Modest Mouse were sent to Frankland, and Sir Joef and Sir Brian were sent to patrol their own lands.

In Frankland all is not well, Prince Madoc was overheard speaking to his assembled Lords they would stay for two weeks or one city, whatever comes first. This infuriates Sir Dinaunt who sees this as a direct ignoring of Uther's words, Sir Aesfild agrees with the Black Unicorn, and the pair confront Prince Madoc, who handwaves their accusations of Treason as they could not understand the workings of Lords as they are mere knights. The pair go back to the Modest Mouse who overheard the exchange, and they came up with the best worst plan ever though up. They decided to take a city in the middle of the night with a little over a dozen men. That very night, and see if they can get a full blown rebellion against the Prince to assist the Praetor in taking Frankland for Rome. They do indeed take the city, however the effect of it was less then ideal. The majority of the Knights there were from Silchester, and the group had often time ridiculed them, so they sided with Prince Madoc out of spite to them, and most out of loyalty. Prince Madoc was taking the ships home, any who stayed would be left in Frankland till they could find their own way home. The Knights agreed to come back with Prince Madoc. They however had not had their fill of war.

With Sir Brian, and Sir Joef something else had happened. They had garrison duty, at least offically. Uther had grabbed the most trusted knights from Lord Rodrick, and those who had helped the Excalibur qualified, they would go to help him gain an alliance in Somerset, and the agreement is that he would send a pair of knights to deal with some Water Leapers, strange frog-like creatures, and they would stay neutral till Uther had gained the title of High King. Sir Brian went to hunt the Water Leapers, and Sir Joef went to hunt a fairy ring. Sir Brian fought and died to the beasts, and Sir Joef offered his first born son to a Fey for a bag of dead water leapers to offer the King of Somerset.

Sir Joef realized that Sir Brian was taking far too long in the forest, and decided to go look for him. He found him and his squire and his horses, and hounds all dead. He decided to break out something he had found in Ebucurm, his father was a necromancer, he had his book of evil magic. He used a spell from it to bring Sir Brian back from the dead, but only for two years. The bag of dead water leapers were given to the King Somerset and the pair rode off back home


King Uther gathered all the Kings he could muster, he was time to deal with something that had been bothering him for some time. One of his vassels had been rebellious. The Duke of Cornwall, and so the massive army was sent to make him submit. Excalibur was flashed the song sung, and the knee bend. Leaving the knights feeling as though things were going far too smoothly.

The five found out that to the north Ebucurm was again under attack by Saxons and the siege had been locked down. So, they took their levys and rode out, all five of them. No orders from lord or king. Some craved glory, some simply felt they were due a great battle. With their three hundred men. They found only a thousand siege Ebucurm, the rest of the ten thousand were marching to Linsey to take it. Sir Brian and the Modest Mouse gained entrance into Ebucurm to gain the assistance of the Centurion King, Sir Brian leading two hundred of the men they had gathered with his tactical mind, and the Modest Mouse sneaking in while the armies clashed.

The larger force was still an issue and Sir Dinaunt came up with an idea, he opened the gates and had the Griffin Clan men have a very loud party. To make it seem as though their forces were large and unafraid of Saxons, to at least delay them. Sir Joef took his second born son, and make a sacrifice to the pagan Gods, getting a promise that that large Saxon force would lose their next engagement. Sir Aesfild lost his patience with a plan that was to simply wait and grabbed fifty men all mounted to engage the eight thousand. A moment a madness, indeed. However, as he arrived a massive flock of ravens appeared around the army pecking at their eyes. Sir Aesfild crashed upon them causing their army to rout and trample upon itself. Scattering it to the winds. Linsey and Ebucurm were safe for now, but the Northern Saxons were still and issue, but perhaps this would buy some good will from the Centurion King..


The next year, King Uther decided the Northern Saxons have been around far too long, and it is time to crush them. He gathers the largest army that Brition has seen sense Romans had brought one and marched them north. A glorious battle was had, and the Saxon kings were captured. At the end of the battle Sir Brian died what seemed a natural death.

The knights were asked if they wished to march with the King to seek submission of the Pictish Kings or if they wished to continue attacking the Saxons to raid them for all the harm they had done, but the Knights decided that with their Kings in Uther's custody the Saxons would be unorganized and akin to going after bandits. They would rather march with Uther to seek the king of the Scots. They rode with to a mostly uneventful time. With victory under their belt they marched back home, and Uther had them in London for Christmas as he could attribute much of his success to their work, and wished to give them gifts this year. They met the Duke of Cornwall's wife this winter, and half of them fell in love, the other half had nothing but lustful thoughts about her. The lustful ones are joined by Uther himself. Sir Joef assisted the Cornish escape from London right before a mysterious blizzard hit upon their exit.

Sir Dinaunt and Sir Aesfild spoke to Lord Rodrick about Sir Joef, wanting to put him on trial, but Sir Joef and his Griffin Clan have been useful in the War efforts, he promised them he would put him on trial AFTER Uther had secured his vassel's loyalty, with his second attack on Cornwall, this time for leaving London after being told to stay.

And that is what has happened thus far, we play on Fridays, and I can continue to update on Saturdays if you guys want to know where this goes. Sir Brian's player is getting his replacement ready, who will be a temp character till the Son of Sir Brian comes of age. There are honorifics running about in the group due to events. Almost like nicknames.

Sir Dinaut is known as Sir Dinaunt the Cursed, as he has married three times, and three times he has fallen in love with his wife just for her to die in childbirth.

Sir Brian was known as Sir Brian Bearsbane, as he struck the final blow on the Bear of Imber, and two Saxon's heroes with known as 'The Bear'

Sir Aesfild is known as the Master of Horse, as he does have that title from Uther, after proving how well he could ride and how well he knew horses, he keeps Uther's stables.

Sir (Don't remember) has been known as the Modest Mouse so much, I forgot his name. He calls his family "The House of Mouse"

Sir Joef is known as Sir Joff or Joffery because he's evil.


Sir Brian, Died to Sir Joef's Necromancy in 490
The Modest Mouse, Died in the Infamous Feast of 495
Sir Fredrick, Died in the Infamous Feast of 495
Sir Aesfild, Died in the Infamous Feast of 495
Sir Joef, Died in the Infamous Feast of 495

Lady Tialait
2017-11-22, 03:52 PM
Nothing? No comments? :smallsigh:

Is anyone interested in me continuing posting this game?

2017-11-22, 04:34 PM
Yes I am (since I'm a Pendragon fan).


Kid Jake
2017-11-23, 12:30 AM
As somebody that's posted his share of campaign logs, take it from me that sometimes it takes a while before people start piping in. That doesn't mean they aren't reading it, they're usually just lurkers by nature. Just keep posting and you should find your audience.

I haven't had a chance to read what you've got yet since I just noticed it was here, but if you're interested in a tip: Put your journal itself into Spoiler tags. It makes it easier to navigate the page and less daunting to get started.

2017-11-23, 02:47 AM
It looks crazy and interesting, but this is literally the first time I've ever heard of Pendragon. Im having a hard time sorting out what was simple game mechanics, what was luck of the dice, what was good roleplaying and what was simple DM fiat.

For example, the 'falling in love with another man's wife' thing. Judging from how commonplace it is Im guessing its not some RP element but an actual game mechanic? I think a few minor comments on game mechanics would go a long way to make it more understandable.

That being said, Im fascinated. This looks like a blast.

Lady Tialait
2017-11-23, 06:31 AM
Yes I am (since I'm a Pendragon fan).


Glad you like!

As somebody that's posted his share of campaign logs, take it from me that sometimes it takes a while before people start piping in. That doesn't mean they aren't reading it, they're usually just lurkers by nature. Just keep posting and you should find your audience.

I haven't had a chance to read what you've got yet since I just noticed it was here, but if you're interested in a tip: Put your journal itself into Spoiler tags. It makes it easier to navigate the page and less daunting to get started.

Thanks for the head's up, this is my first campaign journal. I'll go back and spoiler each year to help out.

It looks crazy and interesting, but this is literally the first time I've ever heard of Pendragon. Im having a hard time sorting out what was simple game mechanics, what was luck of the dice, what was good roleplaying and what was simple DM fiat.

For example, the 'falling in love with another man's wife' thing. Judging from how commonplace it is Im guessing its not some RP element but an actual game mechanic? I think a few minor comments on game mechanics would go a long way to make it more understandable.

That being said, Im fascinated. This looks like a blast.

The game has skills like a lot of games. It has passions that can inspire or madden the knights and a line of personal traits. Because of this sometimes choices in character creation and roleplaying can force the player's hand.

There is also some rare women who have traits that anyone who looks upon them either are driven insane with lust or fall in love with them. This is in line with Arthurian Lore.

I will try to include mechanics discussion along with narrative in the future. I wrote some of this months after it was played and it's mostly a highlight reel of half remembered details, but I wanted to have a proper campaign journal.

Lady Tialait
2017-11-25, 06:18 PM
So, do the holidays and plans for next week the group decided to have a triple session. We did years 491, 492, and 493 over an almost twelve hour session. So, i'll get into it.


We started by introducing the group to their new comrade in arms. The uncle of Sir Brian Bearsbane, Sir Fredrick the Wise. Sir Fredrick was not the tactician of his nephew, but was decidedly more handsome and less abrasive right away. He explained that his duty to family meant that he was expect to provide a wealthy and well kept family for his nephew's eight year old son. To this effect, he expected to upkeep good relations with his neighbors and fellow knights. The group took to Sir Fredrick fairly well, and this lead to orders from King Uther. The Duke of Cornwall had rebelled leaving his court in the dead of winter against Uther's direct orders, now was the time of reckoning. The knight of the Thorny Heart informed everyone that leaving behind even one able bodied man would likely be interpreted as treason, so all fighting fit men marched to Cornwall to help with the campaign against the traitorous Duke.

The issue was the knights were set up to siege Castle Tingetal a full castle built on a very difficulty to reach bit of land.


They were held up four months standing watch, running drills, and building siege equipment. The Salibury knights were put in charge of the siege equipment after Sir Fredrick requested it, as he had some skill in such things. After months of building equipment, he rolled a critical on his roll to make it, making it superior equipment. (a +5 Bonus). It was decided to rush the castle come morning of the next day. The knights decided to get a good night's sleep, save two knights. The Thorny Heart, and the Modest Mouse those two sat up discussing family affairs as the two of them were distant relatives and fairly close. That and they both rolled critical on their energetic rolls (The famous trait of the Thorny Heart) and couldn't sleep anyway.

Come midnight there was the sounds of an attack on the camp. The Duke had hired bandits and mercenaries to flank the camp and attack it. Prince Madoc was riding through the camp calling to rally the banner and ready the troops. The three knights who were fast asleep and were getting their armor on before entering the fray, the awake knights rode out to confront the mercenaries.

The combat lasted six rounds, the first two rounds were very standard command rolls and small isolated combat events of fighting a small groups of mercenaries. On the third round the gates of the castle opened and the army of the Duke of Cornwall sallied forth to meet the attackers. The Modest Mouse saw Prince Madoc's unit ride toward the Duke and engage his army. He rode himself a pair of his own knights in to assist as his foe had been pushed back. He saw the Duke of Cornwall yelling "Let me speak with the king!" again and again, while Prince Madoc was engaging him in combat his own personal unit pushing back the Duke's men. The Modest Mouse rode forth to assist his Prince and arrived just as a critical attack caused the Duke of Cornwall to embed his blade into the Prince, slaying the prince and trapping the Duke's blade. The Modest Mouse rode forth and slew the injured and unarmed duke, before retreating from combat. At this point the other knights had armored up and rode forth to rout the remaining armies of the Duke.

Uther then called from his tent, and called for the catapults to fling flaming pitch at the Castle and to level it. The Duchess who he secretly was maddenly in love with was inside and he would force her out. This went on for a week before Merlin showed up and spoke with the King it was overheard by Sir Fredrick that the King was chastised by Merlin for this unjust war and that the Sword of Victory, Excalibur would abandon him, but Merlin would assist him in winning the siege. He went out and cast a spell that surrounded the whole of the castle and the army with thick mist, the sounds of the dead duke calling for the doors to open were heard and when the mist cleared Duchess Ingrid was outside with her daughters. Surrendering the castle.

Uther declared that there would no longer be any Dukes of Cornwall, he would hold the Duchy personally.

The group then traveled with the King and the Duchess to Stonehenge to have a Funeral for Prince Madoc and a wedding for King Uther and now Queen Ingrid, they met her three daughters Margowse, Eliane, and Morgan. They mostly drank too much and celebrated a successful campaign. At this point the head of Clan Griffin got a message that his lands had been raided. He rode out immediately to see the damage, he had no fighting men there and expected the damage to be great.

The Griffin lands were completely purged for the living, all the women, elderly and children had been rounded up and sacrificed to an Irish war God, his land had been salted and his home had been turned to cinders by Irish raiders. What he didn't know is that this was the doing of his fellow Knights, they had become fearful of his unsavory practices. He dealt with the fey, and practiced necromancy. They had hired Irish mercenaries to attack him as the first phase of them removing Clan Griffin from their lands. His response to this was unexpected he converted to Roman Christian, and appealed to the pope to fund a holy war against the Irish to purge their pagan ways. That winter his Grand Uncle land missing in Fey lands returned declaring himself the Head of the Clan, with his fey wife and three grown half fey sons. Sir Joef the Griffin knight denied him leadership saying it was his birthright, with him now at war with his fey reinforced side of the family.

Once he returned to the others they had been appointed to garrison the castle they had sieged till a more permanent solution could be found. They ended up spending Christmas patrolling Cornwall.


Over the winter the group had planned a great contest come spring, a show of Knightly skill, including archery, a mock battle, and a joust with a large prize pool. Come spring they organized it starting with a hunt, all of them brough back offerings a squirrel, a boar, and a wild bull. The Thorny Heart offered to pay for any other feasting for all peoples of Cornwall, a four day feast for all surrounding the contest. The archery contest was a debacle, as many of the knights present had never used a bow before, but Fredrick had, and scored well on the event being declared champion. The melee was much more rough, severely injuring the Griffin Knight, the Thorny Heart, and the Black Unicorn, ending with the winner being a slightly injured Sir Fredrick. The joust was meant to be on the final day, but it was pushed up to the third day, and after many rounds of tense jousting Sir Dinaunt the Black Unicorn won. This had lead to to a tie in scoring, the tried romancing a lady of and both offended her gravely. So, they decided to finish it with a horse race across the country side, on the final day. After a tense race Sir Dinaunt was declared champion of the contest. He celebrated by having a set of miniature soldiers commissioned, and the knights played tactical war games throughout summer.

Come fall the group was approached by Merlin to follow him into the woods, they were wary of this, as while it had always helped Uther, it had rarely been good for them. They did end up following though, and the group went into the forest and exited into a grove that was recognized as being near London. Merlin told them to ready themselves on horseback and be ready to fight, that he may need protection when he returned. Hours past and then they saw Merlin coming through with a bundle that the Modest Mouse recognized as a baby in his arms. He told them to delay who was coming and ran into the forest.

A few moments later a group of mounted men showed up they saw their colors and realized these were the Kings men, and the King's own bodyguard among them. They demanded to be told where Merlin had gone, Sir Dinaut pointed the direction he had gone, while the other knights tried to strike up a conversation to delay him. The bodyguard grew annoyed and said they would pay for this delay before riding off.

The King's men never did find Merlin, and it was found out that the child was Uther's very own newborn son.

The knights had time to prepare themselves for the summons to the king's court to be judged for treachery. Their Lord Earl Rodrick provided defense for them a living Saint, Dewi the Waterman. After a long trail each knight speaking on his behalf at the behest of King Uther and the constant hissing of Queen Ingrid to kill the knights who had helped Merlin steal her baby. Saint Dewi claimed the group were Bewitched by Merlin and faultless in their actions, that it was the sorcery of Merlin that had been cursing the land and the King. The only option was to banish Merlin and all Pagans from his court. The king ended up agreeing and the Thorny Heart was baptized that very day as he converted to British Christian.

That winter was the mildest winter they had seen in years. The Pictish kings came south at Uther's request to marry Ingrid's elder two daughters Morgan being only seven and not of a marriageable age.


The knights were given grave news for the start of this year, King Octa and King Eosa had escaped from Uther's prison to go back to their northern Saxon armies, and King Aelle of the South Saxons had pushed forward only a day's march away from Sarum the seat of Salisbury. Uther had also become very ill, calling doctors from the whole realm to attend to him. Earl Rodrick was ordered to go north to Malahaut to speak with the Centenarian King on an alliance to crush the Saxons. They rode with him.

They arrived and listened to the terms of such an alliance, unacceptable terms, that Uther would send men to fight the Saxons who would have to supply themselves and could not enter the cities. They would have reinforcements in the form of men they would have to also supply. Earl Rodrick did not like the terms. King Lot and the other Pictish Kings were there as well. The modest Mouse snuck around and found letters between King Lot and King Octa planning on joining forces and taking all lands to the south. The group rode out at once to warn Uther, they could not contact him and the rest of the year was mostly garrison duty in their own lands.

Long session with tons of stuff happening. Hope you guys enjoy.

Lady Tialait
2017-12-04, 04:25 PM
Any questions or comments? This Friday we will be playing again.

2017-12-05, 10:22 PM
That was AWESOME!

Some nice folkloric touches (the army attacked by ravens etc.).

How many sessions/hours/days did it take to play it out?

2017-12-06, 04:25 AM
At the risk of sounding ignorant... what do the numbers above the spoilers mean? Why do they suddenly jump ahead by like 400?

Lady Tialait
2017-12-06, 06:32 AM
That was AWESOME!

Some nice folkloric touches (the army attacked by ravens etc.).

How many sessions/hours/days did it take to play it out?

Normally we play out a year a session, but the last post was a triple session it we started around five o'clock having dinner while playing out a feasting scene, and then playing till the sun came up at like six in the morning. So, around thirteen hours for that one session.

Getting as much folklore stuff in early as I can, that way the group of knights will have reasons to explore the Enchanted woods when Uther dies and the game changes to being less about the Feudal conquests, and more about ruler ship and adventure.

At the risk of sounding ignorant... what do the numbers above the spoilers mean? Why do they suddenly jump ahead by like 400?

They are meant to be the year of those events. Pendragon does advancements through something called a Winter Phase, and along with very slow healing rates and marching large armies across England twice can take half the summer easily.

I messed up is why there were some 8s in there. I started typing them when I got home from running the game.

Lady Tialait
2017-12-11, 12:37 AM
Long session again, and lots happened.

Also, Hiensburow was not his name. It was Aesfild, it will need corrections, I will get on them. As for the Modest Mouse, no way I can remember his name, and he did that on purpose.


We started this year by finding out that Uther was deathly ill, and bedridden. Lord Rodrick was told by Sir Bratias the King's Bodyguard that he was to make an alliance with Gales. Who's king had been hunting the Questing Beasts for 30 years, so he sent the Knights as they were the best knights he had on hand. They were told they had two weeks to get ready. They spent it in the most efficient way possible. They threw a massive party, over four-hundred libre were spent to get every man, woman, and child drunk. A bear was captured for entertainment and a horse race was laid out. The party was so large that everyone who was anyone showed up, even the Queen herself. There were orgies and fights and all kinds of activities of the bacchanal. During this party the Modest Mouse egged on the Thorny Heart till he announced loudly that he was truly a pagan thus banished from going to the Royal Court.

Still hung over from the massive party they set out to Gales, when they got the border they were met by three men in Plate Armour, something they had never seen. They were greeted with bread and fruit offered hospitality, and brought to the castle.


They were greeted by the Acting King of Gales who agreed to help against he Saxons for only his fair share of loot, and the good will of Uther. offering them downy beds for the night. Come morning they were taking breakfast and heard a scream. They investigated to find that the Acting King was dead, they also knew his brothers were twins and this place was heading to a secession war. They retreated to a privet pavilion they were offered, and on their way they noticed the castle was falling apart and crumbling before their eyes. While they were conversation in the pavilion on what they were to do now.

They were interrupted by the sounds of combat, men killing eachother and they noticed the pavilion was vanishing, to head into the Fairy and to stay in it would not be an option if they didn't want to go that way. The Black Unicorn had learned his son was a Changling before going here and he decided he would go on a quest to find his son while the others escaped, leaving horses and armor behind. They made their way to the ship and left Gales to return to Rodrick, who told them it was best to leave that alone.

The rest of the year was garrison duty, with whispers that soon the Saxons/Pict army would arrive come next spring.


Then we have this year, oh my, this year. It started with news that the Saxon/Pict alliance had gotten onto the doorstep of London, at St. Alban, meaning if they failed to repel them all would be lost, and they would have to bend knee to Saxon Kings. Something that the knights couldn't allow to happen. The Modest Mouse found a secret magical passage to Brittany and was ready to flee the land. Sir Joef was speaking of making a deal with the fey to spirit away the county of Salisbury. While the Thorny Heart and the Quill and Blade were going to stand against the Saxons. The Black Unicorn was being ruled by a loyalist to the Roman Preator and there was always the chance of taking the family and leaving to Frankland to fight the Franks.

That is when Sir Joef of Griffin found a better option, he had an elixer that would have Uther healed for a few days to lead the army and win the war. The plan worked.

The Battle of St. Alban was massive, and glorious. Uther lead the armies of Logres to victory, with two notable major injuries. The Duke of Silchester and the King's own Bodyguard were in traction. Earl Rodrick had a broken leg during the battle and his horse was cut in half. Uther was in such a good mood that he held a great feast, and that was the error.

After much feasting, and toasting to Uther's victory, all the knights and Lords there including Lord Rodrick and Uther became violently ill and died to poisoning. The only knight who is left is Sir Rodrick of the Black Unicorn. The Carnage was terrible. Next week, there is no Lords in Logres and a new cast of knights.

2017-12-11, 01:24 AM
Thank you!

Please keep the tales coming.


Lady Tialait
2017-12-18, 12:59 AM
Alright, time to introduce a few new Knights.

Sir Illgoten of the House of Mouse Regent while the Son of the Modest Mouse is growing up.

Sir Wilhelm of the Thorny Heart Regent while the Son of Aesfild is growing up.

Sir Morganor of the Clan Griffin Regent while the Son of Joef is growing up.

Sir Rodrick of the Black Unicorn Regent while Dinaunt is lost in the Faerie.


After the death of all the Lords of Logres at the infamous feast. The group was called before Countess Ellen, the wife of Earl Rodrick asked to bend to knee to her, as she need to keep the realm safe while little Robert age 3 comes of age. After some debate they bend knee and swore to protect the Countess.

Almost immediately they were informed that King Aelle of Sussex was demanding Tribute or he will attack. The Knights did not want to pay, and while they were debating a 15 year old boy and two Saxon men show up. He introduced himself as a envoy of Cedric, son of Vortigern who had taken territory naming it Wessex and he now has borders with Salisbury. The envoy has a request, either join with Wessex as an ally or leave Wessex alone. After asking the terms of the alliance and finding them unacceptable they said they would leave Wessex along but wanted to know how they would know that Wessex wouldn't come raiding them. The boy then revealed himself to be a hostage sent by his father, the King of Wessex. They decided to pay tribute to Sussex at this point and keep the boy hostage till they could arrange better terms.

With all the politics out of the way, the group went on to their own tasks. The Mouse and the Thorny Heart decided they were going to raid Silchester lands for the gold to pay the tribute. They began getting ready when Merlin arrived in their court, and asked them to go after a group of Saxons calling themselves the Knights of the Thorn and Tusk. A successful raid was had with double the tribute they had paid to Sussex recovered, and the Knights of Thorn and Tusk were killed.

While this was going on, the Black Unicorn and Griffin decided to go on their own adventure into the faerie, to retrieve Sir Dinaunt and his child who had been taken and left a changeling behind. They wandered through the forest for weeks before running into anything. They then ran upon a pair of Red Lions, standing ten feet at the shoulder. The Griffin hid away, and the Black Unicorn was attacked, the first claw torn into his shoulder giving him a deep scar, but he pulled his blade back and declawed the other Lion. Griffin emerged from the forest on his steed and lanced the other Lion and sent the Lions fleeing. The two of them decided to head back home to heal.

The four met back up, and new supernatural events had been happening to the Houses of Mouse and Thorny Heart. The House of Mouse had had many people vanishing in the Druidic Groves of their land, and the Thorny Heart had a cow appear in their court with a crystal bell attached to it's collar. It read "Care for this cow for a year and a day and receive a magic potion - King Sauvage" The pair met up with Griffin and Black Unicorn, and after some weeks decided to venture into the Forest to deal with this King Sauvage and get him to stop messing with them. They adventured for weeks in the forest, and ran into an old sorcerer who lived there. He told them of a man by the name Gorbarduc who was part fiend. If he was to complete his fiendish plot he would unleash an army of men like himself upon the world. They decided to slay this Gorbarduc, and tracked him down. After some conflict they killed his men, and him. They went back to adventuring into the Forest and ran upon a castle. The Lord of the Castle allowed them to stay as long as they wanted to. Resting their drinking, feasting, and playing games they spent months there till first snowfall made them realize they had to get back home, and traveling in the late fall they made their way back home to spend winter with family.

Lady Tialait
2017-12-21, 12:33 AM
Due to the holidays, and my b-day being Thursday, we will have a week off from the game. So, I won't be able to update this game journal...as there won't be a game. But, I might do a side story update for the Adventures of the yet to be named Knight who is the Regent of the Quill and Blade.

Lady Tialait
2018-01-06, 08:01 PM
After about a month of not being able to play due to holidays we are back in it.

A New Knight to Introduce:

Sir Arnold the Obvious, Regent of Quill and Blade


Oh boy, this year. To start with they got news that Duke Ulfias of Silchester was finally able to make a move. He allied himself with King Alle of Sussex, one of the Saxon kings. He came personally to Sarum along with Sir Bratias to ask if the Countess would also ally herself with Sussex. Sir Bratias came to ask the Knights if they would like to come to London to see the Sword in the Stone and escort Uther's wife to an Abbey. They agreed to come to London, and Advised the Countess to take the alliance.

So, when they arrived at London they all tried to pull the sword from the stone to no avail, it was stuck and none of them were worthy of pulling it. Sir Arnold was approached by a young scholar as he controlled a Manor by the name of Oxford, and the young scholar wanted to teach students there. Sir Arnold agreed and went to escort the scholar there along with Griffin.

While that was happening a bit of vengeance was in order, the three other knights decided to kill the Queen as they suspected her to have had a hand in the death of the King and their family knights. The three came up with a cunning plan (https://youtu.be/AsXKS8Nyu8Q?t=9s). They would be the escorts and slowly poison the Queen's food and if that failed when they neared the Abby Ilgoaten of Mouse would attack and kill the Queen when she was having a squat in the woods. They arrived where they were to pick up the Queen to piles of dead Saxon raiders. The Queen was in shock and her daughter was sitting there looking quite pleased with herself. The Mouse had already purposely vanished saying he had work at home, so the other two knights asked the Queen what had happened, she was in far to much shock to speak, so her daughter Morgan Le Fey answered "They were careless." The Black Unicorn was freaking out, and tried to call off the hit. But they couldn't tell the Mouse, and they went ahead with the trip towards the abbey after a few days of travel The Black Unicorn was playing games with young Morgan and the Queen had to take some time in the forest to relieve herself, the Thorny Heart was to stand guard. while she was doing her business the Mouse ambushed her and choked her till she was dead. After much panic and Morgan called the pair of knights useless and went off on her own to see her husband to be in Pictish lands.

Upon their return to London there was much morning for the Queen, while the thorny heart threw a party waiting for the Mouse to meet him. The Mouse never showed up and after a week long party the group made their way back to Sarum. They decided to retake up the quest for the Castle Sauvage in the other there. The group walked into the Forest to go after the vile King, and found the Lady of the Lake with her Handmaiden on the road. She asked the group of knights for escort to where she was going. After a few days travel they arrived at a Hut where an old woman was bedridden, the Lady of the Lake posioned the old lady with Griffin and Mouse acting as witness. She then thanked the knights and sent them on their way. Griffin was looking for a well he had heard about and the waters of the well could restore his lands, and he wished to get it. With some guidance form the Lady of the Lake they found it and there was a maiden there who said only a honest and chaste knight could take the waters from the well. Griffin gave up right away, knowing he was not chaste. Quill and Blade stepped forward as a honest and chaste knight, he was tested and received the waters. He gave it to Griffin, and the group continued to travel towards Castle Sauvage, on their travel they ran into a Castle with horses everywhere. The lord of the castle said he could help them find Castle Sauvage if they beat him in a race, but if they lost he would require they stay with him here to help him care for his horses. The Thorny heart agreed and lost the race due to the Lord's magical steed. The Mouse challenged him for his cousin's freedom, and the assistance. The Lord of course agreed, and the two raced. The Mouse almost immediately cheated and knocked the Lord off his horse then won the race handily. They group was given directions to Castle Sauvage, and they headed that direction till they came upon a Marble fountain with a golden cup chained to it. A magpie was screaming at them they shouldn't touch the cup or drink from the fountain. The Quill and Blade ignored this, gained a foe in magpies everywhere forever, and drank from the fountain. A woman appeared saying she would point them the path to the Castle, they agreed and were lead in the wrong direction to the Castle they had seen the year before. They were going to go back to find the Castle Sauvage, but the first snowfall of winter had arrived and they headed back home.

2018-01-08, 06:39 AM
Bookmarking this thread for when I get home. I LOVE Pendragon. We started the Great Campaign but unfortunately it fell apart five years into it... Real life obligations got in the way of players, which sucks. I hope we can pick it up again in the future.