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2017-11-20, 02:49 PM
So me and some friends have been playing this Pathfinder campaign for a while. Rescently a new member joined, he wanted to play a Shield Champion (Brawler archtype that shield bashes and throws shields), we joked around about how it was basically the captain america class, and how he should totally roleplay this... We did not forsee what would happen.

Next session he shows up with his character, introducing himself as "The Silver Shield", he had taken feats and equipment to support his status as a superhero XD.

He spoke in his best "deep hero voice" and did heroic monologues at villain, needless to say, we were dead with laughter.

Later the question of religion came up, to which he responded that he ofcourse worships the "Golden Guardian", which is what he calls Abadar the god of law.

At this point everyone loved this idea, and it triggered two more happenings. He later took the "Squire" feat which functions like leadership, but only attracts a cohort. So he attracted another younger Shield Champion... Named the Bronze Buckler... His sidekick.

And finally our GM chipped in and gave him an advesary, the Adamantine Aegis.

Thise are now stable existances in our less-serious campaigns, with the silver shield being the name for any protector of the weak wielding the silver shield.

Just thought the world needed to know that Pathfinder has a superhero now XD.

2017-11-20, 04:24 PM
I've always treated D&D like a superhero game because thats what it is. I once had a blasting sorcerer with heavy armour proficiency and a ring of flying. The DM wasnt amused when I painted his armor red and yellow.

I always go under a pseudonym, like my Paladin called himself Nightstar because during the darkest hour I'll be your brightest star, lighting the way, giving hope

My bard called himself the Dark Mariachi and was inspired by el mariachi, Zorro and Kubo.