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2017-11-24, 05:49 AM
Hey guys,

Soon i am starting a new campaign with a bunch of noobs, who are familiar with boardgames, but have never played D&D(in this case, 5e).

I intend for first three sessions to reflect three stages of their life. I intend to take Greenest (http://forgottenrealms.wikia.com/wiki/Greenest) as their home town and for all four of them to be humans. In first session, they will be kids in town(it will be very sandbox-y approach), second session, young adults and in third session, they will become grown adults. For these three sessions, they will have Commoner stats, but will be able to switch them to whichever class they will like at the end of 3rd session.

Now, I have no doubt, sessions will be fun, but these guys have very little clue of D&D generic settings or Faerun itself. Geographically, I'll explain to them there are many small villages around, that Baldur's Gate is of almost mythical proportions far to the West and northwest lies Wood of Sharp Teeth - a dark any mythical place no one but adventurers and alike dare venture to.

Now. I'd like to introduce events in every session, that reflect Faerun. Here is what I have so far and I'd appreciate more ideas:
- adventurers haul into Greenest a cart full of ankheg shells
- Caravan comes to Greenest for a day, guarded by Zhentarim guards
- A priest of Ilmater visits for a day, has a public mass, people really like him and bow to him
- news of goblins raiding some distant village
- Adventurers come to a local tavern, leading with them a cultist, they are dragging to Bladur's Gate for interrogation

This is some of material I have so far and I'd really appreciate more. :)


2017-11-27, 05:58 PM
That's a good start for a random event table in faerun.

You might find the city encounters etc tables from the PDF in my sig (free) useful, just insert faerun gods etc in there. And swap out some of the humans for elves, dwarves, etc

2017-11-27, 06:05 PM
- Elminster stumbled through town last night, thoroughly drunk. He groped one of the buxom locals, cast some high-level spells for no discernible reason, and then left mysteriously.

The Glyphstone
2017-11-27, 08:22 PM
The level 20 retired adventurer running the tavern can tell them stories.

2017-11-27, 08:36 PM
A group of adventurers has just returned from the Wood of Sharp Teeth on their way back to Berdusk; this group has a bard, who is happy to regale taverngoers with recounts of their adventure as well as sarcastic quips about the rest of the party.

2017-12-02, 07:36 PM
Yay, anywers! And helpful ones! At least I can thank :) Thanks for input, appreciate it.

2017-12-02, 07:41 PM
"Last month, someone or something murdered twenty children. Parts of their bodies were hung up around the town fountain. This annoyed the level 40 archmage who lives on the corner, so now whatever happened has been taken care of, and everything is back to normal. In fact most people don't even remember that the murders happened. I was out of town when the archmage did her thing, so I got to keep my memory. Wish I didn't, it was horrible."