View Full Version : A system I've been working on called Company Unknown

2017-11-25, 11:54 AM
I was doing a lot of homebrew for 5e, until I realized that with the amount of new rules items, feats, classes, and other things I had to add/revise/change for the system to work exactly how I wanted for my various campaigns I was developing practically a new game. So instead I've moved on to actually doing that. I've been making (and playtesting) a TTRPG to use with friends for some sessions I've been DM'ing. The game is nowhere near finished, and needs a lot of finish work (and some content to be added period) but I figured I'd post the public copy to this forum so people could find it if they wanted to drop some feedback (you can leave a comment as I revise the rules) I update frequently without a schedule so changes are often far reaching and spontaneous.

Note: this isn't the complete rule set, almost all my notes are in handwritten form between several note books. I'm transferring it to text as I find the time. Feel free to leave critiscisms (nothing good was ever made without someone saying they hated it :smallbiggrin:)

Here's the link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Q7e4gXqjC35j0YKcFW_bMoYs9ijUauYaAMpv8WbG88A/edit?usp=sharing