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2017-11-25, 12:27 PM
Our party just did the Star Stone in Golarion, so we're now trying to pick our domains for our god portfolios. That's the good part. The trouble is, I've got a very strong idea of what my characters portfolio is (vengeance, outcasts, half-breeds {dhamphyrs, half elves, etc}, and abused children) due to her back story. None of the existing (at least what I can find) domains seem to work beyond the existing Vengeance Domain, so I was hoping to find some sort of either guidelines for creating new domains or existing homebrew ones that would fit the bill.

Anyone have ideas or suggestions?

2017-11-25, 01:43 PM
A domain is composed of parts:
-An ability gained at 1st level. In Pathfinder, there is another ability gained at 8th level.
-9 different spells, of different levels.

If you want a quick-and-easy method, I would take an existing domain, trade out three or four of the least appropriate spells for more appropriate ones, swap out one of the abilities for a custom one of similar power, and call it a subdomain. If you want to get fancy, you could create a custom spell.

For inspiration for abilities, I suggest glancing over Oracle mysteries.

For example, you could mix the Protection and Community domains together to create the Shelter domain.
Abilities: Calming Touch from Community, Aura of Protection from Protection domain.
Spells: Sanctuary (1st), Shield Other(2nd), Sacred Bond(3rd), Restoration(4th), Telepathic Bond(5th), Heroes' Feast(6th), Guards & Wards(7th), Antipathy or Sympathy(8th), Mind Blank, Communal(9th)

2017-11-25, 01:57 PM
Thanks, that helps.