View Full Version : talk to the root, 'cause the bole aint linstnin'

2007-08-20, 07:33 AM
last session my group died, all of it.
we've decided to start a new campaign instead of continuing the old one.
we're also going to have one session in which we play rediculous character concepts that we couldn't sustain in a proper campaign.
in my case I'm going to either play a large tree or some form of animated object.
The annying thing about playing a tree is that first off I have to take the statistics of a large animated object, then convert it's construct HD into plant. this has been confusing enough, but then I have to figure out LA/monster HD etc.
has anyone on the forums ever done this before? and if so could they please help me out?

2007-08-20, 07:38 AM
Hmm, how about using a Treant as the base creature ? Remove its Animate Trees ability (this should also reduce its LA by ... 1 ?) and then you have a good 'mundane' living tree.

2007-08-20, 07:51 AM
hmm, even after removing that it does seem a little too much LA.
the one off session will probably be lvl 10, so I'd have to lower its power alot. treants are huge, so I could decrease size, would that lower the LA by 1 more? are there any other ways I could lower it?