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2007-08-20, 02:40 PM
I know there are other people with their own version of FFd20, but I decided to create my own.

Here's what I have so far and what I'm working on.

10 Base Classes (Archer, Bard, Black Mage, Chemist, Fighter, Knight, Monk, Red Mage, Thief, and White Mage). All come with their unique flavoring (with the exception of Monk, which is more or less the same as the d&d monk).

10 Races (Al Bhed, Bangaa, Cetra, Elvaan, Galka, Hume, Mithra, Ronso, Tarutaru, and Viera).

9 Prestige Classes in the process of making (Blue Mage, Chocobo Knight, Dark Knight, Dragoon, Holy Knight, Mimic, Ninja, Summoner)

Limit Break System - Modified and Fixed.

Airships - Got a design in mind and stats as well.

Magitek - Same as above. (FF3)

Blitzball System - Created already, just need to tweak it a little. From FFX and FFX-2.

Materia and Materia Weapon Slots - In theory right now, working on base classes at the moment.

FF Equipment - Same as above.

Skills & Feats - Mostly done. Lot of it dealing with Airships and Magitek.

MP & Spell System - Designed, and slated to be finished.

I think that's about it. Trying to take flavoring from all the FF games and convert them over into d20 and toning it down to fit within and not break the system.

Currently, I'm in the process of trying to get the Base Classes done. If any of you have any suggestions... please post :)

I also have my own little forums to post stuff in. Granted, it ain't the best :p


Feel free to come look, critique, or opinionatedly give suggestions.

2007-08-20, 06:53 PM
if you want to make a FFT system, please stick with the FFT from PS. They have a way beter way to deal with death (dead mean 'dying', and when the count down end, then they are death), avoiding such abnormalities such as you can ressurect from a supernova but not from a katana related back injuries.
You just need some few adaptations on the job system, but it should be easy to do it.

2007-08-20, 09:52 PM
Not just FFT, planned to use a little from each FF.

2007-08-26, 03:53 PM
Got all Base Classes posted except for 1.

Preparing to post a few Prestige Classes, then the Black and White mage spell list as well as the Bard Song list.

2007-08-26, 05:08 PM
I suggest you use Zeta Kai's Limit Break System (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=54941)