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Single: Krocadi; Plural: Krocadia; Adjective: Krocadian

Often thought to be agressive, the krocadia are a tribal race of crocodilian creatures that are used to deadly swamps and often times deadly raids by other tribes and creatures. Krocadia are curious creatures, willing to create stories and teach their discoveries to others, but are fairly savage in worldview and belief. Krocadia are known for their savage tactics and brutal efficiency when hunting and their rich tribal life, gladly accepting outsiders into their celebrations and rites.

Many krocadia tribes have been found building lairs within caves beneath the waterline in the tropical swamps that they call home, making them safe from most invaders. But with that safety comes a whole host of new problems. Few escape routes allow them to be easily trapped, but also the ability to set up traps and defenses among the chokepoints. Darktentacles, black dragons, hydras, sahuagin, and other krocadian tribes are dangerous foes for those within these underwater tribal lands due to the ferocity of which they will try to take the cave from the denizens

Some explorers and researchers think that the krocadia may be a long lost form of yuan-ti soldiers or slaves, but nearly all evidence has disproved this. The only link that has been found is in religious rites and old ruins inhabited by the krocadia. Many krocadian tribes worship a deity known as Merrutaluk, and art in those ruins shows the krocadia bowing before a vast winged serpent, as obvious a link to Merrshaulk if any has been seen.

Krocadia tend to organize themselves into various tribal structures with their own codes, practices, and lineages of succession,

Physical Description: Krocadia resemble crocodilian centaurs, for lack of better precise termininology. Krocadia have the torso and head of a crocodilian lizardman and the lower bodies of giant crocodiles. Krocadia tend to have fairly simple colours in their scales and body parts, but some tribes are known to have strange colouration such as stripes, spots, discoloured body parts, or even completely different colours altogether.

The typical krocadi colouration is mainly a greenish yellow underbelly and mottled brown, yellow, green, and black colouration on the dorsal side scales with green eyes that resemble moss with a serpentine pupil. Red, blue, brown, yellow, and grey eyes are not unheard of.

Krocadian tribesmembers tend to paint some of their scales or parts of their bodies with stripes and symbols unique to their tribe.

Standard Racial Traits
Ability Score Racial Traits: Krocadia gain +4 Str, -4 Dex, +2 Wis, and -4 Cha.
Type: Krocadia are Monstrous Humanoids.
Size: Krocadia are Large creatures and thus take a -1 size penalty to their AC, a -1 size penalty on attack rolls, a +1 bonus to their CMB and CMD, and a -4 size penalty on Stealth checks. They take up a space that is 10 feet by 10 feet and have a reach of 5 feet.
Speed: Krocadia have a base speed of 30 feet.They also have a swim speed of 30 feet, which also grants them a +8 racial bonus on Swim checks.
Languages: Krocadia begin play speaking Common and Krocadian. Krocadia with high intelligence scores can choose from the following: Boggard, Gnoll, Goblin, Orc, or Terran

Defense Racial Traits
Natural Armor: Krocadia have a +3 natural armor bonus to their Armor Class.
Poison Resistance: Krocadia gain a racial bonus on saving throws against poison effects equal to their Hit Dice.

Feat and Skill Racial Traits
Camouflage: Krocadia gain a +4 racial bonus on Stealth checks while in swamps.

Offense Racial Traits
Natural Weapons: Krocadia have a bite primary natural attack that deals 1d6 damage and two claw attacks that deal 1d6 damage. These are secondary natural attacks.

Senses Racial Traits
Darkvision: Krocadia can see in the dark up to 60 feet.
Water Sense: Krocadia can sense vibrations in water, granting them blindsense 30 feet against creatures that are touching the same body of water.

Weakness Racial Traits
Elemental Vulnerability: Krocadi have vulnerability to cold and electricity.
Light Sensitivity: Krocadi are dazzled in areas of bright light.

Other Racial Traits
Quadruped: Krocadia possess four legs and two arms, granting them a +4 racial bonus to CMD against trip attempts. In addition, Krocadia use weapons and armor as if they were Medium (instead of Large).
Hold Breath: Krocadia can hold their breath for a number of rounds equal to ten times their Constitution score before risking drowning or suffocating.


Lockjaw [Racial]
Crocodiles are known for their bite strength
Prerequisites: Krocadi, Str 16, 3 HD
Benefit: You gain the Improved Grab ability on your Bite attack and the die of your racial natural weapons increases by one step.

Deathroll [Racial]
You find that your crocodilian cousins have the right idea.
Prerequisites: Lockjaw, Str 16
Benefit: Whenever you manage to successfully grapple an opponent through the Improved Grab ability on your bite attack after making a sucessful called shot, you may choose to, on the following turn and every turn that you are grappling that creature afterwards, take a standard action to make yourself prone and begin to twist the area in your jaws. In order to use this ability, you must make an acrobatics check. The damage you deal to the body part is equal to your check result unless you would have a check result lower than 10, in which case you would roll 2d6 crushing damage. If you roll within the critical threat range for your bite attack, even if you do not manage to actually confirm the critical hit, you still deal critical called shot damage to the location. If you actually confirm the critical hit, then you may choose to deal debilitating blow damage or critical called shot damage.

Swishing Tail [Racial]
Your tail has grown stronger.
Prerequisites: Str 14, Krocadi
Benefit: You gain a tail slap secondary natural attack that deals damage based on size (1d8 for a large creature).

Mangle [Racial]
You are more ruthless with your deathroll than many others of your kind.
Prerequisites: Deathroll, 10 HD Str 18
Benefit: Whenever you roll a 10 or more on the die to determine your deathroll damage, you may treat it as though it was either a critical called shot or a normal called shot. Whenever you threaten a critical on your deathroll, even if you do not confirm the critical hit, you may choose to deal debilitating blow damage or critical called shot damage. Whenever you confirm a critical, you may choose to deal debilitating blow damage, critical called shot damage, or you may choose to instead completely remove the limb/area.

Alternate Subraces: The Krocadi stat block shown above is for the most common of the krocadi subraces, the River-Lord Tribe. The term tribe and subraces are often used interchangeably, due to the fact that nearly all Krocadi tribes are mono-racial, though some are more inclusive than others. The following are notable tribes (and their main subrace), but new tribes are found all the time.

Bone-Throat Tribe:

Slender-Snout Tribe:

Horn-Neck Tribe:

Heart-Eater Tribe:

Ghost-Scale Tribe: Members of this subrace have scales whiter than bone and deep, blood red eyes. They are unique in that they can come from any tribe, even without outside influence, but are more frequent in those who have had Ghost-Scale members in the past.

Members of this subrace have the following changes to the Racial Stats:

Ghost-Scale Krocadi gain the Light Blindness, Ghost Sight, At-Will Spell-like Ability (See Invisibility), Sunlight Powerlessness, and Sunlight Vulnerability Traits

Ghost-Scale Krocadi lose the Camouflage racial trait

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Another cool species! I question the elemental vulnerabilities though - usually that would be associated with an inherent magical nature of the race (like fire elementals being vulnerable to cold, whereas camels aren't even though they're native to hot areas). Plus 2 vulnerabilities is a lot for a PC race. Love the flavour, as always.

2017-12-16, 09:43 AM
Another cool species! I question the elemental vulnerabilities though - usually that would be associated with an inherent magical nature of the race (like fire elementals being vulnerable to cold, whereas camels aren't even though they're native to hot areas). Plus 2 vulnerabilities is a lot for a PC race.

Reptiles (such as dragons) are usually cold blooded and thus, in my mind, would give them a vulnerability to cold, and I read somewhere a while back that crocodiles were sensitive to electricity. I can't actually find that source again, now that I'm looking for it... Hmm, maybe I should get rid of the electricity vulnerability.

Love the flavour, as always.

Danke! :smallbiggrin: I think it's one of the things I'm better at, compared to balance or design or most things relating to homebrew when I'm half asleep...:smallredface: