View Full Version : Predator Conclave - Letís Make A Ranger Conclave

2017-12-13, 01:14 AM
This will be short because itís 1:00 in the morning where Iím at and I have a final at 8:15am.

I want to make a Ranger Conclave that uses a Bestiary for many of its abilities; e.g. You may study your bestiary for x amount of time to gain y advantages. Thatís just one idea for an ability, and Iím blanking on more.

So letís hear the best ideas you all Ďave got.


2017-12-19, 06:07 PM
If they're meant to be mostly (Ex) abilities, they could include switchable favoured enemies/terrains, as well as track bonuses and so forth. If they're (Su), they could include copying animalistic abilities (if they're (Ex), they also could for a more limited range of abilities, like badger rage).