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2007-08-21, 06:00 AM
This feat sprung from the idea of helping all of the various combat maneuvers, such as Disarm, Sunder and Bullrush, instead of mastering them one at a time.

Mastery of Forms [General]
Your mastery of the basic combat forms helps you carry out complicated maneuvers.

Int 13, Combat Expertise.

You gain a +2 dodge bonus to Armor Class against Attacks of Opportunity provoked by your Bullrush or Disarm attempts, by the touch attack made to start a grapple, by an attempt to trip an opponent while you are unarmed, or by trying to strike at an object held or carried by an opponent (such as a weapon or shield).

Fighters without Mastery of Forms or the feats Improved Bullrush, Improved Disarm, Improved Grapple, Improved Trip and/or Improved Sunder provoke an Attack of Opportunity from certain actions.

A fighter may select Mastery of Forms as one of his fighter bonus feats.

This second feat is probably useless, but it provides an easy way to make a character who can really break out any chains put on him, at the cost of fatiguing himself.

Smasher [General]
You are very good at breaking items with pure force and precise strikes.

Str 13

When smashing items, your attacks are especially successful against most objects. Your attacks deal double their normal damage and may ignore the object’s hardness, and you can use most items and even your bare hands without penalties. This ability doesn't work against animated items or constructs.

You also gain a +4 bonus on breaking items (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/exploration.htm#breakingItems), and can break items as a move action that doesn't provoke an attack of opportunity. You also gain the ability to take 10 and take 20 when breaking items. Taking 10 is a full-round action which can't be done when threatened or distracted; taking 20 takes three minutes of undistracted concentration and leaves your character fatigued. You can't take 20 to break items if you are already fatigued.

Smashing an object is a lot like sundering a weapon or shield, except that your attack roll is opposed by the object’s AC. Generally, you can smash an object only with a bludgeoning or slashing weapon. Each object has hardness—a number that represents how well it resists damage. Whenever an object takes damage, subtract its hardness from the damage. Only damage in excess of its hardness is deducted from the object’s hit points. An object’s hit point total depends on what it is made of and how big it is.

When a character tries to break something with sudden force rather than by dealing damage, use a Strength check (rather than an attack roll and damage roll, as with the sunder special attack) to see whether he or she succeeds. The DC depends more on the construction of the item than on the material. If an item has lost half or more of its hit points, the DC to break it drops by 2.

Because breaking items by pure strength is so hard and rarely useful, I doubt this feat is actually useful. Even a Half-orc Barbarian with str 18+2racial +2 rage, and with +4 unnamed from feat, has a +10 against these DCs:

Break down strong door 23
Burst rope bonds 23
Bend iron bars 24
Break down barred door 25
Burst chain bonds 26
Manacles 26
Masterwork manacles 28
Break down iron door 28

2007-08-21, 09:27 AM
hmm... I don't think thats worth a feat if someone made a class it could be a good special ability.