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brian 333
2017-12-13, 06:10 PM
An often overlooked aspect of magic is that it is a disruption in the normal flow of energies. Much as a sailor can watch clouds and waves and infer an oncoming storm, there should be ways to see the effects of magic use on the energy web of the universe. Given this simple and obvious logic, the idea that there should be experts in tracking the flow of magical energy becomes obvious. This has lead me to the idea of a PrC devoted to the forensic examination of magic.

The Divine Inquisitor and the Arcane Investigator are characters who have devoted a great deal of effort to understand how magic interacts with the subject and with the background environment, allowing them to deduce more than is readily apparent to other observers.To reflect the amount of study invested in magic, the character must have devoted at least one point in Spellcraft for each character level.

The ability to detect magic is essential to this PrC, and it is a prerequisite for any character wishing to pursue this PrC. At the first level of Inquisitor/Investigator the character gains an improved version of Detect Magic which, in addition to the information normally available via Detect Magic, allows the character to observe the effects of magic hours or even days after it has been cast. At level 3 the character learns to detect individual magical signatures, potentially allowing the character to link specific spellcasting to specific spellcasters or to the divine beings who sponsored them. At level 5 the PrC gains the ability to discern the distance and direction of magic cast at a distance such as via scrying.

Rangers and Paladins, if their sect allows multiclassing, make excellent Inquisitors, as do Clerics, (especially clerics of gods of magic.)

Wizard's and Rogues make excellent Investigators.


Of course, this PrC isn't fully fleshed out, but various editions have different requirements. However, this PrC opens the door for VanHelsing and Homes type characters who investigate mysterious circumstances or hunt down criminals who use magic to commit or cover up their crimes.