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2017-12-19, 01:56 PM
Youíre favorite character has become a god.
They are the masters of all forms of magic, and are basically immune to all forms of attack and damage, save for from another god. However... even now, they can feel their power slipping and might only have a minute or two left.
What do they do?

And no: I make myself a god forever. Iím a chairitable senario master, not a game breaking one.

Fable Wright
2017-12-19, 02:16 PM
As a Sidereal Exalted player, assuming you mean omniscience/omnipotence:

1. Figure out the deal with Solar Exalted
2. End the Great Curse
3. Kill the Deathlords
4. Smash the Jade Pleasure Dome
5. File all the paperwork automatically rather than do it by hand.

Alternatively, if you mean a mundane god, since this is Exalted and that's actually a step down... wait it out? If you mean Incarnae tier god but not omnipotent, skip to step 4.

2017-12-19, 03:18 PM
Condense my essence shedding all my Immortal power, let it grow in a mortal, be born, become Immortal again, rise through the ranks to top level Hierarch, become an Old One and win D&D by following the rules as intended and not stupid loopholes of highly questionable legality that are certainly against intent.

2017-12-19, 03:22 PM
Depends entirely on what the character's goal are.

Could be maintaining as much power as possible in the future, but could also be many other things.

2017-12-19, 04:26 PM
I stop time for a few eons while I think about it.

2017-12-19, 06:09 PM

Focus all available power into omniscience (assuming that it's possible for it to work like that), divining exactly how much time/power my character has available, then exactly what they want (because not everyone has that information just waiting and ready to go), then what actions are needed to use the remaining power most effectively to gain that long-term goal.

2017-12-21, 08:22 PM
Drag down whatever is draining his power and force-incarnate it as a fellow party member of the same power level as he's going to subside to. If he's going to go around the ascension spiral a fourth time, might as well have some company for the trip. Plus, whatever force is mucking around so freely with sitting gods is likely to be pretty surprised to be depowered themselves, so it should be a growth experience for them once they get over it, and teaching cosmic forces to reinvent themselves is a bit of a hobby for this character.