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2017-12-31, 11:02 PM
Medium Humanoid, Lawful Evil

Armor Class 22 (Eliacube)
Hit Points 380 (40d8+200)
Speed 50', Fly 50'


18 (+4)
22 (+6)
20 (+5)
30 (+10)
18 (+4)
26 (+8)

Skills Deception +17, Persuasion +17, Perception +13, History +28, Nature +19, Arcana +19, Athletics +13, Acrobatics +15
Damage Immunities Damage from non-magical weapons, Force Damage
Damage Resistances Fire, Cold
Senses Truesight 30', Darkvision 600', Passive Perception 23
Languages All, including pretty much all dead languages
Challenge High

Ancient Beyond Men Qilby has advantage on any History check he makes-he remembers firsthand, after all.

Lightspeed Dash Whenever Qilby takes the Dash action, his speed is multiplied by a factor of 10 rather than two.


Portal Qilby creates a portal within 600' of himself. This portal may be anywhere from an inch wide to 60' wide, and is linked to another portal of his choice within 600' of himself. If the portal is created directly under someone, they are entitled to a DC 18 Dexterity saving throw to avoid falling into it. Qilby can choose to manifest a portal directly under or next to himself for easy movement.

Wakfu Scythe Melee Weapon Attack: +15 to-hit, reach 10', one target. Hit: 16 (2d8+9) force damage.

Wakfu Beam Ranged Spell Attack: +19 to-hit, range 600', one target. Hit: 13 (3d8) force damage.

Interdimensional/Long Range Portal Qilby creates one portal within 600' of himself, and a second portal literally anywhere.

Extra Attack 5 Qilby makes six attack actions, choosing from the standard suite of attack actions or Wakfu Scythe, Wakfu Beam, and Portal.

Bonus Actions

Attack Qilby makes a Wakfu Beam or Scythe attack.

Portals Qilby makes up to three Portal actions.

Cowardly Cunning Qilby takes the Dodge, Disengage, or Dash action.


Portal Shield Qilby interposes a portal between himself and an opponent's attack, possibly redirecting it. When this reaction is selected, roll off with a d20, the attacker adding their attack bonus and Qilby adding his Intelligence bonus. If the results tie, Qilby manages to deflect the attack (receiving no damage or other effects from it) but cannot properly redirect it, so the attack is merely wasted. If Qilby rolls greater than his opponent, he can redirect the attack to anywhere of his choice within 600' of himself. If Qilby rolls under his opponent, the attack happens as normal. Some attacks cannot be affected by this, such as any Power Word spells.

This might seem to be a simple fight, but Qilby can create up to 9 portals a round, and they can be BIG. He can quickly chop up the battlefield, separating opponents and taking them down piecemeal, and is especially deadly in single combat due to being able to potentially negate or redirect one attack a round. In addition, being pretty crazy fast (500' a round, with Dash) he's virtually impossible to pin down for any great length of time, even without his portals. Once you add on the portals...

Also, pic of the man!


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His name is Qilby. No 'u' in there.

EDIT: And after he gets beaten up... what are the stats for the Eliacube?

2017-12-31, 11:58 PM

His name is Qilby. No 'u' in there.

EDIT: And after he gets beaten up... what are the stats for the Eliacube?

Honestly, not 100% sure. Its powers are vague and undefined.

I mean,

It literally created Oropo and caused the events leading up to itself, so...

But considering its intricate nature, I'd imagine you couldn't do much with it without extensive rituals. It's not something you can just pick up and use, not without having a LOT of preknowledge on how to use it, such as with Qilby himself, or Oropo, or Nox after studying it for years.