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2018-01-05, 06:23 PM
Iím planning a character out, and I want to make my primary weapon Thread, Strings, Or Wire. I had originally planned on using the weapon for a monk, to get the bonus to CMB for grapples, trips, disarms, etc.
but as Iíve been putting more work into what was supposed to be a custom weapon, Iím starting to think, I might just be building a custom class. Any advice on how to move forward, or what to cut out, as to keep it from being a Gamebreaking waste of my parties time would be greatly appreciated.
Hereís what I have so far, keep in mind, it is a work in progress. Most of it thought out using rules for custom item creation.

Threading Gloves(Exotic)
Damage type: 1d3 Gloves are considered unarmed strike, unless spool is connected, when an enemy overcomes grapple check, spool thread is broken, and needs to be reattached. If making an attack with threads under any range less then 10 feet attacker takes -4 to hit, grapple, or trip.
Range: 20 feet.
Spring loaded.
Snug fitted gloves, with small holes at the end, can be fitted with Threads made of any material, and fed through the gloves.
If unattached to an enemy, the strings feed out through the gloves finger tips can be used for a ranged touch attack, or to initiate a trip or grapple maneuver.

Damage: 1d6 + Dex modifier(strings take dexterous hands to use, as such, Dex modifier is applied to hit, and damage rolls.)
Damage type: changes based on what type of spool is crafted.
Range: standard is 20 feet, but can be crafted with extra reach using design points, anything after 40 feet gives the spool the fragile quality, when crafted intentionally, if the crafter exceeds a DC 25, and uses points to extend string reach, the additional half extra is not given the fragile condition.
Special: Trip, Gapple, Constrict.

Spools to attach to threading gloves can be made of any material, as long as crafter possess the material in question when they roll a DC of 16 or higher. If the DC for the crafter check exceeds 25, the crafter crafted 1.5x the length of spool making 30 feet instead of 20.
Check includes crafter Craft(Weapons and armor) skill.
Spools of differing materials ie, cold iron, or adamantine retain abilities of the material they are made from.
Type of damage must be decided when the spools themselves are spun. I.e. fine spun spool can be crafted to do slashing damage, where as a thick spin spool can be crafted to do bludgeoning damage.

If the user currently has an enemy grappled, and another enemy steps in between the user and grappled enemy, the user can either;
release the grapple on the first grappled enemy, leaving them prone, but able to get up on their next turn, provoking attacks of opportunity as normal.
Or attempt to grapple the closer target as well, at a -1 disadvantage, stacking by 1 for every enemy currently grappled.

as long as the currently equipped spool has at least 10 feet of spool length left per enemy, the user can grapple up to their Dex modifier amount of enemies.

Constrict: After succeeding in an attempted grapple check, user can constrict spool around enemy, if successful. When constricting grappled enemy takes full string damage(1d6) based on type.

If spool is a slashing type, and grapple check exceeds DC of 25 the user may sever a limb off the grappled party, if a natural20 is rolled, or the DC exceeds 30, the grappled party is beheaded, if the grapple check is successful, but does not exceed 25. The grappled enemy receives bleed damage, the bleed damage from this effect stacks with any unsuccessful attempt to break free from the grapple as tension on the strings pulls them tighter.

If the defender makes a grapple check to free themselves, and the DC exceeds 20 the spool is snapped, and useless.

Bludgeoning spools can be used to bullrush an enemy in range, all 10 strings can be tangled at their ends, creating a weighted thread ball at the end, this ball increases the bludgeoning damage of attacks an extra D6, but the bludgeoning spool can not be untangled, and it loses 10 feet of range.
If the string user collects the string together after using the tangle ball, they can during a rest use the leftover material to add +3 to their Craft DC of a bludgeoning spool.

If the spool is piercing type, it behaves differently then the other two spool types, piercing attacks made with a spool are made with the end of the string rather then with the side of the string, like the other two.