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Hit Dice: d8
Hit Points at 1st Level: 8+Constitution Modifier
Hit Points at Higher Levels: 5 (1d8)+Constitution modifier

Armor: Light Armor
Weapons: Simple Weapons
Tools: Any one artisan tool of your choice

Saving Throws: Dexterity, Charisma
Skills: Choose two from Athletics, Acrobatics, Stealth, Arcana, History, Investigation, Nature, Religion, Animal Handling, Insight, Perception, Survival, Performance, and Persuasion

You start with the following equipment, in addition to the equipment granted by your background:
-Any melee weapon you are proficient with
-(a) Any ranged weapon you are proficient with and 20 pieces of ammo or (b) any melee weapon you are proficient with
-(a) An explorer's pack or (b) a dungeoneer's pack
-(a) Leather armor or (b) scale mail (if proficient)


Proficiency Bonus
Portal Size

Portals, Archetype, Wakfu Blast

Wakfu Sense, Style

Long-Range Portals, Wakfu Equipment

Ability Score Improvement

Extra Attack

Improved Wakfu Sense, Improved Wakfu Blast

Archetype Feature

Ability Score Improvement

Usable Wings

Interdimensional Portals

Portal Strike

Ability Score Improvement

Greater Wakfu Sense

Archetype Feature

True Flight

Ability Score Improvement

Improved Portal Strike

Sudden Portal

Ability Score Improvement

Archetype Feature

Portals-At level 1, an Eliatrope learns to harness the ambient wakfu in the environment and in themselves to create portals from one space to another. As an action, you may create a number of portals equal to your proficiency bonus, linked to each other. Whenever someone or something enters a portal, you may choose which portal they exit from, but they must exit from a different portal from the one they entered. (So, before level 5, anything that enters one portal must exit the other.) Portals can be created up to 10' away per level in this class, to a max of 200' at level 20 when using this ability. The maximum diameter of your portals is given in the table.

In addition, you may create half the normal number of portals as a bonus action (rounding up).

The maximum portals you can have made at any time is equal to your proficiency modifier squared.

Archetype-Also at level 1, you must also choose whether you wish to be a Warrior or a Traveler. You gain further features at levels 7, 14, and 20.

Wakfu Blast-Finally, at level 1, you gain the Eldritch Blast cantrip. Charisma is your casting stat for this spell.

Wakfu Sense-At level 2, you gain the ability to sense wakfu in the environment. Initially, this merely allows you to cast Detect Magic at-will, allowing you to sense expressions of wakfu, but not the wakfu inherent in people and plants and whatnot.

Style-Also at level 2, you may gain any fighting style, or Expertise in any one skill.

Long Range Portals-At level 3, you gain the ability to create portals a vast distance away. You may create a portal a number of miles away equal to your class level (to a max of 20 miles at level 20), linked to a single portal you create within your normal portal range. In order to create a portal to a place you cannot see, you must be familiar with it or know exactly where it is. (For instance, 3 miles due south would be an appropriate location, but the duke's mansion would not be unless you know exactly where it is.) Creating a portal in this fashion is rather involved, and takes one minute of concentration.

This may be done proficiency modifier times per long rest.

Wakfu Equipment-Also at level 3, you are able to create equipment made from Wakfu. You may create any equipment weighing less than 25 lbs total. This equipment glows brightly in a color of your choice (determined when you gain this feature) and is magical in nature. It vanishes when it spends more than a few moments away from your possession-so you could, for instance, shoot an arrow of wakfu and have it impact and harm someone, but you could not hand your equipment off to someone and let them use it.

Ability Score Improvements-At levels 4, 8, 12, 16, and 19 you may increase any one stat by 2, any two stats by 1, or take a feat. As usual, no stat can be raised above 20 in this fashion.

Extra Attack-At level 5, you gain the ability to make two attacks rather than one when you take the attack action on your turn.

Improved Wakfu Sense-At level 6, your wakfu sense improves. You are now under a constant Detect Magic effect, though you may turn it off at any time without an action and restart it later as a bonus action. In addition, by Concentrating as if concentrating on a spell, you may sense living beings within 15' of yourself, for up to one minute. You may only do this once per short rest.

Improved Wakfu Blast-Also at level 6, your wakfu blast becomes more potent. You may add your spellcasting modifier to the damage you deal with each blast.

Usable Wings-At level 9, the wings you hide under your hat become strong enough to be somewhat usable. You are under a permanent, non-magical Jump effect, you may glide (traveling 30' for every 5' you fall and negating any fall damage), and may fly for up to one minute per point of Constitution modifier per short rest at a speed equal to your base land speed.

Interdimensional Portals-At level 10, you may create portals to another dimension, or with near-unlimited range in the same plane. This follows all the rules for making a Long Range Portal, only there is no range limitation. Finally, your Long Range Portals now come much faster, able to be accomplished with two actions and no Concentration, and usable on a short rest basis rather than a long rest.

Interdimensional portals may be used proficiency modifier times per long rest.

Portal Strike-At level 11, when you suddenly strike through a portal, you do significantly more damage. When making a ranged attack through a portal, deal an extra 1d4 points of damage on every hit, and when performing a melee attack after exiting one of your portals, deal an extra 1d10 points of damage.

Greater Wakfu Sense-At level 13, you can now fully sense wakfu in the environment. In addition to the Detect Magic effect, you sense all life and magic in a 30' radius around yourself.

True Flight-At level 15, you gain a flight speed equal to twice your base land speed. You may hover without issues.

Improved Portal Stirke-At level 17, whenever you qualify for a Portal Strike, you deal an extra 1d6 (ranged) or 1d12 (melee) damage, score a critical on a 19-20, and may make a shove attempt without an action if the attack is melee.

Sudden Portal-At level 18, you may, once per short rest, rearrange or recreate all normal portals without an action (including on someone else's turn), create a long range portal with a single bonus action, or create an interdimensional portal as an action.

Bonus Proficiencies-At level 1, you gain proficiency in all martial weapons, medium armor, and shields.

Tough-Also at level 1, you gain an additional 1 HP per level in this class.

Improved Wakfu Equipment-At level 7, any weapons you create with your Wakfu Equipment ability gains a bonus equal to half your proficiency modifier (rounded up) to all damage rolls.

Additional Fighting Style-At level 14, you may select an additional Fighting Style (but not Expertise).

Wakfu Blitz-At level 20, you can, once per long rest without an action, enter a state of unlimited wakfu martial prowess. This lasts for one minute. When you take the attack action in this state, you may take up to three attacks. In addition, you may use your Wakfu Blast as a bonus action.

Bonus Speed-At level 1, you gain a 10' bonus to your base move speed.

Traveler-Also at level 1, you may travel for up to 10 hours a day without penalty, and ignore the effects of (non-magical) inclement weather and rough terrain when traveling. Additionally, all attacks of opportunity made against you have disadvantage.

Longer Portals-At level 7, you may double the range of any of your portal abilities.

Bigger Portals-At level 14, you may double the maximum diameter of any portals.

Light Speed Dash-At level 20, you may temporarily boost your speed by going through portals at an alarmingly fast rate. By taking a bonus action and collapsing some of your portals, you may increase your speed by a factor equal to the number of portals you collapsed. (For instance, if you collapse 6 portals, your speed increase by 6X. If you collapse all 36, it increases by a factor of 36X. Gotta go fast!) This is rather taxing, though, and may only be done Constitution modifier times per short rest.

Sariel Vailo
2018-01-15, 04:52 PM
So showing my so this we loved the show wakfu now we need one for percy
And the rest yes actually didnt you do that link it suuuuuuper excited

2018-01-15, 05:04 PM
HD and proficiencies seem about as expected, although I'd rather the saves be clarified as one or the other for all users, rather than letting you choose. It's not like it makes a gigantic difference for saves - Int and Cha are both pretty uncommonly called for - but it speaks to the fluff for the class being variable enough that either save could be a relevant secondary, and that vagueness doesn't bode well.

Portals needs some clarification.

As an action, you may create a number of portals equal to your proficiency bonus, linked to each other. Whenever someone or something enters a portal, you may choose which portal they exit from, but they must exit from a different portal from the one they entered. (So, before level 5, anything that enters one portal must exit the other.) Portals can be created up to 10' away per level in this class, to a max of 200' at level 20 when using this ability. The maximum diameter of your portals is given in the table.

1) what is the general shape of portals? I see the word "diameter" used, so it's presumably some shape to which such a measurement is relevant, but are we talking spherical portals ala Half-Life (https://i.ytimg.com/vi/75glkq0PARs/maxresdefault.jpg), or are portals two-dimensional circles/ovals ala Portal (https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/71UK6IcisaL._AC_SL1280_.jpg)?

For future questions, I shall be assuming the answer to 1 is that they are shaped more like in Portal (two-dimensional portals connecting spaces to other spaces not normally connected together).

2) Must portals be placed on a surface large enough to hold them, or can they be hanging in the air/off edges/etc?

3) Is there any limit to the angles at which the portals can be placed, relative to you?

4) Is there any maximum number of portals you can have placed at once?

5) Does placing a portal require you to have Line Of Sight/Line Of Effect to the portal's location-to-be?

6) Do portals grant line of sight and/or line of effect through other portals? (If so, I imagine looking into a portal is quite trippy when there's more than two connected portals).

Going forward, I shall assume that they grant both line of sight and line of effect to you, and possibly to others.

7) Would LoS/LoE-granting portals effectively extend the range of attacks/spells shot through them?

8) For that matter, could they be used to extend the range at which you create portals, or is the maximum range you can create portals at not affected by shooting through portals?

9) Regardless of whether portals grant LoS/LoE out of other portals, do they block LoS? That is to say, if I put a 10' diameter circular portal in the middle of the air down a 10' x 10' hallway, can people see down the hallway very well?

10) How are portals un-made?

I think that'll do it for now. >.<

Wakfu Blast needs to stop waffling and pick an attribute, preferably the same one that the waffling saves settle on.

Extra Attack an EB as a cantrip, kinda weird to have both, but eh.

Portal Strike...let me see if I'm understanding: you get the bonus damage to any ranged attack that travels through a portal, and you get the bonus damage on any melee attack you make if you moved through a portal prior to making the attack and it's the same round. Would the damage bonus apply to OAs in the round following your turn, or is the element of surprise lost at that point?

Everything else seems fine, both makes sense and seems like it'd be balanced enough. still want questions answered, and for the class to settle on a secondary stat.

2018-01-15, 05:11 PM
Settled on Charisma.

To skip ahead, yes, you simply have to travel through the portal on this turn or have your ranged attack travel through it to gain the bonus. I didn't think how it'd apply to OAs, but I'm going to say that no, it does not apply.

1) The portals are perfect 2-dimensional circles.

2) They can be placed in midair just fine.

3) Nope! No limits on angles-you can place them horizontally, vertically, or anywhere in between.

4) Yes, it's equal to your proficiency modifier squared. I thought I made that clear, but looking back on it... Yeah, that's not clear.

5) You need line of sight to regular portals, but not Long-Range or Interdimensional portals.

6) Not for anyone but the owning Eliatrope. You see a swirling [COLOR] void. The exception is the long-range and interdimensional portals, which have only one destination, and anyone can see through them.

7) Yes, yes they would. Think Khepri with Doormaker, only less portals and less gob-smackingly OP.

8) That's something it does NOT effect. You cannot extend your portal range with portals, except by physically moving through one.

9) They do block line of sight.

10) They can be unmade either by placing another portal in excess of your maximum (in which case, portals of your choice close) or without an action, but only on your turn.

2018-01-16, 03:53 PM
Loved the show, but proficiency bonus squared for portals? That's insane. How long did it take for the main character to get more than one or two?

2018-01-16, 10:35 PM
Loved the show, but proficiency bonus squared for portals? That's insane. How long did it take for the main character to get more than one or two?

What level would you say Yugo is? Because while he struggled heavily in season one, he was nowhere NEAR the level of competency I'd expect even a first level adventurer to have.

And when you look between season two and three (or maybe it was start of season three?) when he was dealing with the Xelor baron who wanted to marry Amalia, look at how fast he emptied the room when he confronted said baron.

I feel like Prof^2 is a reasonable balance point.