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2018-01-23, 09:51 PM
I need help. I'm doin a Pathfinder campaign based on a Percy jackson like world where the Titans have gained control of Olympus and enprisoned the gods and it's up to the gods children to free the gods and help over throw the Titans once again. My only issue is that there aren't Titans as creatures to fight. Could you give me ideas on how to fix this

2018-01-23, 10:04 PM
What edition is this?

2018-01-24, 03:28 AM
It's Pathfinder.

2018-01-24, 11:15 AM
When you say "there aren't Titans as creatures to fight," do you mean that you don't want the kids to have to fight titans, or that there are no titans detailed in Pathfinder's monster books?

If it's the latter, and you are making titans up, it's simple: titans are gods by another name. They are the parents of the Olympians and created much of the world (that which their own parents didn't). Look them up by name - Atlas, Promethius, Chronos, and the rest - and stat them as you would any other gods.

If the former, then what you need is some divine servant race. Plenty of those exist, and if you want a new one then use the existing ones as examples.

There's another probl- er, potential probl- er, question. How do you set up that the titans can beat the Olympians but the half-Olympians can beat the titans? Did the titans take the Olympians by surprise? Do the characters gain knowledge of the titans' (or their servants') secret weakness? I bring this up partly because answering it may help you in statting the titans out. This may be relevant to either scenario above.

But it may not be. It may be that the titans themselves beat the Olympians, but the characters only have to beat the titans' servants to set the Olympians free. Then the Olympians get a rematch against the titans. The kids offer enough help to tip the scales, or the element of surprise is removed (or even reversed) or something like that, allowing for the Olympians' ultimate victory. That could work.

2018-01-24, 05:09 PM
I plan on having the Titans getting help by Gaia by birthing 2new and stronger Titans that help over throw the gods. But with gods and demigods teaming up they are able to take it back.

2018-01-24, 07:07 PM
But how are demi-gods able to free the gods against such foes?

2018-01-24, 09:07 PM
Each God is imprisoned separately around the world and each one has a Titans "servants" gaurding them.

2018-01-25, 12:52 AM
The god template I found was under powered. Could I get help with that too. Ik I'm asking alot sorry

2018-01-25, 11:09 AM
Sorry, there I can't help.

2018-01-25, 08:42 PM
I found a fix