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2018-01-30, 12:47 PM
This is a class for a witch hunter class I'm designing! I play with a lot of homebrew rules, and I'm not sure which are aren't homebrew at this point, so point it out if something seems off! One of these is the no casting somatic spells in melee range of enemies or in armor. This class is still very early in development, and needs a lot of help. I mostly just need ideas for skills for the class, and ideas on how it should play and interact with magic, it's sworn nemesis.

2018-01-30, 12:48 PM
The witch hunter is an expert in surviving and killing magic users of all types. They use some magic themselves, but only when necessary, and only against spell casters. Every 5 levels, they get 2% magic resistance, and every 3 levels they get +1 on saving throws versus spells. They are subclasses of rangers, and prefer the crossbow. They get a few basic thief skills, such as climb walls, read scrolls, and hide in shadows. They can only cast 1st level magic user spells, and get the charts of a magic-user 3 levels below themselves. Cantrips they may use without worry of blasphemy. They can wear leather armor, and cannot use enchanted items or potions. They will not party with any spell caster of any kind other than clerics and paladins, however they dislike the gods. They must be good of alignment, and cannot be lawful. They have poisons they use, and skills. Their main attribute is dexterity, and will receive a 10% xp boost if they have 16 or higher dexterity. They have d8 hitdice.

2018-01-30, 12:50 PM
Level 1:
• Poison Bolt
o The witch hunter may poison his or her bolts or arrows without risk of harm to themselves, applying poison to some other weapon requires a dexterity check to do so without harm.
• Bandage
o Witch hunters are trained with bandages, and thus binding a wound with one will heal 2 points of health instead of 1, however this can only be done if they have taken 2 damage since the last time they were at full health or bandaged.
Level 6:
• Herbal Mixture
o The witch hunter may make a mixture – non-magical of course – which will give a temporary 5% magic resist, which lasts 1 round per level of the maker. This effect cannot be stacked.
Level 8:
• Alchemy
o Wild herbs have similar effects to magic, and thus the witch hunter can turn herbs into non-magic potions. These will have the same effects as the originals, and the required herbs will cost as much as the ingredients required to make the magic kind, and the proper equipment costs 500 gold.

Level 10:
• Aversion to Magic
o The witch hunter spends the night and morning meditating, and for the next day, they have 10% magic resistance, but cannot cast spells. This effect doesn’t stack.

2018-01-30, 01:11 PM
• Mage Fighter
o Bolts shot by the witch hunter deal 1 more damage per 2 levels of the witch hunter to spell casting creatures.

2nd level skill, just to get a leg up on those magic-users :)

2018-01-30, 01:42 PM
Level 12:
• Obsidian Sanctuary
o The witch hunter gets obsidian and attunes it to anti-magic, making it completely incapable of being directly affected by magic, however this stone is too heavy to lift consistently, thus armor made of it is impossible. The witch hunter may make 1 cubic foot per level per day, if provided with the obsidian.
• Anti-Magic Machine
o The witch hunter produces a machine which, when activated, will last 1 turn, and will cancel any magic in the area. This can only be done once per week, and the witch hunter can only have one of these machines at a time.
Level 8:
• Screech
o The witch hunter may, once a turn, release a screech that will negate any spell casting that requires verbal components.

2018-01-30, 01:50 PM
Skills must be taught to witch hunters by a witch hunter master which is a level 16 witch hunter that knows all the skills. They will teach them for free, if the witch hunter brings them the head of a spell caster for each level of the skill. They cannot be tricked by fakes, and will know if the head isn’t of a spell caster.

2018-02-01, 11:39 AM
3rd level:
• The Hunt
o For the next week, the witch hunter is on the hunt. During this time, they can detect spell casting creatures within 1’/lvl, are twice as fast, don’t need to eat, drink, or sleep, get a +2 to hit and to damage. For 1 month afterwards, they are crippled, and can barely move, will require a third or higher level cleric or witch hunter to take care of them. They can do this once every 6 months.

This one is a kind of cool, not the most useful for PCs due to the down time, but I think that it adds well to the feel I'm going for for the witch hunter class, especially if you think about some kind of witch hunter guild where there is maybe a 16th level master who teaches skills and hands out assignments, and if they send out lower level witch hunters to kill magic-users. It's also cool how they would probably have to take care of each other, and how those 5 months of non-hunt non-cripple time could be spent taking care of the just-off-the-hunt witch hunters.

2018-02-01, 11:48 AM
• Test for Magic
o The witch hunter tests an object for magic, they will always be able to tell if it is magic, and have a 1%/lvl chance to identify 1 effect, and every time they identify an effect, they have a 1%/lvl chance to identify the next effect, or to know there are no more effects. This take 1 turn to do.

Level 6, this helps a witch hunter tell what is and isn't magic. this will also tell them if someone is a spell-caster, but they must either be willing, or strapped down/tied up.

2018-02-01, 11:50 AM
Level 10:
• Detect Magic
o The witch hunter constantly can tell if something is magic just by looking at it if it is within 1’/lvl, and is in line of sight.

2018-02-01, 11:53 AM
Level 16:
• Purge Magic
o Turns a willing spell-caster into a witch hunter, and removes their ability to cast any spells other than 1st level spells and cantrips.

This one offers "penance" to spell-casters who want it.

2018-02-06, 11:59 AM
The The Hunt skill now adds your level to hit and damage instead of +2, but only to spell casting creatures