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2007-08-26, 04:56 PM
Just wondering, is there a Prc or feat that would allow you to gain a second familiar?

Just because someone mentioned somthing jokingly about having a Lich with continual flame (blue) enchanted on his head, Much like Hades from the Disney Hercules cartoons, even with a familar imp named Pain, and a familiar quasit called panic :smallbiggrin:

2007-08-26, 04:58 PM
Also is there a way to get a second cohort too?

Just thinking on the whole Wizard with two armed bodyguards sorta angle.

2007-08-26, 05:05 PM
Hire them. 6sp/day for a 2nd level warrior. A pittance more for higher levels. It's in the DMG. Pay them in magic items and upkeep.

2007-08-26, 05:06 PM
there is a class in the Dungeonscape bok that allows you to take multiple animal companions over time.

2007-08-26, 05:26 PM
You could take some levels in both druid/ranger, wizard/sorcerer, or paladin to gain an animal companion, a familiar, or a paladin's mount, respectively.


Take the leadership feat to gain some cohorts


Hire some cohorts


Some combo of the above

Note: there are penalties to having an animal companion and familiar while using the leadership feat.

2007-08-26, 05:38 PM
Well, there's a PrC that allows you to have more than one Animal Companion in Complete Adventurer (Beastmaster), but I've not seen on ethat grants multiple Familiars...I don't see why there shouldn't be though...

2007-08-26, 06:26 PM
So would a Wizard 1/Sorcerer1 get 2 familiars?

and would a wizard1/sorcerer1/adept2 get 3? albiet 3 weak familiars and a lot of 1st level spells.

2007-08-26, 06:27 PM
No, multiple classes that grant a familiar stack to determine what abilities the familiar has.

Levels of different classes that are entitled to familiars stack for the purpose of determining any familiar abilities that depend on the masterís level.

2007-08-26, 06:31 PM

I need to have two familiars so I can do a neutual evil necromancer who...

"So.. what do you think I should do?" @ Lawful evil imp on left shoulder
*whisper whisper*
"aha.. and what do you think?" @ Chaotic evil quasit on right shoulder
*whisper whisper*
"Well then...." *evil grin.*

2007-08-26, 06:45 PM
Homebrew rules?

best DM I know/ever basically makes everything he uses, and had this one bad guy with twin imp familiars named Pint and Wims.

2007-08-26, 06:49 PM
What about the Obtain Familiar feat, in Complete Arcane? It doesn't say anything against obtaining a familiar, even if you already have one. It's not core, though, and there may be an errata, so I'm not sure.

2007-08-26, 07:08 PM
There is a feat that gives you a familiar if you're a arcane spellcasting class that doesn't already get a familiar. So you could take that feat and then become a sorcerer or wizard and get another familiar. I'd be inclined to think the levels just stack to decide the abilities though.

And for the cohort thing. The only way I know is with the Dread Pirate PrC. Not a very easy method.

2007-08-26, 07:10 PM
If worst comes to worst, Planar Ally a quasit? or is it a cleric only spell? I can never remember.

2007-08-26, 07:11 PM
planar binding. It's close enough to planar ally. That's not permanent though.

2007-08-26, 07:12 PM
planar binding. It's close enough to planar ally. That's not permanent though.

Permamency? Or if worse comes to worst, just ask the DM for the second familiar since you want two familiars for flavor reasons and not mechanically.

2007-08-26, 10:32 PM
Uh, you guys do realize that there's a feat called Extra Familiar, right? Eberron setting, main campaign book I think. Your second familar gets a penalty on master level though.

2007-08-26, 10:37 PM
While not exactly an arcane spell casting class the thrallherd prestige class for psions gets you two "cohorts" (thralls). You get one at the first level of the class and one at the tenth. You however give up a manifester level at the tenth level of the class. It does not stack with leadership. I think it is on the SRD if you want to go look at it in more detail.

The Professor
2007-08-27, 01:25 AM
Obtain Familiar in Complete Arcane fits the bill.

For one of my wizards, and because of Improved Familiar, I had an Imp (which was pretty much the bane of doing anything the DM wanted), and I had a Winter Wolf. In hind-sight, a Quasit would've been great, but the wolf made pretty good mount for the low-level fighter/paladin that followed the Favored Soul around because she liked her.

... Then I polymorphed the bard into a brass dragon and it all went down-hill from there. The Ogre Cohort was permenantly a Cloud Giant... The Rogue was a Choker... And I was a Pit Fiend via Shapechange. Good times. :smallamused:

2007-08-27, 01:29 AM
Obtain familiar won't give yo a second familiar if you already have one. One of the basic rules of summun familiar is that you can only have one at a time, unless a feat "Like extra familiar from Ebberron" specifically says otherwise.

I also can't find where it states classes that get summun familiar add thiwer stff together

2007-08-27, 02:40 AM
Saw it posted on the Wizard's board think it was in one the Ultimate Magus threads and there was supposedly a Dragon magazine with a feat allowing a PC to take a second familiar.

The Holy Liberator PRC from Complete Divine receives a Celestial Companion (a cat, eagle, hawk, warhorse, owl, pony, riding dog or wolf) which gains benefits similar to a Paladin HD bonus, Nat AC Adj, Dex Adj, Int 6 - 9, and many of the Specials.

Since a spellcaster can take an Arcane Domain with 4 ranks in religion it isn't much of a stretch allowing the same thing for a Celestial Companion. Mechanically a PC gets that or better by taking the Leadership feat after hitting level 7 normally.

Tweaking comparably powered good familiars to correspond to their evil counterparts mechanically could work for Improved Familiar.

A LE level 7+ guy can get an Imp that can change it's form and give you a Commune.

Mechanically the LG guy can get a Lantern Archon that glows all the time because it can't change it's form to disguise itself. It can make lots of Continual Flame items there is no market for. It can teleport up to 50# to make it hard for a PC to utilize the power (Reduce and Mass Reduce are nice for transporting the party since they drop the PC weight below 50#).

The Coure and the Musteval from BoED have some cool abilities.

***Here's the thing you can get the services of all three with a single level 5 spell Call Faithful Guardian from BoED.

So why waste a feat on a single Improved Familiar or a second familiar just cast the spell a few times and get your PC a few planar assistants and get new ones every year in campaign or when the old ones pass on.

If you use FRCS the Dreadmaster PRC from Faiths and Pantheons receives two special cohorts one at level 9 and one at level 10 of the PRC.

2007-08-27, 03:48 AM
you could always get a familiar imp as a wizard and get a quasit cohort via leadership or vise versa.