View Full Version : D&D 3.x Other Self Healing Mechanic: Stamina Surges

2018-02-05, 07:41 PM
HP is a measure of how tough it is to drop you in a fight. Stamina surges are a measure of how many times you can fight and go to your limits, and recover and keep going in a day. Spending a stamina surge is a full-round action which restores one-half of your full HP. (Full round action--can't do anything else that round except defend yourself, you're spending the 6 seconds catching your breath and doing your best to have some "me time" in the middle of combat. Not optimal, but it shouldn't be.)

How many stamina surges do you get? One plus 1/3 your Base Attack Bonus per day. The more you fight, the more you have the ability to recover from a fight. So a 6th level full-BAB has 3 stamina surges, other 6th levels have 2.

--This is great for E6. At higher levels, is it too much? Or does it just save WBL that you don't have to spend on healing belts, wands of lesser vigor, etc?