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2018-02-08, 11:37 PM

Snazzgar Stinkmullet, Goblin Fungoid Shaman
Small Humanoid (Fungus), Chaotic Neutral

Armor Class 14 (Studded Leather Equivalent)
Hit Points 121 (12d6+72)
Speed 35', Climb 25'


12 (+1)
14 (+2)
22 (+6)
18 (+4)
14 (+2)
16 (+3)

Skills Arcana +12, History +8, Religion +12, Nature +12, Stealth +6
Senses Darkvision 120', Tremorsense 30', Passive Perception 12
Damage Immunities Poison
Condition Immunities Poisoned
Languages Common, Undercommon, Goblin
Challenge 9

Spores Of Madness And Muddled Senses Snazzgar is surrounded by a constant field of spores. Anyone who approaches within 30' without being blessed by the fungoid gods, such as himself, must make a DC 18 Constitution save or be poisoned while within the radius and for one minute after leaving it. They may repeat the save at the end of each of their turns to remove the effect, at disadvantage if within the radius still. In addition, anyone who is within 10' of Snazzgar himself suffers disadvantage on attack rolls, even if not poisoned, due to the dense cloud of spores.

Misty Eyes And Clouded Vision Snazzgar is a bit hard to see at a distance, due to all the fumes surrounding him. Anyone relying on sight suffers disadvantage on attacks targeting him if they are more than 30' away from Snazzgar.


Harvester's Sickle Melee Weapon Attack: +6 to-hit, reach 5', one target. Hit: 1d6+2 slashing damage.

Staff Of Plagues Ranged Spell Attack: +8 to-hit, range 90', one target. Hit: 2d10 piercing and 1d10 poison damage.

Staff Of Plagues (Burst) Ranged Spell Attack: DC 16 Constitution saving throw, range 90', one 5' radius burst. Failed Save: 1d10 piercing and 1d6 poison damage.

Multiattack Snazzgar makes four attacks in any combination of Harvester's Sickle or Staff Of Plagues (either mode).

Contagion 5/day: Snazzgar casts Contagion (DC 16).

Bonus Actions

Smoke The Good Stuff Snazzgar takes a hit of the good stuff, and regains 1d10 HP.

Smoke The Pungent Stuff Snazzgar puffs some foul-smelling drugs, and gains advantage on all damage rolls made this turn.

Cowardly Grot Snazzgar Disengages.

Smoke It All! Snazzgar inhales a downright dangerous combination of herbs and other things. Snazzgar immediately takes 5d6 damage, but he gains advantage on all attack rolls, imposes disadvantage on all saves made against his Staff Of Plagues and Spores Of Madness And Muddled Senses, and maximizes all damage dealt for one turn.


Minions Have A Purpose Snazzgar switches places with an adjacent ally. The ally might not be happy, but they take the hit for him.

Puff Snazzgar puffs out a great burst of spores and fumes, increasing his AC by 6 against a single attack.

Base DCR is 4, for 121 HP.

AC is 14, so no adjustment.

Disadvantage WILL BE a theme in this battle, though, so call it... +2 to DCR? Just gut feeling here, honestly.

So DCR 5.

OCR is (assuming focused staff of plagues, four attacks, 3d10 damage each, for 12d10, or 6*11, so 66) 10 base, for 66 DPR.

Save DC and attack bonuses are right about where they should be, so no adjustment.

Now, bonus actions!

Healing is pretty minor, so no DCR adjustment, methinks.

Advantage on damage rolls comes out to a 1.25 point increase per die, so DPR becomes 81 if he smokes the Pungent stuff. That'd be OCR 13, but the save DC is a little low...

Call it OCR 12? Smoke it all, not sure how to calculate. Does make him a potent ambusher, though. (Smoke it all, blast the party, then fade away, and smoke the good stuff to heal.)

He also has a better parry, so increase DCR by 1 more.

So 6 and 12, added together is 18. Divided by 2 is 9.

CR 9 seems ABOUT right.