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2007-10-05, 06:48 PM
@ Asharra.

Your arcane knowledge reveals to you that it is a receptacle for information, and is well-warded. There is a twisting of arcane power that you don't understand, but it's extremely innovative and very interesting. If you had more time to study it, you might understand the arcane principles behind it.

You're also able to discover that the stone is not described in anything anyone in the library knew about. You are also directed to another nearby library, the curator of this library says that the other one is a much better library for arcane studies.

2007-10-05, 08:04 PM
Giles, for his part, will attend to his own business, and will return to the bazaar, though he will bring more of his equipment this time. In fact, the only items he will leave locked in his room will be his longbow and his quiver of arrows. Once in the bazaar, he will immediately seek out the boy informant from the day prior.

2007-10-05, 08:07 PM
@ Giles

You find him resting, trying to stay off his recently injured leg. "No," he says as you approach, "I'm not doing anything more for you, too dangerous."

2007-10-05, 10:37 PM
Giles simply moves in close, whispering so that only the boy may hear.

"You lied to me; Pale was home." His tone is dark, the sound of it grating like gravel to the informant's ears, and it was clear that, no matter the reason, the hulking man would brook no excuses. Standing, Giles turns and walks away, fading into the hubbub of the bazaar...

But he was not leaving.

Intimidate check: [roll0]

Giles will be remaining in the bazaar, keeping an eye on the cripple (taking ten on his Spot check, which will put him at a constant 18). If the boy moves, Giles will follow him from a relatively safe distance.

2007-10-05, 10:41 PM
@ Giles

Hours later, a day's work of begging finished, the boy stands up and limps off.

The Duskblade
2007-10-06, 07:41 AM
After sleeping the remainder of the night and refreshing his spells. Fidelis decides to kick back and take a day off working. This translates roughly to tracking down Machians and having some fun with them.

Gather information to try find a Machian/s:[roll0] Taking [roll1] hours.

2007-10-06, 09:37 AM
@ Fidelis

The best place to find one would probably be Embassy row. It's a long journey to Kayru from Mechia, so very few actually make it out here. Embassy row is a pretty well-guarded place.

2007-10-06, 09:57 AM
Giles snarled softly, one hand resting on the hilt of his sword, the other clutching the shield that is slung over his shoulder. He uttered a single word, so softly that it was as if he never really spoke it.


And so did he follow the boy from a distance, trailing him until he found out where the boy lived... or at least pretended to live. His treachery would fall heavy on everyone that he threw into Giles' path, should he attempt to deceive him again.

2007-10-06, 01:25 PM
@ Giles

What do you intend to do when you get there?

2007-10-07, 04:36 PM
That depends on a lot of different variables, mate. How about we get me some of that situational awareness we talked about, so I can proceed being eeeeeevillllllllllle. :smallamused:

2007-10-07, 05:15 PM
That depends on a lot of different variables, mate. How about we get me some of that situational awareness we talked about, so I can proceed being eeeeeevillllllllllle. :smallamused:

Lol, I meant roughly. Like murder, intimidation, wholesale slaughter...?

Edit: That helps me understand the kind of info you'd need to worry about.

2007-10-07, 07:32 PM
I intend to kill the boy, his family, and should he have ducked into a place that is not his home, I intend to kill anyone whom he tried to lose me through, and *then* move on to kill the boy.

2007-10-07, 08:11 PM
The boy travels through slummy streets and enters a small shack. The door closes behind him, unlatched, and a small glowing fire sheds light into the street. There are a few people out on the street, but they pointedly try not to make eye contact with you, clearly afraid.

The shack can't be more than two small rooms, a single story.

2007-10-07, 10:31 PM
Giles will circle the shack quietly, not drawing his weapons. In silence, he inspected the building, looking for windows or back doors...

He'd need to pay special attention to those, of course... he would have to strike swiftly, instilling terror in his enemies, and then end their pathetic lives. The treachery of the boy, paired with the housing of such a wretch, would cost the occupants of the shack, and cost them dearly.

The Duskblade
2007-10-08, 01:12 AM
Well Giles is getting his revenge for a quasi imagined slight. So lets do this thing.

Fidelis headed towards the embassy however before reaching there he ducked down an ally and cast a spell. "Digesu." He muttered. Fidelis vanished. In his place stood a Machian human boy. Leaving the ally Fidelis looked from one building to another like he was seeing it for the first time. When he reached the embassy Fidelis walked forward as if he had every right to be there. And when/if questioned replied in a shrill voice. "I'm going to see father."

Casted disguise person. 80 min duration
Bluff: [roll0]
Disguise: [roll1]

2007-10-08, 09:32 AM
@ Fidelis

Okay. Just so you know (I'm not bothered by it or anything), the name of the place is Mechia, so people from there are Mechians. :smallsmile:

@ Giles

There's a hole in the back of the shack covered over only with a hanging blanket, and there are no windows.

2007-10-08, 04:34 PM
Giles continued his prowling then, circling the house once more before making his decision. He headed to the door, and gently knocked on the pathetic thing, making just enough sound to be audible inside.

With luck, there would be more than just the wretched traitor inside; likely an adult, in charge of maintaining the "household". Putting on a veneer of calmness and honesty, Giles waited for the door to open; what he did now was not treachery. The law of vengeance dictated an eye for an eye; the wounds suffered at Pale's hand would be exacted upon the boy, and his family...

And Giles would never shed a tear...

The Duskblade
2007-10-08, 04:57 PM
Ahh good to know thanks.

2007-10-08, 06:17 PM
@ Giles

The boy opens the door, and just as quickly slams it. Feel free to act.

2007-10-08, 11:04 PM
Giles, not a fool by any measure, immediately ran towards the back of the shack, to the blanketed opening. As his powerful legs pumped rapidly, he hauled his sword from its sheathe, long legs carrying him over the distance swiftly and easily.

Take off every zig! For great justice!


2007-10-09, 07:54 AM
Giles encounters the child half-way out of the hole in the back of the shack, and is free to do as he likes.

2007-10-09, 05:19 PM
Giles will sneer and boot the child in the chest, launching him back into the hovel.

"You betrayed me, rat. Your lies nearly cost my Lady her prize, and as such," Giles will advance on the boy slowly, threateningly, "You. Will. Die."

2007-10-10, 01:57 PM
Silently, but with eyes as wide as dinner plates, the boy tries to scramble away. (provoking AoO...)

2007-10-10, 03:27 PM
Giles lunged forward, launching his weight forward on one foot, putting force behind the extent of his arm, sending the longsword plunging towards to prone child's chest.

Not that it should really make a ton of difference, but prone targets count as flat footed, and thus get SNAEK ATTAKCD for great justice.

Attack roll: [roll0]
Crit Confirm: [roll1]
Damage: [roll2] + [roll3]

2007-10-10, 03:56 PM
The boy's eyes grow yet wider, shortly before the life leaves them.

3d6 SneakAttack, and it only did 4 damage, haha.

2007-10-10, 11:09 PM
OOC: Sorry for the slight delay in posting. Things have been hectic lately. I should be back to my former self in a week or so. Don't feel you have to wait for me.

For her part... Asharra is going to keep to the guise of Evelyn, and try to get her hands on a scroll of identify. Which she will use on Mr. Pale's little trinket. She's not the type to be denied... so if she can't get one the legal way... she WILL make nasty plans for the unfortunate person who possesses said scrolls and is unwilling to sell. :smallamused:

2007-10-11, 09:57 AM
@ Asharra

It's a big city. DMG Market Price. :smallsmile:.

2007-10-11, 04:08 PM
Nice! I shall purchase one, all legit, and in the comforts of my own home... when Giles is around to stop me, if I start freaking out... I shall cast identify on that thing and see what it does and how to use it.

2007-10-11, 06:13 PM
Still sneering, Giles savagely stomps on the child's mouth. A wet crack is the only sound of protest as Giles' boot crashes down, and with a simple motion, he slips his sword's blade into the mouth that can no longer close in protest, resting it under the tongue. With a grunt, he shoved the blade down, severing the newly made corpse's tongue. Bending down, he wipes his blade across the boy's belly, then plucks the tongue from the pulverized mouth after sheathing his sword. Casting about, he tears the leg off one side of the boy's trousers, and after securely wrapping the tongue into a bundle, he placed it into the outermost pocket of his satchel, and stepped out of the shack via the back curtain as before, idly fingering a smokestick as he paused to see if he heard any incoming resistance.

...or pesky fools with too much curiousity.

Listen check: [roll0]

2007-10-11, 06:24 PM
@ Giles

A familiar sack catches Giles eye. It's his money purse, filled with the gold he had given to this traitorous wretch earlier that day.

Even more interesting is the sheaf of paper that the bag was lying on. It had a seal that Giles knew well. Very well. The Amaros family seal was on a letter that this whelp had.

2007-10-11, 06:32 PM
Giles froze, almost mechanically shoving both the letter and the sack of coins into his satchel's main pocket, the letter especially far away from the bundle in the front, just in case. He casts his gaze about the room, fury building within him. Grabbing the boy's body, he drags it across the floor, then hurls it onto the straw mattress of the bed, then with barely restrained movements, he grabbed two of the handful of candles that were lighting the hovel, and carefully applied them to the mattress, blowing gently to encourage a fire.

After ensuring that the wooden walls of the shack would go up, Giles moved out the back "door", smokestick in hand. It didn't matter if anyone saw him; his hood was up, and he had places to go.


The Duskblade
2007-10-12, 08:26 AM

Assuming he made it though the front gate.

Once inside the embassy Fidelis will find a quite hidden spot. And recasting the original Disguise person spell will change his image to that of a well dressed plump halfling. He seeks out a serving person and stops them. "I was told that my contact from Mechia would be here. Would you know where I could find him?"

Disguise person spell.
Disguise: [roll0]

2007-10-14, 04:50 PM
So... er... If Giles is off wherever... I'm casting Identify on that thing! A divinition device doesn't seem so dangerous. Unless of course, it connects my mind to an eldrich horror from beyond time! IEEEEE! Hastur!

Seriously though. Asharra is going to try to identify that thng using her brand new scroll of awesome!

2007-10-14, 09:51 PM
@ Fidelis

The guard glances at you, bored, and says in an equally banal tone "Papers?"

@ Asharra

The stone contains a map. For what, you're not sure, but it indicates a hidden valley in the mountains about a week's walk from Kayru. The map is magical in nature, but easy enough to decipher.

2007-10-15, 09:44 AM
Giles, apparently un-accosted, promptly made his way toward the meeting place where he knew Asharra would be. He kept to the shadows, moving as swiftly as death itself. All the while, the image of his discovery burned into his eyes.\

Count Amaros...

In silence, he stood near the entryway of... wherever... they were meeting. Hopefully, it was the room he had rented at the tavern for himself and Asharra.

The Duskblade
2007-10-16, 04:12 AM
Fidelis (Assuming I'm still in Boy form.

"Oh right." In his child form Fidelis took a step back. Reaching into his pouch he removed a small prism. "Leune." He says with a quick flick of his hands. The colors of His clothes skin and gear fly forward hitting the guard. Fidelis simply disapeers. Quickly moving out of the way he wonders to himself. Why do they always want bloody papers. Ah well As likely as not he would have been unsuccessful in finding a Mechian. Might as well head to that Inn. He would be early. But inns thrived on gossip.

5 foot step back followed by Blinding color surge followed by fleeing to the inn. The spell basically means will save of 18 to avoid blinding for one round and I'm invisible for eight rounds.

2007-10-16, 08:40 AM
@ Fidelis

OOC: Gotcha about the spell. Sorry that adventure wasn't more fruitful.

2007-10-16, 10:53 PM
When Giles returns, Asharra is in her night-clothes, in the process of scrawling down the map that the gem contains on several sheets of parchment. She will not even turn as he enters the chamber. She will, however, let out a weary sigh.

Now where have you been, exactly? Stalking about at night while I do all the work of translating this? Asharra will say mockingly, her loose nightshirt hanging off her shoulders. She will turn to Giles with a faint smirk.

Come here, rub my neck, and tell me what is so important that you've been off so long tending to it... instead of me.

The Duskblade
2007-10-17, 02:41 AM

Since he would arrive at the inn well before the meeting time of that night Fidelis spends some time finding out about the latest gossip. Starting with the Barkeep. "Anything worth hearing?" He asks while purchasing an Ale. When he sees any of the group members he will go up to them. Or as the case might be follow them.

Canceled the disguise person
Gather info: [roll0] Taking [roll1] hours

2007-10-17, 08:12 AM
@ Fidelis

After a couple hours of useless blather, the following information finds your ear.

A new delegate has joined the Mechian delegation, according to most of the people. This wouldn't be nearly so interesting if said person wasn't eight feet tall and completely cowled in black robes.

The figure has never left the side of the current diplomat, Cristof Amaros, and has been seen whispering in his ear all day. Most of the people you talk to are very creeped out by this dark figure.

2007-10-17, 09:02 PM
Giles stared quietly at Asharra from beside the doorway for a moment, the door having been closed and locked. Exacting vengeance had filled him with satisfaction, but the feeling had turned cold the moment he had found the letter. Before Asharra speaks, he begins to strip away his gear, piling it neatly next to the small chest by the wall for belongings. His bow and quiver already leaned there; next to it went his sword, and his shield. Everything else was deposited into the chest as Asharra began to speak, though the dagger remained strapped to his forearm, snug in its sheathe.

He stripped away his shirt and vest, leaving himself bare from the waist up, and silently he stepped up behind her, seated as she was at the small table. His hands, rough from a decade of warrior training followed by a decade of hard labor in prison, settled lightly on her slim shoulders; for Ashe, Giles gave the only gentleness he had left in him, when she wanted it.

It was the nature of their arrangement... she hungered for power, above her thirst for pleasures of the body and mind. Giles was her muscle; her guard by day... yet something undefinable by night.

"My informant betrayed us to Pale," Giles murmured as the tips of his thumbs began to press against Ashe's skin, slowly rubbing upward along either side of her spine as it climbed her neck to the base of her skull, "...I do not think I need explain any further."

2007-10-17, 10:43 PM
"Lady" Ashe will crane her neck and let out a soft purr.

Well you didn't miss much. Martin Pale can have his stone... once I'm done copying the map it contains. Asharra will say with a wicked smile as she laughs softly to herself. This could merit looking into further, Giles. I don't know what this map leads to, but I am going to find out. And you are going to help me... Won't you?

Asharra will laugh, already knowing the answer to her question... and will lean back in her chair to look up at Giles.

But we can speak of it tomorrow... I have been working for some time. Right now, I would prefer... to relax...

What will follow is probably not terribly appropriate to be played out... so unless Giles has something to add... I'm all set to move ahead and deliver Martin his little stone. :smallamused:

2007-10-18, 12:02 AM
"I am at your service, milady," is all Giles says in response... and then, the world blurs into the realm of fast forward, lest we get banned (or at least warned). :smallcool:

2007-10-18, 09:47 AM
@ Ashe & Giles..

Aaaaaand scene. Though I find it interesting that most people (myself included) had no problem reading Giles' murder of that child but don't want to read the sex. *Sigh*

Where to from here, folks?

2007-10-18, 01:21 PM
Well... this is a forum for kids too. I have no problem with in-game... let's say "stuff". For the sake of the forum, the monitors, and the poor, poor children who I'm sure have no trouble finding sexual things to read elsewhere if they really want... I fade to black.

In the morning, we're gathering our little gnome friend, (and Elril, if he's still alive and with us... Team Evil seems a bit... short) and going to give Pale his little gift. At least, that's my plan now that I have the maps that gem contains.

2007-10-18, 09:56 PM
Giles, for his part, once Asharra is asleep dreaming dreams that would leave our younger readers soiling their bedsheets, will go to the table and read the letter he found in the informant's shack.

2007-10-18, 10:09 PM
The letter reads

You will be well rewarded for keeping an eye on Giles for me. Take this letter to the gate guard at the Silver Court, and ask to see me, and you will be taken to my sitting room to report. Any attempt to warn Giles will result in your swift death.

The flowing handwriting is familiar to Giles, as is the signature.

Cristof Amaros.

2007-10-18, 11:12 PM
Giles will read the brief letter in silence, staring at it after he finishes with a building fury. His fingers grip at the edges of the letter, so tightly that his knuckles whiten and the paper begins to tear at the edges from the shear force of his fingers pressing against each other. His blood boils in his veins, a snarl building in his throat. In spite of his state of undress, the barbarian suddenly stands, tearing the paper as his hands parted violently. Gripping the table, he heaves it with a throaty cry of outrage as he sent the piece of furniture crashing unquietly against the wall, then the floor, turned over in his fury. Whirling, he snatched up the chair, and strode over to the chest, pausing only to collect the candle he had overturned onto the floor.

Relighting it, he set it on the chest after digging some tools from his pack. Fury burned in his eyes as he arranged a rag, some oil, and a fresh whetstone on the lid of the chest... he had saved this whetstone for a special occasion...

...and perhaps, that occasion had arrived. In silence, he drew out his sword, examining the blade in the flickering illumination of the candle, then laying it across his knees, he calmly applied oil to the stone's surface and the blade in thin amounts. The sound of his blade scraping quietly over the whetstone was the only sound he made further; he poured over a decade of bitterness and pain into his work, honing the edges of his sword, and then his dagger, with a passionate touch that not even Asharra had experienced.

Cristof Amaros was looking for him... no, he had found him... and so, he had found his death. Giles stared at the glittering blades of his weapons, examining his work in the candlelight... his rest would not be fulfilling... only necessary for what was to come.

The Duskblade
2007-10-19, 09:29 AM

Now isn't that an interesting find, thought Fidelis. He glanced towards his informant. "Interesting." Says Fidelis sliding across a gold piece. "They say the Mechian was at a killing." Fidelis slid the thought into the mans mind. Fool shouldn't have a clue that thought isn't his own, Fidelis thought to himself. Aloud he said. "Get yourself some beer and spread your knowledge with others." Rumors. Thought Fidelis. Small time, but it would do for now."

As the evening wore on Fidelis grew bored and tired of waiting for his companions. "Ah whatever. I'm probably best off not knowing what they are up to." Fidelis muttered. He climbed out of his seat and walked up to the inn keeper. Placing a platinum on the table he spoke to the man. A room if you would. If you see the Woman with the black clothes and her warrior. Send them up."

2007-10-19, 07:46 PM
Asharra will sit up with a start... magic crackling about her bare figure as Giles throws a tantrum. She will look about wildly... her hair tossing and her eyes scanning the dark room as she prepares to decend the mind of the guilty party into a level of hell that few could bear.... when she will see that the guilty party is, in fact... Giles. Still... she will not quite cease channeling her magics.

GILES! What in the name of the nine hells that I am about to send you to are you doing?!

2007-10-19, 07:53 PM
"HE is here, Asharra. He has followed me, and now he seeks me out! I will kill him, Asharra! I will tear his life from his pathetic body and paint the walls with it!" As he speaks, he does not look to the bed; his eyes are fixated on his work. His blades could not, would never, be sharp enough. Never enough for Cristof.


2007-10-19, 07:59 PM
Obsess tomorrow! I am TRYING to sleep! She will yell, ceasing her spell and collapsing back to the bed. If you wake me up again... I will do horrible, horrible things to you.

2007-10-20, 07:32 AM
Giles doesn't respond; he simply continues his work in silence. He danced a fine line, this he knew... but it was a line he danced every day, and he did not care that he danced upon it. He cared about little right now, little more than that hated name that was burned into the forefront of his memory, the letters twisted from something gracefully curved to hellishly twisted.

Cristof... I will come for you... and I will end you...

As the hours passed, Giles began to lay down the first part of a plan; as unimportant as his life was, it would do no good to die before he could kill Cristof.

2007-10-21, 01:12 AM
Ok. If Giles is done being a crazed obsessive... we can move on to giving Pale his trinket. Asharra is just going to go back to sleep, and unless we wakes her up again, that will be that. So let's move on... If that's alright with all.

2007-10-21, 10:05 PM
Skipping ahead...

Pale greets you in the same drawing room as before. "My goodness," he says with a half smile, "Did my brother give you some trouble? I see half as many as I did before."

2007-10-22, 10:09 AM
"They had business of their own," Giles states evenly, giving no hint nor suggestion that Pale may be right, "We have what you asked for... now, it is time for you to keep your half of the arrangement."

2007-10-22, 12:54 PM
Pale accepts the gem (I'm assuming you're handing it over, if this is untrue, please correct me so I can retro it), and speaks to each of you in turn "Giles," he begins "The man you seek is a well-defended diplomat. Of the Mechian State. Would I be incorrect in assuming you are also of Mechian descent?"

He doesn't pause for answer, but turns immediately to Asharra, "My Lady," he says with a very impolite smile and glance, "I have not yet prepared your reward, but I think it will be ready tomorrow. It is a spell of my own devise, one that you will not have learned."

"As for you, Fidelis, you did not specify the manner of reward you would like. Is there anything specific that interests you?"

2007-10-22, 04:54 PM
I asked for apprenticeship... my lord. Not one spell... no matter how powerful. Asharra will say with a darkly seductive smile as she hands Martin his gem... her fingertips lingering on his hand for just a bit too long. I know there is so much more I could learn "under" you. Is there nothing else I can do to prove my worth?

(I don't care that he can't read my mind... if he misses the innuendo here, he's clearly not smart enough to be a wizard.)

2007-10-22, 05:16 PM
Giles sneered, spitting irritably on the floor.

"I asked for information, Pale. Considering that I nearly killed your brother in single combat, I had thought you would have something more useful," his sneer deepens to a glower, "Cristof Amaros is a coward, and one backed by his father's money to boot. Telling me that he holds an important position and can afford to be well guarded is like saying that fish cannot breathe on land," folding his arms, the hulking barbarian lifted his chin.

"Our arrangement is completed."

2007-10-22, 06:40 PM
"I see that you're unhappy with my rewards. I did not say that these tokens would be all you would receive. A token duty brings a token reward, plus a chance to earn something meatier. I must confess I thought you all more...patient."

Martin sneers, "But if you're all too unhappy in your gifts to continue working with and under me, then go ahead and leave. Adventurers like yourselves are a copper a dozen."

2007-10-22, 08:01 PM
A thousand apologies, my lord. Asharra will purr with a smile, You misunderstand my intentions. I am not shunning your gift... I am simply eager to prove myself worthy of more.

2007-10-22, 11:08 PM
"For a man you colored as so dangerous, he fought like an elderly woman," Giles rumbled, irritation soaking his voice, "He had skill, I will give him that... but even such a "token" assignment is worth far more than obvious generalizations and things I already knew."

2007-10-22, 11:15 PM
"Well I'm afraid it will have to be enough for now. I am busy doing other things, in addition to securing information for you."

The Duskblade
2007-10-23, 04:08 AM
OOC: Uh for now I'll pretend Giles being a Mechian wasn't mentioned. What with that oath to kill all Mechians and all.)

Oh I have patience. You can be assured of that. As for a reward. I would like to request some magical item. Particularly of the kind that would permit me to permanently shield my mind." As for Mechians. I've been told that our diplomat freind has just recently reacquired a new adviser. Rumors probably exaggerate but I've heard he is eight foot tall. And wears black robes. Apparently he never leaves the side of your freind. If I had to guess I'd say your freind might in this case be an underling. Now as for the business of killing? He's a Slave trading bastard. So if you plan on killing him I might as well help. Hell if you don't plan on killing him I'll probably still do it." Fidelis rolled his head in a slow circle to loosen the muscles. "Actually. Would you consider letting him live? There are worse things then death. Esspecially with two church fulls of priests running around."

2007-10-23, 09:35 AM
"Cristof Amaros was my best friend, Fidelis... together, we learned to live by the sword, under the instruction of Eirganon Alustinis, an elven priest of war. He betrayed me, placing me before the authorities for a crime that I did not commit... I spent ten long years in that prison, every day a living Hell. Cristof put me there... Mechia gave him the power to do it." Giles glared at Pale, though in reality his hardened stare was cast beyond him.

"I have no home. Mechia is nothing to me but ashes and dust."

2007-10-23, 10:45 AM
"Well, Fidelis, I will see what I can do for you. As for the three of you, I have problems of my own to attend to. I will contact you again soon. In the meantime, feel free to do as you wish."

Clearly agitated by something that was said, Pale stalks off, his robes swirling behind him.

2007-10-24, 12:37 AM
Moody... Asharra will say with a smirk as Pale rushes off. He had best not forget that spell.

With that, she will turn to Giles and her little gnomish companion.

Yes yes... I know better than to try and talk you out of this Giles. You're not the only person who has.... grudges. Asharra will add to the conversation. But we can hardly pick a fight with an entire country... can we? If you are going to do this... We do this smart.

Asharra's lips will twist into a wicked smile... and she will literally lick her lips as she thinks.

The gnome is right. Any fool can rush a man with a blade and seek to end him. You may... you may not. But there are so many more ways to make someone suffer. You must break him... ruin him... you must slip into his mind... and find out what will hurt him most. You must take hold of his mind... his fears... his soul.... and twist. Until death will seem a mercy, and the man is but a broken shell... with naught left in his tattered mind but the realization that suffering is all he will ever know again.

The smile she will get... will be downright disturbing... and she will slide her hands slowly down her body as she speaks. Asharra might get a bit... TOO excited at the idea of breaking someone... body, mind and soul.

It sounds like it will be a lot of fun... and I have not taken some personal time to simply enjoy myself in quite a while. I suppose I will help you then Giles. Let us bleed him through little cuts. So little he will not realize that he is dying, until it is too late.

2007-10-24, 12:44 PM
"No." Giles' voice rumbles from his chest as he stares into space, the sound of it like a smith's hammer crashing down on an anvil.

"I am Death's hand. I am Vengeance incarnate. If you will help me to my purpose, then I am gladdened, but do not fool yourselves into thinking that not having you along will burden my spirits," he looks to Asharra, his face not angry, but as serious as a man who has attended many funerals in one day.

"Also, do not tell me how to obtain my vengeance. Do not dare ruin this thing for me... I will kill Cristof in my own way, and he's screaming will echo far into the night sky... If either of you do something during this that will take away my satisfaction..." his words trailed off; he thought of something to say, but he left the statement hanging where it was. They already knew. In silence, he turned to go return to their room at the inn, paying the innkeeper additional coins. He would need the room for longer than anticipated.

2007-10-24, 06:17 PM
First Pale and now him? Asharra will remark to herself as Giles rushes out.

Asharra will watch Giles leave... and look down to Fidelis, with a bemused smirk.

Are gnomish men as stubborn as human men? She will ask, barely resraining her smirk at Giles' over-dramatic rant. So serious all the time... Vengence this and vengence that. When the time comes... I doubt the man will even enjoy it. And once it is done, he will have nothing left. It seems a bit poorly thought out, to me.

The Duskblade
2007-10-25, 01:26 AM
"Only very rarely. And even then it is the goal. Not the means. We are stubborn about. Now lets go keep Giles alive long enough to create something resembling a plan." Fidelis said and began striding after the departing warrior.

2007-10-25, 02:15 PM
Asharra will move to catch her wayward warrior, and step along-side him with the same amused smirk on her face she often bears when speaking.

Tell me then... my big, strong man... How are we to do this? What is your plan?

She seems honestly curious exactly what he has in mind. Something violent and dramatic, no doubt.

2007-10-25, 07:39 PM
When Asharra drew near, Giles' step adjusted to match her own. His legs were longer than her's, his stride covering more ground, and so, he always made adjustments to match her own movements.

"I do not have a plan as of this moment, Lady Asharra; to have a plan is to have information. My former information network is inaccessible... they were working for Cristof," Giles paused a moment, the taste of bile on his tongue upon uttering that hated name, "All I have at this moment is intent... desire... I must take my time with this... it must be perfect for him." Giles smiled a sickening smile at Asharra, the sweetness and sincerity on his features distinctly out of place, and were he speaking to anyone else, his expression, paired with his next few words, would be unsettling to say the least.

"After all... he is my best friend."

2007-10-25, 09:51 PM
Asharra will smile and look down to Fidelis for a moment before turning back to Giles.

Well... you're hardly going to be able to dig up information on the man un-noticed, Giles. I'm sure he'll find out if you begin asking about him.

Asharra will slide her hand slowly down Giles' arm, and look up at him with the kind of smirk that usually precludes violence.

Why not let us get close to him... This Christof does not know us... and the gnome and I have a certain... subtlety... to us. We could set him up for whatever it is you have planned.

2007-10-25, 10:29 PM
"I would not ask such a thing of you, my Lady," Giles murmured, nearly faltering in his stride, "I... if you would do this thing for me, for my vengeance... I would be in your debt."

2007-10-25, 10:39 PM
Why would I not? I owe you... and I will get to slip close to a man of wealth and influence... and destroy his life from the inside. Asharra will muse with a soft, sadistic laugh. Tell me about this man Giles... Everything you know. I am sure Fidelis and I can slip amongst those he sorrounds himself with easily enough.

2007-10-25, 10:47 PM
"The Cristof I seek to punish for his crime against me is not the Cristof I knew so well, my Lady," Giles confesses, "He changed, while we were still young men, being trained for war in Mechia. It was a change I did not see... I had no reason to suspect it then, for I was pathetic... A fool who willed himself to blindness." Giles' sneers.

"He lashed out at me, backed by his father's money; out of jealousy and spite, he struck me down when I had done him no wrong... out of everyone, I alone had stood at his side loyally, as his friend, giving him my strength freely that he might still succeed. My reward was torture and imprisonment until death... for ten years I wasted away in that prison... he came to visit me once, to gloat over his victory... I swore that day I would kill him. I will visit pain and death upon him, wrenching every last drop of life out of his body until I am satisfied..." Giles glanced to Asharra.

"He is a diplomat of Mechia now; perhaps our more socially minded friend can assist us?"

2007-10-25, 11:09 PM
A spoiled little rich boy who's become a spoiled little rich man? Asharra will smirk as she rolls the idea over in her mind, I know all about men like that. I do not think he will be difficult to slip... "close" to at all.

(Perhaps we could all arrange a moment tomorrow evening to slip on at the same time and discuss our plans in a quicker format... like mIRC or AIM? The long-and-short of Asharra's idea, is for her and Fidelis to use their sneakier spells and abilities to slip themselves amongst the Mechian diplomats and nobles... slink around... whip out the social manipulations and charm... maybe even... seduce the man and get close to him. she's willing to make this a long-term project, even. She can keep close to Christof, while Fidelis serves as a go-between... bringing information from her to Giles, and vice versa... as well as slipping around to do some spying, while Asharra keeps Christof "busy". Giles will be the mastermind (the very thought of which makes me chuckle...) and will let us all know what's up, and give us our cues for how he wants to do this. What do you all think?)

The Duskblade
2007-10-26, 06:05 AM

With a grunt of annoyance at having to hurry to keep pace with his taller companions. Fidelis slipped into deep thought. "This man seems to fit my stereotype of a Mechian like a glove. Seems to me that Asharra and I should not be seen conversing. My telepathy is sadly one way. But a simple message spell should solve communication issues. I guess I'll have to take the appearance of a Halfling merchant if I wish to get past the door in anything but chains. If Asharra deals with the man himself I'll handle the rest. I'm quite interested as to this eight foot tall delegate." Fidelis appears to be more thinking aloud. (Though quietly enough so that his voice doesn't extend far beyond the trio.) Then actually trying to converse. "Some illusions could be a nice touch. I've a fondness for so called omens."

((Hey barber whats the Mechia stance on Halflings. And yeah a full time Aim session would be quite handy for plotting. Another option for spying would be for me to pretend to by a servant (Halfling again.) Only problem is this would limit my gossip source to mainly servants. Where as the merchant has access to both crowds. What might be interesting is disposing of eight foot tall bugger. And adding a little height to Giles add robes and vola. Giles in the same currently silenced room as cristov. Although personally I expect that guy in blacks gonna be one of the things Team good are after.))

2007-10-26, 08:07 AM
((Mechians view Halflings as curiosities, as there are none in their area, but they do not aim to enslave [yet]. Halfling merchant might be teased, but it's unlikely that they'd do anything to you, at least not in Kayru.))

2007-10-26, 09:13 AM
OOC: Wheeee posting from work! I will be home somewhere after 6 PM EST, so I'm game.

2007-10-27, 09:13 AM
It hardly matters who I am seen conversing with Fidelis. I can change my form to suit me, and I am guessing that you can as well. Asharra will say mutedly to the little gnome. But amongst the upper ranks of nobility and nobility there is more fear. They may have taken precautions against a magically disguised assassin or the like. We shall need to test the effectiveness of our plans before we commit to them.

Asharra will look about slowly, placing a delicate finger to her lips as she thinks.

We should speak in length somewhere more private. Do you not think? Perhaps at a private room in a secluded inn?

2007-10-29, 06:14 PM
Giles grunted non-committedly.

"Our room at the tavern would suffice... I have paid plenty to ensure that if anyone asks about us, the keeper's memory is especially fuzzy."

The Duskblade
2007-10-30, 02:05 AM
Fidelis chuckled at that.

I never knew a Bar keep who didn't gossip. Although the coin will probably divert direct questioning. Well lets make use of it."

2007-10-31, 04:33 PM
The barkeep cannot repeat what he does not hear. Can not a woman bring a pair of men up to her private room and ask to remain undisturbed without arousing suspicion? Asharra will say with a smile.

Unless the boys have any objections... that's exactly what we're doing. The boys can pay the barkeep to leave them undisturbed for a few hours, and he'll likely just think what most people think when they see Asharra. Short of envying you both, and wondering why the hell she's into gnomes... I doubt he'll do much. I think we'll be undisturbed. :smallamused:

2007-10-31, 08:58 PM
"Only when it's you, my Lady," Giles murmured with a grin; with a rustling motion, he rolled his shoulders back, then up and forward. With a simple cocking of his head, his neck produced a series of loud pops, and with a grunt, he continued to follow Asharra, each step still matched evenly to her own stride.

A storm is coming, Cristof...

You are not prepared...

2007-11-01, 01:07 PM
(In the interest of moving things along quickly... I shall summarize. Asharra, as mentioned, thinks that our best bet is to slip someone close to the "mark" AKA Christof. She will take on the task herself if you all agree. In fact... she'd be willing to argue the point that she should be the one to do it. Fidelis will be able to infiltrate with ease as well... and can serve as a second pair of eyes, a source of potent enchantments AND a go-between so that Giles can get his plans/desires to Asharra... who will be doing everything she can to wriggle close to Christof. Anyone who knows her, should know that she does, in fact, mean ANYTHING. Once Asharra has information about the mark to feed to Giles via Fidelis... he can decide a course of action and we can rip the man to shreds in whatever way Giles sees fit. If no one objects... We can make up a cover-story and character for Asharra to play... One that should be able to draw the lecher's attention. Keep in mind that Fidelis and I can watch him at length in differant guises... so we could even study him prior to slipping him the bait if we REALLY wanted to plan this out.

Also keep in mind that Asharra is Chaotic and only going along with this because of her fondness for deceit and elaborate deception. If she gets bored, she may just change the plan on a whim... so it be best if the scheme not drag out TOO long. Sooner or later, she's going to want to get back to her magic hording.

Lastly, speaking of such. Where the heck is my spiffy reward spell from Pale?! He's better not stiff us, or we'll tear him up like Giles did to his brother! :smallamused: )

2007-11-01, 06:19 PM
OOC: For Giles' part, he is of the opinion that the only good way to get his hands on Cristof is to somehow seperate Cristof and distance him from his security... preferably to bring him as far from the Mechian estate as possible, disarm him, and slowly and violently bring vengeance to bear.

2007-11-01, 09:17 PM
Lastly, speaking of such. Where the heck is my spiffy reward spell from Pale?! He's better not stiff us, or we'll tear him up like Giles did to his brother! :smallamused: )

OOC: This will happen as soon as the DM has time to come up with something :smallwink:.

The Duskblade
2007-11-02, 05:48 AM

Posing as a Halfling Gem Merchant (I still have that spider Gem) Fidelis will Gather as much info as he can. I'm pretty much in agreement with Asharra. Detect thoughts could well be getting a work out here. Psyco would I be able to get a touch of info about Halflings? It's hard to pretend to be one if I don't know the first thing about them.

Also I suspect Fid would prefer keeping to woman that are not twice his height :smallsmile:

2007-11-02, 08:05 AM
Halflings are basically D&D standard. The more urbane ones are probably more like smaller, human merchants, though.

2007-11-02, 05:56 PM
Alright boys... there's our plan. Infiltrate and destroy. We'll need to know EVERYTHING Giles knows about the target and the kind of person he is and the kinds of people he sorrounds himself with. We will also need to do a little info-gathering ourselves, if we are to pull this off. Giles' information is a bit out of date.

Asharra however... is going to go out of her way to set up her false persona, but trying to dig up what kinds of women interest Christof. She'll take over as one of his servant staff... one chosen VERY carefully. This process can be as rushed or as elaborate as the group is willing to allow. In the end however... she's going to abduct some poor girl, while in the guise of a black-masked man with cropped short brown hair and a large, disfiguring scar across his face and part of his head... like it was split with an axe once... After I've snagged the girl And request Fidelis' assistance with learning EVERYTHING there is to know about her. While he lurks around invisible, using detect thoughts on her... Asharra will use the spell herself (making it twice as likely that one of us gets through), and in the guise of her abductor... will menace her with a knife and demand to know about everyone around her of importance (I'm not going to single out Christof and give away that he's the target.) To add to the "creepy-bastard" factor... several times when she is being uncooperative or just crying too much, her abductor will cut "him"self and seem... a bit too excited by the pain... Then with a few words and a faint laugh, he will transfer the (non-fatal) wounds to her. I know that would creep me out.

Regardless.... Once we're done... we should have enough for me to impersonate her... and possibly know some things about Christof... the people around him... and even the other servants that work under him. Maybe fidelis can replace one of them.

I know... I'm evil.

The Duskblade
2007-11-02, 08:14 PM
Damn... I mean Damn... Ok lets be bad guys.

While I have no doubt detect thoughts should work well I'll add in Push the weak mind to implant a telepathic suggestion along the lines of. Answer his questions truthfully if you wish to live. Should be effective.

Unfortunately I'm to short to pull off a servant. Disguise person can only add a foot. So I'll go with the Merchant.

Name: Jubal Early
Age: 62
Appearance: Halflingish blue eyes brown hair. Favors dark green well made clothing.
Story: A freind and college of Niska. A Man who has been lucky enough to find a large quantity of high quality gem stones reside beneath his land. And Jubal is aiding him with the sale of said gems.
Gem supply: Spider Gem, local Gem merchants. rocks mixed with illusions or dancing lights.
Traits: Freindly. Likes to drink. Firefly Fanboy.

2007-11-02, 11:37 PM
Who Asharra plays will be based on what kinds of women would appeal to the target... So I'll decide what's up with that once we get the info.

Also... that fun wound-transfer trick comes from the Bestow Wounds spell. So much fun for freaking people out... so useless in a real fight. :smallamused:

2007-11-08, 03:09 PM
Apologies for the double post but.... I think our DM is dead. :smallfrown:

2007-12-03, 02:49 PM
The Goods...so to speak.

This is going to be a lot of info, so be prepared to read some.

Cristof Amaros
As fitting his name, Amaros is a man of many, many tastes. Some rumours include:

- Enjoys the company of little girls.
- Enjoys the company of little boys.
- Enjoys hearing women scream.
- Enjoys the company of multiple partners of both genders at once.

...I think you get the idea.

He is currently the Ambassador representing Mechian interests in Kayru, and is of late not seen in public without his tall, shadowy adviser (by way of a recap). He is considered by most who know him to be a foppish, overindulgent fool who is using his station simply to "enjoy the company of as many kinds of people as he can find".

Apart from the cloaked adviser (who nobody seems to know anything about), there are three people who have courted his attention most recently.

Ewan Gortine: the Statesman
The heir to one of the seven ruling families of Kayru, Gortine sits on the executive council. He is known to those who are interested as a conservative voice, and is mildly xenophobic, which is made known through his long speeches decrying the influence of non-humans. Gortine is not known to share in Amaros' bedtime dalliances, but is instead implicated in some black-market dealings shared with Amaros, the nature of which are unknown to the serving staff.

Aldous Brannigan: the Merchant
A wealthy human merchant, specializing in the clandestine transport of whatever you want, from wherever you want to wherever you want. He relies on Amaros' (and it is implied that through him, the Mechian government) for protection from the Dock King, as Brannigan operates outside the King's considerable reach. Some of the servants believe Brannigan holds something over Amaros, as Amaros often appears to be doing Brannigan's bidding, rather than the other way around. Brannigan enjoys groping servants, but does not otherwise partake of the loose flesh in the Embassy.

Erick Maartens: the Guard Captain
Erick is Amaros' personal bodyguard and close friend, also responsible for larger Embassy security. The two do everything together: and I do mean everything. Maartens is fiercely loyal to Amaros, but servants gossip says that he is desperately trying to cover up something that happened at a small pub in the Docks, called the Salty Sea-Wench. Whether what happened is directly related to Amaros or is entirely Maartens' doing is unclear.

Is this the kind of info you wanted?

2007-12-05, 07:14 PM
Asharra Valaar

OOC: (First of all, I would like to say... it's good to be back! WEEEEEEE!)

I can work with that. This Christof sounds like he's right up my alley. :smallamused:

In summary, since playing it out will take us a nice long time, and we've spent enough of that. Here's my plan.

"Interesting. This man almost sounds like fun... But why is it that men such as he always lust after children? Honestly. He must have little to him worthy of impressing a grown woman. Asharra will say with a darkly amused tone, once the interrogation is finished, and the girl has been left to cry in her room, alone. I have an idea. What if Fidelis were to attempt dealings with him, under his guise of a merchant of... questionable goods. Slaves. We can tell him that we believe he is the man to see about moving slaves under the noses of those who object to the trade of human lives. I will play the part of a young slave girl that you will bestow to Christof as a gift of gratitude, to ensure that you two can work together. What say you?

2007-12-06, 02:31 AM
Giles rubbed his chin idly, eyes hardening as the information unfolded before him.

"Vengeance is eternal, but best friends come and go as you please," the barbarian mused, "I will speak with the fool, and if he will not give me what I require cooperatively, I will take it from him by force. I will do this whilst you begin your own plan, m'Lady... I can be of little use directly to Cristof's face, and do not wish to be left idle whilst others carry the fruits of revenge to me."

2007-12-06, 09:18 PM
Asharra Valar

If his friend goes missing, he will be worried and on guard... not to mention a bit too distracted to truly take time to unwind with young slave girls and consider the offers of up and coming slave-dealers. Asharra will say, stroking her hands along Giles' shoulders. He cannot just disappear... If you want reason to speak with him... we will need an excuse for his sudden absence.

The Duskblade
2007-12-07, 08:13 PM

Winking into existance as he canceled his invisibility spell Fidelis shuddered slighty. "Remind me never get you angry Asharra. Mind reading is usfull but when your dealing with someone it's better left untouched. composing himself Fidelis added, "What I found of use you heard. I had to cancel the damn Suggestion spell right about when she started blabing about one of the Guards pet goldfish. Why she thought that was the sort of thing you wanted I'll never know."

"Your Idea is a good one. I see no problems with it. As for the Guard captain. I'll be making time to find out what this secret is."

2007-12-08, 02:26 PM
Asharra Valaar

Asharra almost trembled with anticipation at the thought of it. Elaborate deception had a draw to it that she enjoyed like few other things... With one notable exception.

So then it is settled? We will drow close to Christof, while Giles claims his bodyguard. Just promise me you will be subtle about it Giles? You get... excited. Asharra will say, stroking a hand down Giles' arm. If you make him wary, and defensive... we may never get close to him.

hehehehe! I can't wait to get this going. This is going to be fun! Has anyone got anything more to add or the mix before we set off to decieve and murder?

2007-12-09, 03:08 AM
"I promise, my Lady," Giles intoned solemnly, "I do not intend to kill the guard captain; not unless it really comes to it... an eye for an eye. I will see what I can found out from the guard captain, and then, if possible, I will try to turn him against Cristof," the evil smile returned to Giles' features, "It's only fair, isn't it? However, before I make my attempt, I will need your assistance, my Lady. A grizzled warrior who seems to have taken on years would be a far better disguise to approach the good captain with than my own appearance."

The Duskblade
2007-12-09, 06:00 AM
"The guard captain does seem to be our weak point. If Asharra works mainly on Cristov while Giles does some investigation on this tavern. I'll try my hand with his underlings. The merchant might be useful." Fidelis stayed slilent a moment before adding another thought. Depending on how long this takes we might need to arrange the passing of a few guardsmen. What with the slight lack of slaves to guard..."

OOC: Are there any places that trade in slaves other then the Machian state? specifically human slaves. (I'm a sucker for irony.)

2007-12-09, 02:32 PM
Asharra Valarr

My disguises only work on me Giles... You're going to have to figure out how to get close to this man on your own... You're a smart boy. You'll do just fine. Asharra will say with a wicked smirk, Now play nice with your new friend. If we are going to get this done, best to set the ground work as soon as possible. Fidelis... let's go out and set up your front... and maybe get you some convincing slaves.

2007-12-09, 06:52 PM
OOC: Are there any places that trade in slaves other then the Machian state? specifically human slaves. (I'm a sucker for irony.)

Not officially. The poor and dispossessed of every race are occasionally forced into slavery, with strict instructions regarding the secrecy of it. Not to mention the fact that with the Mechian State's laws regarding slavery, it is not illegal for Cristof to, on Mechian Soil (the Embassy), purchase a slave. It would, however, be illegal to sell one within Kayru city limits (just a city-state, here).

The short answer is yes, you can pose as a Hobbit Slaver and sell some humans, provided you have some humans to sell and you're capable enough to avoid capture.

2007-12-09, 09:26 PM
"Fah," Giles rumbled, "It has been fifteen years... surely Cristof's memory of me isn't quite so clear as it might have been were we still friends. I will do without, then, and begin my part of this..." the barbarian paused, searching for the proper word.


The Duskblade
2007-12-10, 05:06 AM

"I have a little something. Not that impresive but it will help make a disguise appear a little more natural. And you can use it up form a nice little bonus if you really need it."

(I'm talking of Crown of veils. Kinda crummy but a two plus bonus for 8 hours. eight plus if you discharge it.)

2007-12-10, 06:51 PM
Let's be on with this then... I'm feeling... impatient.

Asharra will disguise herself with... well... Disguise Self. To appear as a younger girl of roughly her build... With wavy, flaxen blonde hair and a slight tan to her skin... Like a foreigner from an exotic locale. To avoid the illusion being ruined from too much... "touching"... she will keep the false her as much like her in size, build and clothing as possible... with only a change in her hair, skin and eye color, as well as the color and design embrodered on her clothing, and her apparent age. I have a feeling Christof likes them young... so she'll take on the visage of a girl just turned 16... Just old enough that her body could have filled out... just young enough to draw the interest of someone like Christof.

The end result is a tan, golden-haired beauty of lush curves and soft, caramel skin. Garbed in a loose, revealing outfit of light white cloth that verges on transparent gauze in places. Her wrists and ankles are each clasped in slim golden chains with several small charms dangling from them to accent the "exotic" look... and her feet are bare. In short... very much like an egyptian belly dancer. Her left shoulderblade bears an intricate tattoo that looks to be the mark of a noble house... That of her owner.

I call her Eda. She will say, spreading her arms wide, She is a shy girl, but she has been trained very well since she was young to serve men... She's just eager enough to please to do anything a man wants... and just reserved enough to make them feel like they're claiming her. What do you think?

There will be something profoundly disturbing about her smile... especially as it now rests on the face of a girl who looks equally innocent and suggestive.

I almost feel bad for what I'm going to make her do...

The Duskblade
2007-12-11, 06:16 AM

"If only you wern't so bloody tall. I suppose it will do considering were dealing with a human." (This is from a gnomish perspective.)

"Sanguin Veil." Fidelis intoned with a wave of his hand in Guile's direction. That should make your own wandering a bit easier if you choose a disguise guiles. Fidelis repeats the spell for himself and Asharra. Every little bit helps after all. Salian Mas." with these words Fidelis altered his image.

The end result was a near oppisite of Fidelis with the exeption of size. His face paled. His hair turned blond and grew thinner and longer. His eyes turned to green. His eyebrows thined to the point of disapearing and his nose and ears shrank. His features took on a distinctly halfling cast.

His clothes changed from practical and slightly over flamboyant to nothing but flamboyant. He gained a set of rings. (One of which matching the tatoo on Asharra's shoulder.) A golden earing set with a dark blue stone and his clothes turned from Black with gold to White with red, evidently made with far supiriour material.

"I think I agree with you. Let's have a little fun."

2007-12-11, 10:40 AM
Okay, getting Asharra and Fidelis into Embassy Row is just a matter of money. Bribes here and there will cost the pair of you a total of 15gp (I'm including the amount of money to let you see Cristof in that, but we're not there yet). How do you plan to go about it, just walk up to the front door of the Embassy?

2007-12-11, 11:37 AM
Of course... but we should throw in an extra few gold to have the servants or guards or whomever introduce us... ala pride and prejudice. After all... our plucky young halfling is the pretentious "i want to be a noble" sort... It will make him feel important to be introduced as SIR Jubal Early, and his escort... Eda.

Then we can schmooze... fidelis can chat to a few people... make it seem like we're not going right for Christof... and then we go for him and claim that a few "contacts' said he was the man to see.... yadda yadda... cue plan as mentioned previously. :smallamused:

Unless you have any other ideas Dusk. What do you say?

The Duskblade
2007-12-12, 04:03 AM
It might be worth shelling out for a carriage. Just for sake of appearance.

2007-12-12, 08:22 PM
Hey folks, is this the end of discussion and the beginning of action? It's fine if it's not, I don't want to leap into something without you being ready, but I'd like to know so I can start with the DM-stuff and keep the pace up.

2007-12-12, 09:45 PM
I think we're action ready. We'll snag a carriage and some nice clothes... and make our triumphant appearance. I will follow Fidelis all meek and submissively and let him do the talking. :smallamused:

2007-12-12, 10:30 PM
Alrighty then.

A clatter of wheels on cobblestones later, you arrive outside the embassy. You are greeted by two guards who ask you to surrender whatever weapons you might have on your person (I'm going to assume that you either comply or at least pretend to comply).

You are lead into a small audience room, two comfortable chairs are set up, and Cristof is sitting in one. "Sir Erotus of the Halfling Lands, sire," the guard says stiffly, then turns around and closes the door behind him.

Cristof is neither tall nor short. His shoulder-length hair is tied back into a rough ponytail, and his amber brown eyes inspect Asharra for a few moments too long. He stands, his silk shirt falling open to reveal a muscled body. "Who," he asks Asharra smoothly, ignoring Fidelis, "Might you be?".

2007-12-12, 11:09 PM
Asharra Valaar

"Eda" was quiet and submissive... as well as unarmed. She follows her master closely... a step behind and to the side of him. Her eyes downcast, her eyes drawn close to her body... hands clasped together as she stood behind the small man. For someone so much smaller than her, she seemed to look to him for assurances whenever she was called upon to do anything...

Christof's question was no exception. She looked to her halfing master, her face uncertain. Like an animal that fears it will be whipped if it makes a sound. When he (I am guessing) nods... she will flit her gaze to Christof for a moment, looking as intimidated of him as she is of her diminutive keeper, and in a soft, uncertain voice.

"I am... Eda.... My lord."

The Duskblade
2007-12-14, 06:15 AM

"And I Lord Cristof, am Sir Erotus as your man has just mentioned. Here to represent Lord Alkair. I wish to to talk to you opening up trade betwean your homeland and mine, concerning a cargo some fools would consder Amoral." Fidelis'es train of thought was signicantly unfited to his words. Something along the lines of: Die in a fire you son of a kobold slave trading bastard Mechian.

"Human primitives are becoming a severe anoyance to the Halflings. Often of late we have had to attack settlements to clear them off of our land. And that leads to prisoners. We will not allow the primitives to become a recuring anoyance. We either kill them or make use of them. And to be honest, we prefer the money... Interested?" Says Fidelis with a gesture from his right hand.

Silenced charm person Save DC: 17

2007-12-14, 11:47 AM

"Of course!" he says, with a wide grin, "At the right price. How much is she worth to you?" He reluctantly turns his attention away from her, and towards the business matter at hand.

The Duskblade
2007-12-15, 09:44 AM

"Eda? Why simply the cost of further trade betwean us. She is a gift if you will." Fidelis waved his hand as if to tell "Eda" to go stand by Cristof.

"Now as for others. That all comes down to the details. Numbers, transport, use and so forth. Another like her would natually come at a greater expense then some labourer."

2007-12-15, 10:03 AM
Cristof turns to his desk and begins to scribble on a piece of parchment."This," he says, "Will get you access to my personal dock at the waterfront. Speak to the quartermaster about his next shipment, and give him this note. He will make space for your, ah, cargo. I want labourers for mining ore on that transport, and a few more like Eda here for my own personal enjoyment. If I asked for one hundred labourers, how much money would you require?"

2007-12-15, 10:26 AM
Asharra Valaar

"Eda" bowed her head submissively to Fidelis, her face wearing the look of fear hidden under a poorly donned mask of normalcy. Whether she was afraid of the halfling or Christof, she would not say. She walked to his side gracefully, clearly trying to impress.... something her master likely expects of her. Her eyes however, will still avoid his, giving away her nervousness and fear of the man and his hungry eyes. Eda took her place beside Christof, still looking to her halfling master for reprieve, even though she knew it was not to come.

And behind the mask, inside her own mind... Asharra smiled. He took the bait easily enough... So easy in fact, that she briefly wondered if he might, in fact, know something was false. In either case, it should be interesting.

2007-12-15, 12:10 PM
(Note, in the meantime, Giles is off doing his own thing. I'm "NPCing" a solo-mission, though, so I'll relate what he thinks happened when you get back to him. Or rather, when Fidelis does, because I doubt Cristof is going to let Asharra go, um, anywhere except his many chambers.)

The Duskblade
2007-12-17, 06:06 AM

((Sorry for the delay and please tell me if you think my pricing plan is a bit over/under the line.))

"Well you are providing transportation. For one hundred Labourers and say five girls like her a sum of Two thousand gold is what I will put on the table.

Taking the paper Cristof offered and mentally noting to pursue it closly Fidelis sent out a telepatic thought to Asharra. "Look into this mining thing would you?"

"If you feel the offer is reasonable then I will give instructions to your man down at the dock."

2007-12-17, 10:32 AM
Asharra Valaar

Eda flinched slightly at the revelation that she was being sold, and looked to her master with a look of fear and shock... as if to say, "I thought I was worth more to you.". What she actually was saying however....

What makes you think he's going to let me ask questons or wander around his operations? I figure I'll spend spend most of the time here in his bed... And be killed or sold if he gets bored. Asharra replied to Fidelis through the mental link, Get in touch with Giles, and find out what his plan is to end this wretch. Then come back here to collect the first half of your payment, and inform me. And be quick. Once he starts boring me, it's going to be difficult to not wring the life out of him.

The dark, murderous intent a stark contrast to the innocent look on the young girl's face. Her lip quivered and she shut her eyes, before stepping back into place behind Christof, as she had stood behind Fidelis when he first entered. As if resigning herself to her fate. Her eyes seemed ready to tear... but she held them back and stayed silent... A slave's place was to serve and never question.

OOC: Well.... this blows. We were waiting for Giles to get off of his ass and decide what form of revenge he wanted from this pervert. If he's not around... well... :smallfrown:

We need Giles back soon. Because god help all of us if Asharra is left to improvise something. :smallamused:

2007-12-17, 12:59 PM
"Two thousand?" He asks incredulously, "Where did you get these slaves? I would have paid twice that much." He pauses, looking at each of you for a moment, "Well, I am not one to complain when a bargain comes my way. Done and done. My guard captain will inspect them before I pay fully, but this," he drops a small bag on the desk, metal clinks inside, "Ought to keep you well until then."

Assuming Fidelis takes the bag, it contains 50 Platinum Pieces.

The Duskblade
2007-12-18, 07:23 AM

OOC: God damn I knew I should have upped the price.

"Thank you and good luck to you in your future endevours. I hope to deal with you again."

Unless something else happens Fidelis will head back to his inn, switching back to Gnome form inn a silent alley way. As soon as he reaches his room he will exaimine Cristof's note, and if Giles is around fill him in on what happend.

2007-12-18, 10:28 AM
@ Fidelis

When you return to the inn, the bartender calls you over, and says "Your big friend was in here earlier. He said he had more to do at the Salty Sea-Wench tonight, and that you should meet him there if you can."

Cristof beckons you closer to his desk. As you approach, he leans back in his chair, and says with a half-smile, "Alright, you can drop the act."

2007-12-18, 05:40 PM
Asharra Valaar

OOC: Well crap! I was hoping an illusion and a ring of mind shielding would be enough to fool this guy. Curse people who aren't as dumb as they look!

Gods, it's about time. I was afraid you were actually a fool! She'll say, her posture and demeanor shifting drastically. Looking confident and powerful now, and walking over to lock the door... shifting back to her normal form as she walked. With an excessive sway of the hips no less.

You have no idea how difficult it is to arrange a meeting with you alone. She will say, sauntering back towards him in a slow walk... a seductive smirk upon her face. Now that the runt is gone... I have you all to myself.

She will sit down across from him, cross her legs and get comfortable. Looking him over with her odd, multi-colored eyes.

You're a person of power, Mr. Christof. I like that. She will purr at him, My name is Asharra... And I think we have reason to talk.

2007-12-18, 07:05 PM
"Well then," he says, smirking, "I'm a very popular person today, aren't I." He pauses a moment, then leans forward over his desk, "And he's not a slaver, is he." It's not a question.

The Duskblade
2007-12-19, 09:08 AM

After thanking the Barkeep Fidelis headed out. Heading towards the tavern in search of Giles.

2007-12-19, 10:13 AM

It's spot check time. Make three.

2007-12-19, 05:13 PM
Hardly. He's just a gnome with a grudge. She will say with a laugh, He has some issue with Machians or slavers... or perhaps both. I never bothered to ask.

Asharra will keep her eyes on Christof as she speaks, but she seems confident and relaxed. A wickedly amused gleam in her eye, now that this whole plan had turned out to be FAR more interesting than she first suspected.

It is not the gnome you have to worry about... but then, I think you already know what I mean... don't you? But let's make a game of it, shall we? It will be so much more fun.

A disturbing smile will cross her face, and she will lean forward, resting her chin on her interlocked hands.

I want power. Plain and simple. Magical power, to be precise... and I am sure you know the sorts of people who can get their hands on much. The question is... what do YOU want?

2007-12-19, 10:12 PM

"Well," he says, mulling over his options. "I have been long-warned not to reveal too much in one go."

He stands, leaning in close to you, not quite touching his cheek to yours. "Lets start with babysteps, shall we? I want that gnome dead. I want his body here, in three days or less. I will, as payment, introduce you to my father when he visits. He is the Grand Literatus of the Mechian State."

For your own information, the Grand Literatus is the head wizard of state. The state is a Mageocracy. Enjoy.

2007-12-19, 10:24 PM
Asharra Valaar

Asharra will just flat out laugh.

Oh? Is that all? You only want me to kill someone within the city walls and give you his body... trusting you on your word that you will give me what I want, and not simply use your influence to have me arrested or killed for the crime! Of course!

She will push Christof back and stand... looking amused as hell.

You've been untouchable for so long, you've no idea how to barter, do you? You do not even know who the gnome is... or what he wants... do you? Maybe you are not the man I thought. Do you even know who sent him?

2007-12-19, 10:30 PM

He grins, "Such fire. I suppose a more verifiable award would be in order for a murder, but I am no wizard, and I have no meritable award to give you. Forget the murder." He plunks a bag of coins on the table, and counts out ten platinum. "Ten platinum. Who does the gnome work for?" He piles them and sets them forward, then counts out another ten. "Another ten. Why has he attempted to spy on me?"

2007-12-19, 10:52 PM
Asharra Valaar

Better... At least now you're trying. Asharra will say with a smirk, sliding her fingertip down Christof's cheek. But I don't want coin.

She'll pause a moment, and then smile.

I don't want JUST coin. If I am going to sell my worthless allies to you... I would like a new ally to replace them.

She will draw in close to him.... her chest against his... her hand curling behind his neck, and her voice a low, lusty purr, Like I said... you are a powerful man. I like that. I want you to be my patron. Fund my studies. Let me live in the kind of luxury that you have. In return... I can serve you... in every... sense... of the word. If all you want is a killer, I will do that... but I suspect you have enough of them already. So tell me what you REALLY want from this world, Christof... and perhaps I can help you to it.

(Damn I love being evil.)

2007-12-19, 10:57 PM
"My darling," he says, not backing away, "I hardly know you. Surely you agree I require a token of good faith from you. Equitable agreements require, well, equity. Answer my questions, and perhaps a few others if you intrigue me, and take the coin. We will see what I can do from there. The more you please me, the more generous I can be."

2007-12-19, 11:06 PM
Asharra Valaar

Asharra will smirk and pull back from him.

The gnome is named Fidelis. He's skilled with illusions and deception. If you go after him and he notices you... he will vanish and you will never find him. She'll say, matter-of-factly. But it is not him you need to worry about. His grudge is non-specific. He hates slavers, not you personally. The man behind this... who seeks you dead. He has plenty of reason to hate you, and so long as he lives, he will do all that he can to hunt you down, rip your skin from your body, and slowly boil you alive, just so he may watch you scream.

She'll **** her head to one side, as a lock of dark hair falls across her face, and give a smile like that of a cat playing with a mouse.

Can you think of anyone who might wish this?

2007-12-19, 11:29 PM
He will frown, pausing to think. "Of course," he murmurs under his breath a moment later when he finally puts it all together. "Giles."

I'm going to cut the scene here, nothing else will be, ah, family friendly, and I want to give the Fidelis a chance to catch up.

The Duskblade
2007-12-20, 08:18 AM
OOC: Well crap


2007-12-20, 11:45 AM
@Fidelis (on the 16)

You're not sure, but you've been walking awhile now, and you think somebody's following you. He's dressed as a commoner, but holds himself a little higher and lighter than your average commoner.

The Duskblade
2007-12-20, 07:58 PM

Erring on the side of caution Fidelis innocently reachs a hand up as if to scratch an itch by his eye. And just as innocently plucks an eye lash from it's resting place. Then returns his hand to his pocket. Within seconds the eyelash is covered with gum arabric. Fidelis smiles. A complex gesture and the word "nesitsi" And he's gone. Quickly moving off to an out of the way spot.

invisibility and moving quickly to a more private location. I hope I got all that off before something happend.

2007-12-20, 10:44 PM
Asharra Valaar

OOC: See? What did I tell him? Such a clever boy! I knew my little gnome was too tricky for them to catch. Don't they know we're PC's?

Ok. Seduction time! *cracks knuckles*

So you DO remember! Asharra will say with a wicked smile, He certainly remembers you. The poor boy is obsessed, in fact. It's actually rather sad. When a man is alone with a desirable woman, and all he can prattle on about is blood and revenge and the unspeakable acts he wished to perpetrate upon your loins...

Asharra will raise her gaze to his and take a step forward, just enough to put her a mere inch or so from him... She's not afraid to draw in close. She will take in a long, slow breath, and lift the barest hint of a smirk.

You though... You seem like a man who knows how to treat a woman. A woman always wishes to know that a man's attentions lie with her and only her. So when a woman is close to a man... just... like... this... She will draw closer still... her soft cheek pressing oh-so-lightly to his as she draws her body against him and slips a hand slowly up his back. She knows he appreciates the gift.

She will pause for a second, her hips pressing to his for just a second... her voice soft and silken.

I can tell that you do... She will purr into his ear, her breath hot against his neck... her lips nearly brushing his skin. Unless... you still wish to turn me away...

(note to self: I rule!)

2007-12-20, 11:17 PM
Until this moment, two very natural urges were warring within Cristof. Now one has taken over. He takes Asharra by the wrist, somewhat possessively, and says "Come with me."

And the scene's going to come to an abrupt end here, as the camera fades to black.


2007-12-21, 11:40 AM
Giles scratched his jaw idly as he stepped out of the tavern, a frown locked on his face as he walked. He had presented himself as a "plank stomping myrmidon", and now it was time to see if he could find some of his own. Still glowering, he made his way to the dockside district, with the intention of hiring some muscle...

2007-12-29, 09:35 PM
Promise to post sometime tomorrow. Need to do some more thinking about the direction in which this is going.

2007-12-30, 09:22 PM

What are you up to right now?


After your, ah, encounter...what then?

@ Giles.

Big tough men are easy to find, and fairly cheap to hire. Half a dozen big, tough sailor types for a rough and tumble job'll be 60 gp (10 each).

Go ahead and post what you do with your newfound muscle.

2007-12-30, 09:29 PM
"Right," Giles muttered roughly, "Here's what we're doing. For the time being, we must wait; however, I am due back at a nearby tavern for an... appointment. You men will have a simple task; if things get rough, you will bring the tavern down around their damned heads. Start a brawl, throw some lanterns around, I don't care what you have to do... I want that place to erupt into chaos should my appointment go poorly..." Giles will smile a predatory smile.

"Meet me here in a few hours; and for each of you men who brings a friend, the pay will be double, plus five gold coins for whoever you bring along."

2007-12-30, 09:33 PM
The men nod simply and head off to find some friends.

What next?

2007-12-30, 09:41 PM
(Note: Double post authorized by the DM.)

Giles nodded after a couple hours had passed; the docks of a city the scope of Kayru had been a perfect choice, it seemed. Before him stood a dozen thickly muscled men, colored in an array of skin tones, tattoos, and colorful bandanas.

...and none of them looked like they had plans for going to a temple service instead of accompanying Giles later that evening.

"Well done, all of you. Tonight, we'll be showing our pretty faces at a tavern; I've got some business there, business that I suspect will go awry. That's where you come in. Should I give the word, you men will turn the once peaceful establishment into an all out brawl. Grab women, grab ale, grab gold, attack customers, and most important of all... if I am fighting, stand at my side."

Giles gestured widely, then motioned for the men to come in a little closer.

"So what say you men? Feeling like a bit of fun?"

Giles' proposal was recieved warmly, to say the least.


Night having fallen, Giles returns to the tavern he had previously attempted to seek information in.

"Give a count of five, then one of you needs to enter the tavern. A count of five, and then two more. A count of five, and four of you come in, and finally after a count of five, the rest of you enter the bar. Keep to yourselves, order a drink, and wait for my call."

With that, Giles entered the tavern, pausing only a moment to scan the room for anyone particularly out of place.

Spot Check: 1d20+8

2007-12-31, 01:29 AM
Asharra Valaar

OOC: Well where we go from here partially depends on Christof and how he wants to handle this Giles incident. So I guess I'll just ad-lib something.

The room was a dishevelled mess, sheets torn from the bed... clothing torn and scattered across the room. Movement from the floor could be heard, where a pile of the bedsheets seemed to have gathered. Shifting on them, Asharra reclined languidly to Christof's side... her body still slick and glistening. She didn't bother to cover up, and smiled a wicked smile, as she traced her fingertips across Christof's chest.

Hard to believe we started on the bed. She said in a lusty, silken purr, So how do you plan to deal with Giles, lover? If he learns of this, he will hate you even more... and myself as well. He will be expecting to hear from me soon. I will help you get the better of him again... if you will get me close to these arcane secrets you spoke of... and those who hold them. So what is your plan?

2008-01-02, 12:52 PM

The bar is fuller than it was when you last came in. A few burly types look up as you enter, but go back to their drinks afterwards. The bartender flags you down, and says, "Hey there, mate, your, ah, company is in the back room waiting for you." He gives you a hearty wink and a (playful) swat on the back.


"Well I haven't really decided yet," he murmurs softly back. "One of Erick's contacts sent a message today that someone matching Giles' description was in the Salty Sea-Wench today. You wouldn't know anything about that, would you?"

2008-01-02, 07:11 PM
Giles simply smiled.

"As eager as I am, I think I'd like to meet my companion first... it's never polite to simply throw yourself into the act," Giles surveyed the room a second time, then gestured to a corner table.

"I will be over there, if you could send them out for a bit of talk."

2008-01-02, 11:32 PM
Asharra Valaar

Asharra rolled her eyes and sighed... her hands still roaming over Christof idly.

I tell him to wait, and what does he do... rush off to find you on his own and ruin everything. She will say in an exasperated tone, I have no idea what he thinks he's doing... but I'm sure it involves getting to you somehow. He's supposed to be getting in contact with the gnome... who is supposed to return to me and give me instructions towards whatever plan he's managed to come up with.

Asharra will smirk as her hand dips a bit lower.

Done already? She'll purr with an amused smile, How boring... Alright then, shall we send someone to kill him, or shall we do it ourselves? Or would you rather have him alive? It's so much more fun to break a man than to just snuff him out.

2008-01-05, 01:28 PM
(Bloody heck, my CP didn't tell me you had posted)

"Well, my right hand man, a very talented swordsman, is meeting with him today. If he doesn't return at the right hour, well, then perhaps you and I had better deal with it."

2008-01-05, 05:55 PM
Asharra Valaar

That wouldn't be a man named Erick Maartens, would it? Asharra asked with an amused smile, sitting up and stretching her arms over her head, Giles is expecting him. He's hoping to get a hold of your man and start breaking things and cutting off parts until he talks. I have no idea what he plans to ask.... his plans are miserable at best... but unless your man is very good, I wouldn't count on him getting the better of Giles. If the gnome got away from your men, Maartens will have him to deal with too.

Asharra stood and let the blankets that were covering her, however barely, to drop to the floor. Flicking her hair back over one shoulder, she picked up her clothing, torn though it was... and began to clad herself... though perhaps a bit more slowly than was really necessary. Slipping the loose garment over her curves, she finally turned back to Christof with a smirk, as she set about pulling on her boots.

If you do not want to confront him yourself, then let me go. She will say with a taunting smile, I can counter the gnome's magic... and I know from experience that I can make Giles submit to me...one way or another.

2008-01-05, 10:49 PM
He chuckles, "Maartens is extremely good, but so is Giles. Perhaps we should get check his progress." He stands, moves to a wardrobe and begins to dress himself.

2008-01-06, 12:24 AM
Asharra Valaar

A cruel smile spread across Asharra's face, as she laced up her boot and stood. Cocking her hip and looking down at Christof, she laced her fingers together. The aura of power that seeped from her was almost palpable. She could feel the eldrich might surging to be released... It was intoxicating.

Let us go and pay him a visit then... and hope we do not miss all the fun.

(To the meeting spot! This should be a hell of a party! :smallamused: )

2008-01-07, 05:59 PM
(Hey Folks...I'm going to be a few days in adjusting to my brutal school schedule. Please stand by, and bear with the delays.)

2008-01-22, 07:01 PM
Is game dead? Because I will be sad...

2008-01-24, 10:24 PM
I'm really, really sorry, but I'm very quickly discovering with my school and work schedule I don't have the energy to run this game.