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2018-02-17, 06:42 PM
The samurai

Swift strike: When taking the attack action the samurai can choose to spend his bonus action spread out his attacks via a series of incredibly precise, quick movements. The samurai may choose any creature or object within fifteen feet to put one, or more, attacks into. The total number of attacks equals the number of attacks a character has when using the attack action. The samurai provokes no attacks of opportunity and is not affected by reactions during the swift strike. The samurai can choose to position himself anywhere, within the initial area that the swift strike took place in, at end the swift strike.
Physical and magical barriers can block a swift strike. Travelling through harmful effects such as a wall of fire do not affect the samurai during a swift strike.
The samurai may add his proficiency bonus as force damage to any hits landed during a swift strike.
At third level a samurai may use Swift strike twice per day. The uses increase to three at tenthth level and four at eightheenth.
The samurai regains spent uses of Swift strike on a short or long rest.

Inspiring presence: At seventh level the samurai and any creature of his choice within fifteen feet gain advantage to saving throws against fear type effects, at fifteenth level the samurai extends his presence out to thirty feet.

Ki shout: At tenth level the samurai may issue a warcry or challenge, against up to three creatures of their choice, within a 30 foot cone. The save DC equals 8+proficiency modifier+wisdom modifier. If any of the targets fail they are stunned until the start of your next turn.

Tireless strike: At 18th level the samurai gains a use of swift strike whenever he rolls initiative and he has no use of swift strike available.

2018-02-18, 12:06 AM
Before anything else I'm not really sure what this is. It seems to obviously be a subclass for something but the feature levels don't like up with any of the base classes

2018-02-18, 11:44 AM
XGTE already has a Samurai for fighter, y'know.

Swift Strike
I... don't understand what this feature really does? Is it like, a 15-foot teleport attack? If so, it seems really situationally useful.

Inspiring Presence
5th level? Why not 7th, like fighter subclasses are supposed to? Regardless, while the wording is... Not very good? The mechanical aspect is fine.

Precise Strike
You now have a reason to use Swift Strike! ...And it, still, kinda sucks. Maybe add your Wisdom modifier? It makes it slightly worse by 18th+ level, but it makes it better earlier on.

Tireless Strike
Eh. If Swift Strike was good, it'd be fine.

Okay, so, the levels for fighter subclasses are 3rd, 7th, 10th, 15th, and 18th. If you fix the levels up, you still do need another feature. The main issue with this subclass is that Swift Strike isn't very good, but yet the subclass revolves all around it.

2018-02-19, 06:19 AM
Updated with new abilities and other tweaks.