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2018-02-27, 03:06 PM
Recently, I've been enjoying Watts-Evan's "The Misenchanted Sword", and I think that the titular weapon would make a fantastic magic item. Here's what I've got so far:

weapon (longsword), finesse, versatile d8 (d10), unique, requires attunement, cursed

This sword is simple, with an unadorned leather-wrapped steel grip, and the blade has a dull gray shine. It appears to have seen much use, but seems in good condition. Nevertheless, as you look at it, it radiates an aura of menace.

While attuned to this weapon, whenever you draw it from its scabbard, it activates. While active, you have advantage against attempts to disarm you, and have advantage on attack rolls with this weapon against adult male humanoids. The sword ceases its activation when am adult male humanoid dealt damage by the sword dies. Also, if you and the sword ever become separated, it will reappear within your hand after one day.

Curse: the sword is cursed, and attuning to the sword extends the curse to you. As long as you remain cursed, you are unwilling to part with the sword, keeping it within reach at all times.

Whenever you draw this sword, you must succeed on a DC15 Wisdom save, or give in to the sword's bloodlust. On a failure, you must use your action to attack the nearest adult male humanoid with the sword. If you can make extra attacks as part of the Attack action, you must do so. If you have multiple possible targets, you must pick one at random. You can repeat this save at the end of each of your turns on a failure.

Additionally, you cannot sheathe the sword while it is active.

The only way to break the curse is either the death of the wielder, or through a Wish spell or magic of similar strength. Once unattuned, it is impossible for that person to re-attune to the sword.

For those familiar with the book, should I try to make more faithful to the definitely stronger, definitely more dangerous to the owner original? Heck, is what I have now too strong/too weak? Any advice would be appreciated.

2018-02-27, 03:27 PM
Just read through the tvtropes (http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Literature/TheMisenchantedSword) for it. It would definitely be interesting of you kept the 'kill countdown' part of the sword's curse.

2018-02-27, 03:38 PM
I'm inclined to agree with you for narrative and flavor reasons; the countdown really is a significant part of what makes it cool. However, from a gamist perspective, I wouldn't do it; it is a massive downside. I mean, if you were a player, wouldn't you feel cheated if you found out that the cool item you got was actually an impending death sentence, one that you basically can't get rid of? On its own, it could be worked around, I guess, but perhaps most insultingly, it eats an attunement slot. It's hard to balance between rule of cool and functionality in game.

2018-02-27, 04:10 PM
Curses are generally something you work to get rid of or, failing that, seek to work around. If your players are the kind to do something like ragequit over a death sentence on an item they've been relying on enough for said death sentence to actually be a threat to them, then maybe they aren't the kind of players you should be giving this sword to.

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