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2018-02-27, 11:57 PM

Encils are small little plant creatures, made originally from the blood of magically potent beings spilled on fertile plantland. Dragons, angels, demons... All sorts of creatures who's blood (or ichor or whatever equivalent they have) have been laid on the ground have resulted in Encils, meaning they run the gamut in personalities and alignments. They have little collective history-while they do release spores that settle in magically active and fertile areas and create new Encils, they tend to be hangers-on for larger cultures.

All Encils are magically potent, though, with a special knack for creating and using magical items. They are devilishly bright and surprisingly sturdy, though very weak and they tend to be rash.

Physical Description-Encils are small. Like, we're talking 2' tall max. They tend to be green in coloration, though blues, reds, purples, all sorts of other colors are not unheard of. Their bodies are centered around a small orb of solidified magic, with three short legs and two arms, and a vaguely humanoid head on top.

Society-As mentioned, Encils have little society of their own. Instead, they work and live with others, providing assistance and crafting.

Relations-Encils get along very well with those that don't hate them. They can be a bit handsy with stuff that isn't theirs, but once you establish firm property lines, it's hard to find better friends, due to their crafty nature.

Alignment And Religion-Encils alignments vary immensely. It usually depends what blood they are born from-demonic ichor produces a very different Encil than the angelic version. Encils, despite their origins, are not especially religious as a group. While they tend to adapt the religion of their chosen culture, they rarely get deep into it.

Adventures-Encils go on adventures to find new and exciting things. They have a wanderlust and curiosity that, combined with a lack of common sense, leads many Encils to the adventuring lifestyle, and most of them shortly after to an adventurer's death.

Names-Use their parent culture's names.


15 Years
+2d4 (17-23)
+3d6 (18-33)
+4d8 (19-47)

Base Height
Height Modifier
Base Weight
Weight Modifier

1 ft.
+2d6 in. (1 ft. 2 in. to 2 ft.)
10 lbs
+2d6*2 lbs (12 lbs-22 lbs)

Ability Score Racial Traits-Encils gain +2 to Intelligence, Dexterity, and Constitution, but -2 to Wisdom and -6 to Strength. Smart and tough, but weak and reckless.

Size-Encil's are Tiny sized.

Type-Encils are Plants.

Base Speed-Encils have a land speed of 20'.

Languages-Encils begin play with Common and one language associated with their parent culture. They may choose any non-secret language as bonus languages.

Craftsmen-Encils gain a +2 racial bonus to all Craft or Profession checks made to create things from metal or stone.

Cunning Item Users-Encils gain a +2 racial bonus on all UMD checks.

Glowing Core-Encils are a core of solid magic surrounded by plant matter. As such, they shed dim light out to a 5' radius. As a move action, they can scrunch their body together to conceal the light. Letting the light back out is a free action, as easy as relaxing a tensed muscle, but can only be done on their turn.

Plant Type (10 RP)
Tiny (4 RP)
Slow Speed (-1 RP)
Mixed Weakness [+2 Int, -2 Wis, +2 Con, -4 Str] (-2 RP)
Standard Language (0 RP)
Craftsmen (1 RP)
Skill Bonus [UMD] (2 RP)
Glowing (1 RP?)