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2018-03-01, 06:21 PM
So this comes from my Faceless order idea I've come up for my Hexblade patron.

The short version is instead of a patron god its a living weapon bond that are made up out of aberrations and other far realm / eldritch horror monsters that as you level up in the class, the more it bonds with your body and augments you. (thematically mostly here) But The DM is allowing me to tweak some things to make it more akin to allow for a bloodborn hunter like feel.

I'm just looking for some balance advice here to make sure I've not gotten anything written that will break the game to much.

Warlock Invocation - Sculptor of Flesh - Renamed to - Beast Rage - still requires lv 7

Once per day you can draw upon your weapon and feed off its blood to transform yourself into a raging beast.

It uses the giant ape stat block
It lasts only (two) rounds but if a creature dies from your attack or if its adjacent to you, as a bonus action you can feed off the creatures blood and continue to use the form for another (Two rounds) or until you reach 0 HP then revert back to your humanoid form, any excess damage being carried over to your original HP pool and you gain one level of exhaustion

So this will replace the polymorph spell, I put two rounds here for the duration but that might not be long enough but three might be to long and i want there to be a risk of it falling off because concentration will not be a factor in this version.

So the next part is augmenting the weapon a bit.

Living weapon - Requires Pact of the blade, improved pact weapon & Thirsting Blade

Each living weapon is unique to the hunter who creates it. It is as much a part of him as he is a apart of it.
A living weapon starts with 2 blood charges at the dawn of each day, the hunter may acquire 2 additional charges when he slays a creature with his weapon or spend an action feeding off a recently dead creature of size medium or larger adjacent to him. (Sorry no bag of rats here)
To switch between the living weapons two forms, uses your item interaction for the round.

Living Whip - 1D4+str - Reach - 2 Blood charges - Max 4

+1 to attack / +1 to Damage
As a bonus action. When you hit with the living whip. You can spend 2 charges and attempt to grapple a Huge or smaller creature using your casting stat instead of str for the athletics check. If the target becomes grappled in this way, it takes your Charisma modifier (minimum of 1) in damage at the start of its turn and grants you Temp HP for the same amount. (This does not stack)

Living Bow- 1D8+str - Range 150/600 - 2 blood charges - Max 4

+1 to spell attack / +1 to Spell DC
As a bonus action. You may spend 2 charges and create living ammunition from the weapons blood and make an Eldritch Blast attack using the bow.

Now I fully realize this adds more to the hex-blade class and the DM is ok with a little power creep here but I want to keep things from getting out of hand. I also don't plan to multi class using this build. But any suggestion on where I can either trim the fat, adjust charges or the damage please feel free to let me know.