View Full Version : Hi guys. Can yall help me with this Class Creation?

2018-03-02, 02:22 AM
Thank you for taking your time to read. Below is a link to my Viking class creation. The details are not 100% as this is essentially a rough draft. Please provide any feedback, questions, tips, or suggestions you guys(and girls) might have


2018-03-02, 03:39 AM
first things first use natural crit homebrewery as site to build the class beause lot of times dandwiki gets automatic ban from lot of dms just by mention other than i have no additional comments and good luck on creating it

2018-03-03, 03:58 AM
Agreed on Khadgarís post. DandDWiki is the home of bad homebrew.

My first question upon seeing this: Does this have to be its own class, or can it be a barbarian archetype? Iím leaning towards the latter. You have so few unique class features right now that it would be much easier to slap them on the barbarian frame than to build a whole class around them.

That being said, here are some notes about what you have now.

1. Giving proficiency in a select set of weapons should be avoided unless thereís a strong reason for it. The general principle is that a competent combatant will have proficiency in all simple and martial weapons, unless their class features make them unable to use them all.

2. You offer the option to swap out Con save proficiency for Cha. Thatís a terrible trap option. If you want to offer this trade, it should be Str thatís traded out.

3. Why can you choose Athletics or Acrobatics but not both?

4. Berserk is a contradictory feature. You lose HP while using it, but itís frivolous. The character isnít a glass cannon, because you get resistance to damage like a barbarian. If anything, this is a tank class, with an annoying HP loss mechanic that doesnít really change anything. Aside from 1st level that is, where it can easily take out half your HP.

5. The fear effect is cool, but quite powerful. Itís pretty much equivalent to being able to cast a second level spell at level 1, in addition to being basically a barbarian. This problem would probably solve itself if you turned it into a barbarian archetype, which would bring this effect online at level 3, the same level that spellcasters get 2nd level spells.

6. I would avoid adding Cha to attack rolls so reliably, as it makes your accuracy higher than any other class at that level. The only equivalent feature I can think of is the paladinís Sacred Weapon, and that requires an action to activate, severely limiting its usefulness. Adding Cha to damage is fine.

7. The class table says Survival Instincts but the feature is called Sea Traveller.

8. Raging Song (and Motivation) has several outdated references to 3.5 rules, and the numerical bonuses donít mesh with 5e design.

9. Why is the Jarlís version of Second Wind better than the fighterís? If itís different, it should have a different name.

Ultimately, I suggest you turn this into a barbarian archetype, either giving the Jarlís features to all Vikings or making the Jarl a separate archetype.

2018-03-04, 07:38 PM
Having done a similar project (combining Warlord from a "hybrid" between fighter and bard), there's one advice that I would emphasize over anything else: If some mechanic does not have precedency in the system, be VERY careful with designing it.

Keep in mind that homebrewing anything that could be considered balanced towards the official rules requires a decent "Rules Mastery"/Understanding of the game elements and design philosophies. It's great that you have ambition to create something of your own, but that's not enough. If you want your products to be taken seriously, study the system ó thoroughly ó and accept that some rules must work in certain way for the game to not fall apart.