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Wheaton's Whelp
2018-03-02, 05:01 PM
Hello Everyone!

Not long back I wanted to run a Dark Sun 5th edition game, but in my self trials and attempts found my quick conversation to be too clunky and horrible balanced. Not wanting to completely abandon the idea, I'm going to be slowly working on a conversion for the Dark Sun setting into 5E. Of course this will be filled with terrible ideas, so I would love some guidance and to hear your ideas.

The Homebrewery page can be found here: Dark Sun 5E Conversion Pt. 1: Races (http://homebrewery.naturalcrit.com/share/H1-tw1S8dG)

So far the following races either appear unchanged or modified within the conversion:

Dray (Dragonborn)
Goliaths (Half-Giants)

Races I'm considering to include, but haven't done so yet:

Aarakocra (Likely to be added)
Genasi (Potentially?)

Current Questions/Considerations:
1. Replace Dray breath weapon feature?
2. Incorporate Dwarf Focuses?
3. Increase Elves mobility?
4. Balancing of Goliath & Thri-kreen

Thank you in advance for any suggestions and help!

2018-03-04, 11:33 AM
Dray (dragonborn) personally wouldn't include them but if you do I'd change the dragonborn breath weapon to natural weapons and armor and keep resistance to fire and maybe darkvision to be closer to original. In the original they were not a playable race til later as I understand it.

Second I'd remove eladrin. Yes I know they were in 5th edition but the setting itself has the barest of connection to the feywild which is what 5th tried to do. I didn't see any history with them in the original and only a loose comparison with them and djinn I believe.

Dwarves need their focus but at the same time I have no idea how to make that work in a balanced way. Maybe somehow give them advantage on certain saves. Have no actual problem other then that.

Elves don't stand still for a turn and faster then all other races. I'd figure out a way to give them something like a goblins feature (basically 2/3 of cunning action) and give them slight edge on speed.

Thri-kreen/goliath: how could the thri-kreen get better damage and not a goliath. Not only that I'm concerned about balance in general.

I would only include the aarakora of the other races. I think that's the only one with significant history and not tied too closely to a different plane.

Personally I'd not allow too many people to play the rarer races (dray kreen halfling possibly half elf)

Now to the compliments. Honestly liked most of it. I've seen much worse. For that to be the only issues is amazing.

2018-03-07, 05:40 AM
If you want inspiration, do a search on the internet for Darksun Reconstruction Project. The guy came up with pretty balanced races for his Darksun conversion. That may help you fine tune yours.