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2018-03-04, 12:28 AM
Harem Protagonist Uniform
Armor (studded leather), Artifact, requires attunement by a character with at least 18 Charisma

This nondescript school uniform is probably one of the most insidious magic items in existence, and victimizes both its "owner" and their romantic interests alike. This shapeshifting, manipulative outfit is the physical presence of the collective universe's desire for entertaining romantic tension, and you shall be the outlet for this tension - one way or another.

The true power of the Uniform, however, lies in its ability to ensnare the minds of even the greatest foes

Random Properties: The Uniform has the following randomly determined magical properties (although DMs are encouraged to choose results in keeping with Curse Of the Protagonsit):
1 minor beneficial properties
1 major beneficial property
1 minor detrimental property

Magic Armor: The Harem Protagonist Uniform functions as a set of +3 Studded Leather armor, and turns all critical hits into normal hits.

Inexplicably Alluring: The wearer increases their Charisma score and maximum Charisma score by 2 while attuned, to a maximum of 30.

Irresistible Charms: Whenever you attempt to put a creature under the Charmed condition (including via Protagonist's Ships), their save or check to resist is reduced by one step (that is, immunity becomes advantage, advantage becomes normal rolling, normal rolling becomes disadvantage, and disadvantage becomes automatic failure).

Protagonist's Ships: You have a number of "charges" for this ability equal to your Charisma modifier. You (or occasionally the DM, in service of Curse Of The Protagonist) may spend 1 charge to attempt to charm a creature who can see or hear you (or, if you are choosing the target, one you can see or hear). Starting when you spend this charge, and every hour thereafter for the next 24 hours, your target's mind is subtly underwritten with romantic intentions towards you, prompting them to make a Wisdom save with a DC of 11+your proficiency bonus+your Charisma modifier. If they fail the save, they are Charmed...but this doesn't stop the saves from being prompted later in the 24 hours; instead, once the target has been successfully charmed by this ability, their ability to resist future saves against this ability is worsened by one step for each additional failed saving throw (as described above). If this ability provokes a save attempt from them that they would automatically fail, they have fallen hopelessly in love with you. They are Charmed by you permanently, and will occupy this charge slot until the slot is assigned to another creature (which cannot be done by the player, only by the DM, as part of Curse Of The Protagonist). There is no consequence for running out of charges of this ability beyond the fact that you cannot spend more charges until old charges have been freed up. If, after 24 hours of saves, they have not succumbed to your charms in this manner, but failed at least one save, they are merely Charmed, and whatever level of capability their saves were at by this time (advantage, normal, or disadvantage) is how they resist attempts by you to inflict the Charmed condition on them in the future. For every 24 hours that pass after the first, they may make an additional save to increase this by one step, to a maximum of whatever they started with; if they reduce the penalties to their original state, and succeed again, they are no longer charmed by you and have fallen out of love, not thinking of this as brainwashing but merely as a phase. You (or the DM) can attempt to spend a second charge while they are still throwing off the effects of the first, starting the process over with a slight headstart; you can do this as many times as you have charges to spare, although the DM should ensure that there are at least two targets to fight each other for your love (in keeping with the Curse). If, after the original 24 hours of saves have passed, and they have never failed, they are not charmed nor are they aware there was an attempt to charm them.

Curse Of The Protagonist: This artifact does not serve the wearer, but rather serves the collective romantic and sexual will of the universe. If you come into possession of this item, your life is now entertainment for beings beyond your comprehension, who will introduce wacky shenanigans and nonsensical scenarios into your life to continue stringing along the tangled web of relationships you'll inevitably be caught up in once you don this uniform. Speaking of which: once the Uniform is donned, it cannot be removed short of DM Fiat. When a player wears this artifact, the DM is encouraged to occasionally assign a charge to an important NPC they want involved in the game - or, with privately-gained permission, even another PC. DMs are also reminded that an NPC being in love with the Protagonist does not mean the Protagonist can control or command them (beyond them being Charmed), but rather just means that their sexual or romantic attraction to the Protagonist has been enhanced to ludicrous levels. They are still the person they were, with their same philosophies and motivations and goals - but now, the Protagonist is the focus of their romantic pursuits.

Destroying The Uniform: Starting when the wearer first runs out of Protagonist's Ships charges, they must actively resist romantic and sexual relations with their charge targets, and at some point must irreparably, decidedly, and unforgivably betray their target's affections. This must continue for one month's time, in which the wearer refuses to play along with, and actively works against, the cosmic game of love they and many others have been unwillingly roped into. With every passing day, the uniform becomes more grungy and dirty and worn down, until it finally blows away into dust once the month has passed.

Moving On: While "Curse Of The Protagonist" and the DM will be working to keep the romantic tension constant and inconclusive, should the wearer ever truly fall in love with one of their targets, the Uniform will cease ensnaring the other targets' wills, will change its manipulations to be more natural in the mind of the beloved target (to let the relationship develop naturally), and the Uniform will disappear to avoid ruining a ship for the sake of entertainment...and reappear in possession of some other attractive single in need of romance and shenanigans in their life.

2018-03-06, 07:57 PM
Hmm, interesting.
Perhaps you could add a note that charges for Ships may be renewed if the results have been highly amusing, in keeping with CotP.

A minor point of clarification: The section on Destroying the Uniform should be more clear on exactly what is needed to destroy the uniform, and what it will do. (will it trigger Moving On, or will the uniform simply be annihilated?)

2018-03-07, 12:12 AM
Hmm, interesting.
Perhaps you could add a note that charges for Ships may be renewed if the results have been highly amusing, in keeping with CotP.

Maybe, I'll think on it.

A minor point of clarification: The section on Destroying the Uniform should be more clear on exactly what is needed to destroy the uniform, and what it will do. (will it trigger Moving On, or will the uniform simply be annihilated?)

I'll clarify a bit more, but the long and short of it is that accepting love and romance and settling down with someone makes the uniform move on, while going out of your way to utterly reject love and romance at the cost of free will for a long time, and it'll be destroyed.