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2018-03-05, 02:40 PM
Hey, so I made up a bunch of extras for Pandora, the main planet in the Borderlands franchise, and I just wanted to throw them out here in case any GM feels like playing a FATE game set on Mad Max meets Mass Effect planet...

Raving Psycho (-2): Whether you're ex-dahl or a Pandoran native, civilized people consider you to have certain... disadvantages in the face of others. Okay, no more lies, you're a raving psychopath and almost everyone who isn't a bandit hates you. Firstly, you gain a Psycho Buzz Axe (which is the equivalent of a Weapon: 3 in your hands, and Weapon: 1 in the hands of anyone else). The Psycho Buzz Axe which uses the Fight skill and as a range of either melee or one zone away. Secondly, every word out of your mouth is either A) Shakespearean B) About Poop or Meat or C) Soemthing equally inappropriate. You suffer a -1 penalty to Empathy, Rapport, and Deceive. You can assuage these penalties for one round with a successful Fantastic (+6) Will check.

Midget (-2): Radiation and mutation have ravaged your body, turning you into what the local Pandorans call a midget. Being a midget, however, has given you certain advantages. Number one is that due to your small size, you're harder to see and gain a +1 to Stealth checks if size could contribute to your being hidden. Another advantage of your small size is that it is harder to hit you, and as such gain a +1 bonus to any roll made to defend if size would be a contributing factor. However, due to your small size you move significantly slower than everybody else, and such can only move a maximum of one zone per round. This extra costs one less refresh if you have purchased the extra "Raving Psycho". Midgets cannot purchase the Nomad extra.

Bada** (-2): There's no denying it, you are one Bada** Motherf**ker. You instantly gain two extra boxes of Physical Stress, and an extra mild consequence for Physical Stress. While this has no real statistical importance, most bada**es are slightly larger than other people.

Nomad (-2): Most likely another bi-product of Pandoran radiation, Nomads are large Homo Sapiens who have gained a number of abilities. All Nomads have a six foot by three foot metal shield, which acts as Armor: 2 against all Physical Stress, but while this shield is active, the Nomad cannot equip large guns (See Guns Galore extra). Nomads also get an extra box of physical stress. Nomads also have a knack for ordering people around, and gain a +1 advantage when using the Provoke skill when Creating any advantage that rallies party members, or similar action. Nomads cannot purchase the Midget extra.

Pets! (-2): You have befriended one of the natural Pandoran wildlife! Somehow. Choose one of the below options:

Skag: Once per scene, you can send the Skag forth one zone as a Weapon: 2 attack using the provoke skill.

Rakk: Once per scene, you can harry a target with your pet Rakk, imposing a -2 penalty to the next skill they use.

Midget: (Only usable by Nomad) You have subjugated befriended a group of midgets, of which you use to beef up your Nomad shield. Once per scene, you can attach a Midget to your shield, increasing its armor rating by one. However, the first time you take a disadvantage of any level of severity, the midget becomes free, and tries to kill you out of sheer, unbridled hatred.

Guns Galore (Modular Costs): You have gained access to a gun of a specific manufacturer. Each gun acts as a Weapon: 2 that can be used as with the Shoot skill. Each gun can only be fired a total of three times until it needs to be reloaded (Full Round Action). All guns have a starting range of two zones Each gun starts off by assigning a manufacturer, all of which have a refresh rating of minus two. They can then be customized with extra abilities as detailed below.

Jakobs (-2): Jacobs weapons fire as fast as you can pull the trigger, and if your total roll is equal to or greater than Superb (+5) before applying the Weapon rating, you apply the weapon rating twice! If this does happen, however, this counts two times towards the number of times the gun can be fired before reloading.

Vladof (-2): Vladof guns fire incredibly fast, and as such each time you use a Vladof gun you apply the weapon rating two times. However, this counts three times towards the number of times a gun can be fired before reloading, and the weapon rating modifier can only be implemented if there is at least three more times a gun can be fired before reloading.

Torgue (-2): All Torgue guns fire Explosive elemental rounds. Refer to the elemental quality section for more details.

Dahl (-2): Dahl guns have a burst fire mode. By choosing only to fire the gun every other round, you can apply your weapon rating twice.

Hyperion (-2): Hyperion guns get more accurate with each shot fired. When using a Hyperion weapon, suffer an initial minus two penalty to your roll. However, each consecutive round firing the weapon grants the user a +1 bonus.

Maliwan (-2): All Maliwan guns are elemental. Your gun automatically gains an elemental quality.

Tediore (-2): Tediore guns explode like a grenade when reloaded, and then digitally reconstruct after they explode. When you reload your gun, you can throw your now armed gun as an Athletics attack that acts as a Weapon: 2.

Bandit (-2): Bandit Guns have ridiculously high magazines, but reload more slowly. You can now fire a total of six times before you need to reload, but it takes two rounds to reload your gun.

Aside from a manufacturer, a gun can have special qualities as detailed below

Legendary (-4): Your gun is LEGENDARY, which means in short your gun is bad**. Your weapon rating for the gun increases by 3 (I.E. Weapon:2 becomes Weapon: 5)

Scoped (-2): Your gun has an accurate scope, increasing its range by three zones.

Large (-3): Whether a rocket launcher or sniper rifle, large guns do more damage. Increase the weapon rating for your weapon by 1

Elemental (-2): Your gun has an elemental effect, and can only have ONE elemental effect. Choose one effect below. A gun cannot have two different elemental effects unless it has the Legendary extra.

Fire: +1 to weapon rating against unprotected flesh

Shock: +1 to weapon rating against targets with an active Armor rating that is granted by the Shield extra

Corrosion: +1 to weapon rating against. targets with the Robotic Extra

Slag: Imposes a -1 penalty to physical defense aginast all damage types except slag that lasts for three rounds.

Explosive: Damages all targets in a zone

Larger Magazine (-1 to 3): Increases the number of times a weapon can fire equal to the number of refresh spent in this extra to a maximum of three.

Lethal (-1 to 3): Increases the weapon rating of a gun equal to the amount of times this extra is taken to a maximum of three.

Shield (Modular Cost): A Shield gives the user an Armor: 2 rating against physical attacks, but each time the user is damaged the Armor rating decreases by 1. A Shield's armor rating fully recharges after one round provided that the user has not taken damage during the round previous. A shield's base cost is -2 refresh, but for an additional cost can have up to two additional features listed below.

Amp (-2): When your shield is fully charged, you can fully deplete it in order to increase the Weapon Rating of one of your weapons for one round.

Adaptive (-3): When struck by a gun with an elemental quality, gain an +1 increase to armor against the element you were struck with as long as your shield is up.

Roid (-2): While the shield is depleted, all melee attacks you make gain a +1 bonus to Weapon rating.

Spike (-3): While the shield is active, any melee attacker that attacks you takes 2 points of physical stress that cannot be dodged.

Turtle (-2): By decreasing your physical stress track by 1, the Shiled's maximum armor rating increases by 2.

Robotic (-2) Whether you are a cyborg or actually a robot, metal covers your body. This gives you Armor Rating: 2 aginast all physical attacks.

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Oh... I actually wanted to start a game with these rules...

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What did you have in mind?

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What did you have in mind?

I showed up with the rules, it's up to whoever wants to GM this.